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I guess I'm typing just to try and understand. I'm here at my home alone with Sassy my Big Girl. My husband just called to say Seamus is gone...... (my husband drove  him into another State this morning thinking he had a bowel problem) I just really don't understand, It just really can't be, I know I just must have nodded off or something and I'm mistaken and my husband will be coming back from the hospital in a few hours with "goofy boy" all better and happy.... I have to get this organized in my mind so I can make some sense of this.. If I try and think organized thoughts and figure out what happened I won't be thinking of how drastically my, our, Sassy's and my lives will be different without Seamus. He was only 18 months, that is so unfair to have such a whirlwind happy go lucky puppy wiggle into your lives at 8 weeks as a surprise Christmas present and be gone, two winters, this would have been his 2nd spring.
Sorry I'm a little off here. Have to think how happy he was, I have so many pictures....., have to think how happy he made all of us, how special We must be to have been able to share his buoyant enthusiasm. Yes have to think how lucky I was to share in Seamus's unique joy of life.. he loved mornings, from dawn and well I could go on , how very special Seamus is to the ST. Bernard 's everywhere he contributed HEART and Laughter

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Torn cruciate surgery
« on: March 08, 2006, 12:33:52 pm »
Just in case anyone with a big dog is facing torn cruciate surgery I'd thought I'd share.

Our Sassy is finally back out chasing the squirrels although I keep a sharp eye on her and limit her time outside.She is in the final stages of her second TPLO surgery and things look as good as new except for the hair growing out. Two winters ago she came up lame and our vet announced she had a torn cruciate in her hind leg. Basically it's a blown out knee like football players get.Because of her size she was a very tall slim looking 175 lbs, he said we should have TPLO surgery. To over simplify it, TPLO is a major surgery where they actually saw the bone in two and change the angle of the knee. Then they put a plate and screws in to hold it together while it heals. I was just freaked out, really a mess. I spent days talking to other vets and the two thing they all agreed on was if properly done and with slow therapeutic recovery her knee would be better than new and she was going to blow out the other one! Well we got through the surgery, taking her to a specialist in another state and by last summer she was up to the full throttle of her 3 years. Winter came, more snow and yep out went her other knee. At least this time we knew what we were in for and prepared for the expense. I can't say enough about this fantastic procedure. My last Saint at 13 developed spine deterioration and it was a very painful process in spite of his good heartedness and love of life. At only two I couldn't see Sassy facing years of knee trouble and arthritis when we decided to do the first surgery, I also had convinced myself it was a freak accident and the other knee would be fine, oops. I am now looking at Seamus and wondering if pet insurance isn't a good idea. I was told that the angle of the dogs tibia is a contributing factor in the torn cruciate in both legs so I may get him checked. Anyway I am forever thankful that veterinary medicine has followed the lines of  complex sports medicine.  Connolly

Anything Non-Dog Related / This has got to stop!!!
« on: April 21, 2005, 01:04:24 pm »
What is it with the threatening animals lately??? Sick Sick Sick. This is on eBay and I really hope they can arrest the guy.  What is wrong with people? That thing with the bunny was bad enough. It is not funny but very upsetting. I think I will go out and garden and leave my lap top for awhile. The Saint Bernards group is getting ebay to cancell it but really someone should step on the owner of the dog!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Eau de Toilette.....
« on: April 17, 2005, 08:44:54 am »
Puppy's new trick. My Sassy girl would never do this.

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Learned a new trick!!
« on: April 15, 2005, 12:10:23 pm »
Some time back there was a question on these boards about what tricks can your dog do. I had such a delightful time reading the replies especially from the owner of a very talented Saint (sorry I can't remember you name) that cleans? sliding glass doors with tongue, gets skunked and best can hit the ceiling with far flung drool. Thought they were talking about my Sassy!!  My talented baby has developed drooling into an art form that even has categories.
1. Food drool,
   a. I'm thinking about food, this is accompanied by some mouth activity and thick and concentrated slobber.
   b. I actually see or smell food, this is accompanied with snorts, heavy breathing and a profusion of clear running slobber.
2.Water drool
  a. Need water, clear drool and obviously not enough because we hit the water bowl and lap it everywhere
  b. Finishing drinking, now here's the trick, managing to cup a good deal of the water in upper jowls until at least a good distance from bowl and then trickle it out as  walking.
3.  People drool.
  a. Visitor drool, you don't live here so I have to smell you and leave slime especially if you have black pants.
      1. I'm going to just stand here with a 3 inch glob stretching downward and see how long it takes you to freak out (one of my personal favorites)
  b."Your home your home drool." so much excitement here it's hard to tell. I just know it shows up on the shoulders of my coat, purse shoes etc. usually when I'm out in public and finally notice it.
4. Target drool. self explanatory. above pictures, on the ceiling, almost always high hard to reach places that somehow don't stand out till company is over.

Besides all these awesome drooling talents Sas also sings, well actually hums. Some time during the night she sneaks up on my bed. Now it's hard to think of a Saint Bernard sneaking but I'm an insomniac so if and when I do fall asleep I guess I must be out. For the past month I have been brought back to consciousness by this low 3 or 4 note humming. I know it gets progressively louder until I wake up and see her anxious face 2 inches from mine usually at the first sign of daylight. At first I had mixed reactions to this new trick but I decided today, when needing to get up earlier than usual I was awakened by an obnoxious church bell alarm clock, that I prefer Sassy humming. I think it's a pretty neat trick!  Best connolly   

Hello to all from Sassy and Shaimus in California. Sassy 2, 170lb, Shaimus about 10 weeks in this picture. (hope this pic posts) It is such great fun to see everyone's babies, er thats big babies. We have 8 acres of pine trees about 2 hrs from the Oregon border and as far as I know there are not any other Saints in our County. Sassy has been educating our town about Saints for 2 years, big doesn't mean bad. Big is best, slobber drool and all. Looking foward to seeing all the puppies. Connolly

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