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We lost Charlie but we have his sister Abby now and she is just a wonderful dog. I don't see anything Wolfie about her but who knows. Please do post pics if you have them, I would love to see Gus! I tried to attach a picture of Abby and her best friend Wally, hopefully it works


Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Bark Collars
« on: March 25, 2009, 12:07:10 am »
Her barking in the yard is not so bad unless it is late at night. Our neighborhood has very close quarters so that is not good but i really want to try one on our walks becasue she barks at everyone and I have only had her a few days so she has no training yet. I borrowed one yesterday and so far it works great. Mind you she was used to using one from her previous owner who did not see a reason to tell me that when I took her.I have not had to shave her neck yet.


Great Pyrenees Discussions / Bark Collars
« on: March 23, 2009, 05:01:41 am »
Does anyone have any experience with bark collars for a pyr?


Oh my gosh, I would loe to see a picture of your wolfie Pyr. I have wondered if Charlie had some wolf in him because of his eyes.


Hi, yes he has the double dews in back. He is changing so fast lately and his coat just looks awful like its fighting to grow one way then changing its mind. And th shedding, OMG! lol We adopted him at 5 months (or 4 according to my vet) and then he was so calm and unflappable then he started reacting to lots of things especially really little kids. Now he seems to be getting back to the calm boy he was in the beginning.I dont know if you can see his eyes in the pics but they are gold like his coat which as far as I can tell isn't a pyr or a collie trait but I am finally getting used to them. I am color blind and light colored eyes look kind of evil to me but I have gotten so I see his as beautiful like most other people.

We love him a lot and hopefully I will be able to get him to meet lots of nice kids so he wont be afraid of them. He is fine with older kids but the really little ones are scary. He needs to be good with kids to be a service dog because kids are always grabbing,petting,jumping on Ralph while he is working. Thank goodness he LOVES kids especially girls and old ladies too. Charlie is here to stay anyway, he is already a great service dog at home and will retrieve just about anything.

When I saw your pics of Rollie I thought he looked so much like Charlie. :)


Hi, I already posted somewhere else but I realized I should introduce myself and my dogs too. I have a border collie/ Australian cattle dog mix (Ralph) and a new pup( Charlie) that is said to be a Great Pyr/collie mix. He is really starting to look like that is what he is too. When he was adopted I was told Pyr/Jack russell..Ralph is my service dog and Charlie is in training to someday hopefully take over for him. I also have a 16 year old Yorkie (Rippy)who thinks he is a big paws ,does that count? lol Rippy is now deaf and almost blind but he is still alpha in this house. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for me about how big Charlie might get? He is 7 or 8 months old (vet thinks 7) and almost 80 pounds so I am getting a bit worried. We had decided no more huge dogs but he just keeps growing. Last year we lost our 15 year old Great Dane/ Blood hound and swore no more big dogs. Charlie is really smart and loves training. He has a really good attentions span. Its longer than my energy will last that is for sure. I don't really know much about Pyrs other than what I have read here. I will try to figure out how to post a pic of the boys. There is another dog on this board that looks a lot like Charlie ,I think his or her name is Rollie. I was hoping to get some idea of how Pyrs grow. Will he likely slow down his growth soon? He is not going anywhere regardless, I just tend to obsess on things like this. Also it might be helpful in deciding which crate to get. We have a giant one but I am hoping to get away with one that will fit in my living room.

Anne, Ralph and Charlie

Big Dogs with Jobs / Re: Big Dog Service Dogs
« on: January 25, 2009, 12:36:53 pm »
People feel differently about it but a lot of people feel like I do. When I am out in public with my service  dog I would like people to ignore my dog.If someone asks to pet him the next person wont  even ask and by the time I get home I will have been stopped 20-50 times! I have chronic pain and nausea so I just want to get my errands done and get home, ya know? What I really  hate are the people that ask but ignore my answer.The parents are worse than the kids too. Even buying huge patches that say do not pet in big red stop signs are ignored! Also many service dogs find it hard to visit during working time and the get right back to work.It is hard for people to realize that people stop us over and over during any one shopping trip too.If it was just once in a while I wouldn't mind. My take on it is try to ignore a working dog if you can but definitely ask if you feel you must. My service dog is a 70 pound Border Collie/ ACD mix and my pup in training is a 80 pound 8 month old Pyr/collie mix. My service dogs are also owner trained.

Anne and service dog Ralph, service dog in training Charlie

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