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Food Discussion & Information / Doing some research
« on: November 16, 2006, 04:12:35 am »
I am repeatedly being asked how much it costs to feed my dogs the Volhard diet.. I know how much it costs me but my bigger question is how much does it cost to feed kibble?

I can't really make a comparison since I have NO idea ... would anyone care to share that info? I'm really just researching and won't try to sway you to the diet I feed.

Could you please let me know:

What breed(s) of dog:
Activity Level:
Maintanence feeding or weight loss/gain:
Age of dog:
What brand kibble you feed:
How much:
How Often:
What you spend for a bag of food:
What size bag:
How long you estimate it lasts:

Can you think of anything else I forgot? 



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