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Great Dane Discussions / Hair Loss and Limping. I need some help here!
« on: April 29, 2007, 11:27:12 am »
Yesterday, I answered an add in the paper for a male Dane pup (14 months old), 'free' to a good home.
When I called to see what was going on, I found out this big fawn boy belonged to a Soldier has been deployed. His friend was left in charge of finding this big guy a home.

So my husband and I decided we'd go over and meet this big hunk of love.
His temperment is wonderful! He is very typical Dane, from what I've read anyway (never owned a Dane, but do have a Pyr)

We noticed two things, automatically.

1. He limps on his left front leg. His elbow looks swollen and painful but not from injury. Now, we've delt with Pano before in our Pyr (the reason he was surrendered to our Vet last year) but I'm unsure if this is it or not. He lays heavily to one side and does not put much weight at all on that paw. I've checked between his toes for any injuries and have found none. His holds his elbow oddly. When he gets up from the floor or his bed, all his weight goes into the better leg, so basically he stands on three legs.

2. Hair loss. Tons of it is coming out in big clumps. His skin underneith is red, iritated and lots of white danderiff flakes.
I've given him a medicated bath, hoping that would help with the irritation. He isn't itching, or showing aggressive itching, at all.

He'll be going straight to the Vet tomorrow, but if any of you may have any idea what this "might" be, ... well, at least I wouldn't be imagining the worst like.."Oh god, I wonder if he has CANCER!" lol..
yes, yes, every sneeze, sniffle or burp sends me into a fit of worry.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / 4 month old male Pyre needs help in MO
« on: March 26, 2007, 03:55:42 am »
He's a sweet boy, and was purchased to be a 'house pet' according to his owner. But, two months ago (yes, when he was just 8 weeks old) they decided to just chain him up outside. There he sits and waits. This boy I'm going to get this weekend, but if anyone can help me find a  safe place for him to go, I'd be happy. She's two hours from me, that is why, unfortunatly, I have to wait till the weekend. If anyone thinks they can go get him sooner, fantastic! Just let me know.

These three have been house dogs and very well cared for. Thier owner is moving back in with her mother so she can finish school and the mother will not allow any of them.

I can put you in contact with the Owner. She is very open to any rescue that can help!

email me

The Antalonian is male and was adopted from a local shelter two years ago. He's a 'talker'... grumbles and mumbles when begging for food or someone to play with, or his new toy. Can be offsetting to anyone who dosn't realize he's friendly and not growling at anyone. Just talking. Matter of fact, if you just start talking back to him, he'll mumble and grumble right back atcha!

The Newf is a male and just a friendly sweet guy. Loves to swim but hates boats!

The Dane is just a big pup and does what all bit pups do.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Double Dew Claws Question
« on: February 23, 2007, 10:04:37 am »
What other breeds have the double dew claws?

 Yesterday, I was sent to our local animal control to identify another breed (for a breed specific rescue) and came across a very young, small puppy. He had very short hair, his body mostly tan with darker brown markings across his eyes and snout, white along the tip. But, what struck me most of all was his double dew claws in the back. This guy is little... no more then 6-7lbs right now and I'd guess about 8 weeks

Any ideas on different breeds? Any smaller/medium size breeds?

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Double Dew Claws Question
« on: February 23, 2007, 10:03:47 am »
What other breeds have the double dew claws?

 Yesterday, I was sent to our local animal control to identify another breed (for a breed specific rescue) and came across a very young, small puppy. He had very short hair, his body mostly tan with darker brown markings across his eyes and snout, white along the tip. But, what struck me most of all was his double dew claws in the back. This guy is little... no more then 6-7lbs right now and I'd guess about 8 weeks

Any ideas on different breeds? Any smaller/medium size breeds?

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Question: Tarter on Teeth vs Nurtrition
« on: February 17, 2007, 10:56:53 pm »
Just got in a 10month old female Saint Bernard puppy.
Her  birthdate is reported to be 4-7-06. But, she has a small amount of tarter along the very back teeth along the gum line.

Is this caused by poor nutrition or is this a mistake on her true age and she is an adult, not a juvinile?

