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So Ruby is a pretty even tempered girl. She's not an alpha and will  prefer to take turns while playing as to who is on the bottom. She plays with great danes and shit zu's though Malamuate seem to intimidate her a tad
but the one breed type she cannot seem to play well with are "pit bulls", staffies, american bulldog and such.  Some boxers wig her out too
Frenchies, english bulldog and boston terriers she gets along fine with
There are fair amount of these guys around where I live and they are a pretty well trained and mannered bunch but for some reason they bring out the ugly side of Ruby's nature and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is about this type of dog that makes my normally gentle goof into a stubborn dog that won't back down - she has even growled and snapped at a staffie that just would not leave her alone at the park (you would think he would get her "I SAID leave me alone!" snap)
I guess I should add that her "snaps" were clearly posturing as she didn't connect or really try to , it is always a warning but I wonder if anyone might have an insite?

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / How I met Ruby
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:13:46 am »
So I'm a single woman that thought long and hard about getting dog for companionship. I loved my ex boyfriends malamute and decided I wanted one of the big fuzzy guys for myself  as I just adored his independant spirit and the talking... you mal people know what I mean.
But I was renting so a few wonderful dogs at the local shelter slipped through my fingers.
One day while trolling the net I found an add for bullmastiff/malamute cross pups and I thought the little white one was just adorable. But I was still renting and never contacted the breeder.
A couple of months later I was in the process of getting approved for a mortgage with the intention of buying the apartment I was renting. I wanted to show someone the pic of the cute white pup and typed the same key word search into Google and bam there was the same dog but 2  months older!
Seems the gent that took her couldn't keep her after all, his roommates didn't enjoy housebreaking or her shedding.
I met her and thought she was sweet, maybe too submissive but a cute and bright dog.
The day the bank approved my mortgage he dropped Ruby (then named Rubus after her blackberry nose) off at my place.
She moped a little, missing Tristan but by the weekend there was no doubting she was my dog.

Below are some pics, one of Lightning the ex's mal then Ruby who was watching me eat and well doing some classic mastiff drooling

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Muscle knots in shoulder
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:27:52 am »
Hi there
My dog has been limping on and off for a few months now after an espically rowdy play in the snow.
Vet found nothing wrong with a physical exam. I saw that our daycare was having a doggie massage person in so I took her. With no prompting from me about her on and off limp she found knots in her shoulder and suggested having Ruby "take it easy' for a week or so.
Anyone else have any experience with dogs haveing muscle knots in the shoulder? Ruby does stretch often and as we normally walk to the dog park she gets a decent warm up before running and charging about like a crazy thing.


Introduce Yourself to the Forum / New to the forum
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:10:41 am »
New here and thought I would introduce me and Ruby.
Ruby is a 16 month old bullmastiff malamute mix and she is all character. She looks more like a random collection of doggie parts than either breed but she is still got that puppy charm to the point that strangers ask if they can pet her.
At 25.5 inches she's stopped growing but she's still filling in a bit (77 lbs).

Rubys mom

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