Her weight seems healthy. I see no evidence of malnutrition. Her nails trimmed and were solid, not hollow, and she has no patruding  ribs/spine/hips.

Can a ten month old really have  beginning tarter?

Old English Mastiff Discussions / Oh m'gosh! Mastiff Madness!
« on: January 08, 2007, 08:29:08 pm »
Oh lordy-lordy...

I'm going to be bringing him home this weekend if everything goes right,
This big guy is in need of a safe home. His current owner is getting threats by the sherrif. So I'll be driving four hours to go get him. He's a very dark boy, 14 months old and incredably shy. Not aggressive, timmid, but his first six months were spent with hardly any human interaction. He's going to need some work, but he's worth it!
I'm told he "smiles", too... when he's happy, his tail wags and his head turns to the side, and he gives a big toofy grin!

I can hardly wait... I'm nervious too. He weighs 125 already.. wowzers, for me anyway.


My friend, Jessica, volunteers at this little shelter and is in need of donations to help these puppies get the medical care they desperatly need. She's taken on the task of bottle feeding these orphaned babies and even though we live in a part of the country where labs rarely find homes, she is doing the best she can by these little guys to give them a fighting chance. Any small amount would help or if you live close, contact her with bedding , toys..whatever you think she may need. Even care packages are welcomed!

Please help show the support for her efforts.

I was checking on a few potential dogs that will be brought into a small breed rescue when I spied these two huge, lovely boys. The first one is a bit older and in a pen with other dogs. He's laid back and just watches everyone. The other boy is all by himself, arguing with the other dog 'next door'. but the moment we talked to him he wiggled all happy and ignored his neighbor. Two great dogs that need out of that animal pound as swiftly as they can be. So if anyone knows a number or a name I can get ahold of, please let me know.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Need Advice on a Pawing problem
« on: April 12, 2006, 04:02:23 pm »
Yes, I know Pyrs Paw. But this has me extremly puzzled on just how to stop.

I have a five month old male Pyr (Cloud) who weighs in at 75lbs. He is very sweet, very gentle, and very very clumsy.

He's taken to skipping after my five year old daughter, then tapping the back of her shins to get her attention. She shreiks and runs...he lopes after her, and tries to lick her all better while nudging her with his BIG paw.

No matter how short I keep his nails, they leave welts. It's just the way things are

He's finished his puppy classes and will be going to basic obydiance in two weeks but what can I do to keep peace between these two? She's misserable and rightfully so and he's confused and does his best to "fix the baby" with sloppy kisses and nudging paws.

Oh, his Paws are huge, by the way. I dont mean "Wow, big paws on that dog." but huge as in they are bigger then my hand

Great Pyrenees Discussions / The Bitter Sweetness of Pure Innocence.
« on: March 12, 2006, 11:31:20 am »
I love Cloud and all his pure innocence. How clumsy he is when he tries to move his big paws, tripping over twigs and landing on his nose. Pretty funny for a 57lb four month old. But the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen him do was this morning.

 Last night, my young daughter had growing pains. Her little joints begin to ache. There’s only so much I can do to help her but one of the things she counts on is a chance to hold my doll. I have this lovely little weighted baby doll that looks and feels like a real baby…including rooted hair. 

She fell asleep on the couch, and later when feeling better went to bed. The doll, however, fell face first into some pillows on the ground.

So this morning, I’m awakening by a frantic slurping tongue on my nose. I blink and there’s Cloud’s big brown eyeball looking right into mine while he gives a high-pitched whine. He leads me to the living room, easing over to the “baby” on the ground and starts to nuzzle and nose the “baby”, licking and trying to wake it up. Poor Cloud was beside himself with worry!   It had to be a “real” baby to him. It smelled like a child, it weighted when he nudged it and it must have still had some of the warmth from my little girl. It just…wasn’t breathing! 

I just carefully picked it up and cradled the doll to my chest, scratched his head and told him he was a good boy. I sure hope I didn’t confuse him too much! It's just in a way, that's good he was trying to ask me for help.

#0731 Gia, 3 yrs (sure doesn't look or act her age) PAST ADOPTION-CAN BE PUT DOWN ANYTIME- SHE IS AT THE INDEP.MO SHELTER 816-325-7207 SHE IS A BEAUTY AND VERY FRIENDLY.  Cheryl Wilds shelter vol.

Cross post if you can. Hopefully someone can get this girl out.

Noteable dogs in Union, Mo Franklin County Humane Society
1 year old Weim mix - She's a beautiful dark chocolate color and has a full tail, but besides that she's 100% weim.

Huge boy - probably the size of a miniature horse, a Rott mix that I'd say has Ridgeback in him. As sweet and as docile as a kitten.

JRT/Corgi or Basset/Corgi or Pit/JRT - who knows - Basset body, Corgi legs, Pitty head,  JRT tail and markings. 6 months old - shakes right or left paw, sits and lays down. Unusual looking but would be excellent as a therapy dog.

Not probable but maybe possible, two Pharoh hound mix pups - ears stand at least 8", yellow in color - reminds me more of a coydog than a more rare Pharoh Hound, but its anyones guess.


Then to add more, as if he didn't already sound amazing, I asked Ivory Rain to tell me a bit more,

Noteable dogs in Union, Mo Franklin County Humane Societ
I'll go up and see what the vet estimates. He's simply TALL and built. He's larger than a great dane. Someone else has their name on him in case worse comes to worse, but he'll honestly be the first to go because of his size. He's already been there several weeks and things are looking grim. He's beautiful, a deep red color - and a very elderly volunteer has no trouble walking him during the day. He REALLY needs a place ASAP. If you absolutely know someone that could take him I could probably spring him, but it'll cost full price for me and I honestly don't have a lot of room left here. I've got 5 dogs at the house and two cats, and my name is on three more dogs at the HS in case their time expires.

______________ ___
St. Clair, Mo Animal Control :

So,someone help me! 'Cause if no one takes him, I will...and I wont be able to let him go.

This is a cross post. I hope someone ,somewhere can help!


Cherri Davis <> wrote:
To: <>
From: "Cherri Davis" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:34:48 -0500
Subject: [Barkemail] Two St. Bernard Dogs need home

We have sold our house in Waterloo, IL and need a place to put our 2 St. Bernard dogs. One female and one male approximately 7 years old. Great dogs however we can not have pets at our new home. We only have until tommorow night Aug. 30, 2005 or they will have to be put down. Please help this is my last resort. Please call me at work at 314-621-0100 until 05:00 PM or contact via email @
Thanks in advance
Cherri Davis
Waterloo, Il

Great Dane Discussions / Nothin' Like Dane Parody
« on: August 28, 2005, 10:37:37 am »
Okay,so I've been smitten with Danes since yesterday when I got to meet and pet my first ones (from Dane LifeLine)

So anyway..this was flopping around my brain, loosely and I thought I'd cough it up.
 Sung to the tune of South Pacific's "There is nothing like a Dame"

We've got sunlight on the sand.
We've got moonlight on the sea.
We've got mangos and bananas we can buy at the Grocery.
We've got volleyball and ping-pong and a lot of   dandy computer games.
What ain't we got?
We ain't got Danes!
We get packages from ebay.
We get movies.
We get shows.
We get MTV and a rocker with a pierced nose.
We get Avon samples doused with perfume.
We get dizzy from the smell.
What ain't we got? You know damn well.
We've got nothing to push the phone MUTE  for.
What we need is what there ain't no subsitute for.
There ain’t  nothin’ like a Dane.
Nothing in the world.
Though their drooling is quite insane, there  aint  anything like a Dane.
We’ve seen Fawn.
We’ve seen Blue.
We’ve seen Mantel and Black, too.
We feel every kind of feeling and nothing left to prove.
We want to wrap our arms around something big, yet doesn’t MOO!
What don't we feel?
Well, it don’t  feel good.
Lots of things in life are beautiful but, brother, there is one particular thing that is in no way, shape, or form like any other.
There is nothing like a Dane.
Nothing in the world.
There is nothing you can name that is anything like a Dane.
Nothing slurps  like a Dane.
And nothing  books like a dame.
And nothing poops like a Dane.
And nothing acts like a Dane.
Or attracts like a Dane.
There ain't a thing that's wrong with anyone here  that can't be cured by trying to walk a Dane.
A big burly, lovable, huggable  Dane.


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