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my best friend's Silky terrier just had a litter and I had to laugh as this is one breed who thinks that they are bigger than my newf!!

The pups are cute as can be, she is actively looking for homes for them, so if you are looking for a shadow for your big paw, then send me a PM and I'll forward the info. These pups will be around 10 lbs when fully grown, their ego will weigh about 180 Lbs though!!!!! 
They are in CT.

I am thinking of adding a pup to my family and since it hasn't been born yet I have plenty of time to figure this out. One of the obstacles is that little puppers will be born in Connecticut and I am in British Columbia, not far from Vancouver.
Is there any transport possibility between there and here? We're talking a little wanna be big paws here, one of those who think they're big,lol.

I am not sure if there are planes that have heated cargo though it would be small enough to fit inside with someone.

As I said, I'm only putting out feelers at this time. Anyone have any thoughts or likes to travel?

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / newfie mix ??
« on: September 06, 2006, 09:10:51 am »
Is this a newfie mix? They think it is but it's hard to tell from the picture.
Either way, he's on borrowed time at that local pound .

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Newf/Great Pyr cross at local animal control
« on: September 01, 2006, 12:39:26 pm »
There is a 6 year old Newf/Great Pyr cross at our local animal control. He's all matted but very sweet.

We are in Chilliwack, BC, which is an hour east of Vancouver BC, or about  20 minutes from Sumas WA

Trina can't post a picture because someone stole her camera, but I can pull if someone here is interested and we can get a transport set up.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / newfie pup in pound
« on: August 10, 2006, 05:34:47 pm »

Look at this guy, don't know what he's mixed with but he's gorgeous.
Does anyone live near there?

Collars, crates, & other cool things / Dog toy for Big Dogs
« on: March 12, 2006, 08:40:46 pm »
This toy , the Rubber Biscuit , is especially for tough dogs and is durable and fun.
We have them for our dogs,they love playing with it and what I love is that they can stand up to my guys. Finally, a good throw toy for a big dog!!!!

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / a great pyr offered for free
« on: August 21, 2005, 04:54:26 pm »
I ran into this, was bored and goofing around online. There is a picture too but it wouldn't copy. For more info and picture go to :

 Great Pyrenees for adoption
Description: Moe is a friendly dog that likes to play. Moe needs a home with a yard where he can run and exercise. He likes cold weather and good companionship. He is usually a quiet dog. The owner will soon be hopspitalize for surgery and physical therapy. Needs someone that can provide for Moe the care he needs. The dog is free!! Click picture for enlarged view
 Breed: Great Pyrenees
Price: $0.00 Nickname: Moe
Gender: Male Size at Maturity: Large
Age: 1 year, 12 weeks Color/Markings: White
Availability Date: 8/5/2005 Champion Bloodlines: No
Potential: Perfect Pet Champion Sired: No
What's Included: Igloo House
Cable runner

 Contact Information
Contact:  Contact via email
Name: Rich Guy
Location: East Moriches, NY 11940
Phone: 631-235-0857
Website: N/A
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Newfoundland Pictures / I did nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: July 28, 2005, 10:22:07 pm »
Moose has this look on his face that makes me want to search the whole house to find out what he's been up to, lol. This time I caught it on camera !
He's such a cutie !!! And that's not just a proud momma talking !

Guys, I hate to bring up another Great Pyr, but this one only has hours left. Is there any way anyone close by can pull him too ? I can help with the emailing and trying to contact rescues, but I am broke and too far away to pull this dog myself. 

Scared Giant
Great Pyrenees

Size: Large
Age: Adult
Sex: Female

Notes: KENNEL 1: This poor girl's previous owners did not take care of her coat! She seems embarrassed of her appearance. Pyrs are very gentle by nature and protective of their family . She would be a grateful soul if given the love she deserves. She was very quiet which is common in Pyrs and very scared. The other barkers had her very scared. Can you find it in your heart to give this great dog a home and show her that people are worth loving again? Hurry the shelter is very crowded, they can hold over but why take the chance. To be sure to save this life get to the shelter before 5PM on Thursday, July 21st.


This pet is eligible for a gift of the first month of ShelterCare pet insurance paid for by
For more information on pet insurance please visit us online at or call 1-866-375-PETS.
 E-mail this pet to a friend!



Roicy Duhon Animal Control Center
Lafayette, LA

Picture it : it's a hot sunny lazy Sunday afternoon. We are hanging in our chairs wondering whether to have another lemonade or a snooze , when all of a sudden I have a BRILLIANT idea !  Why not bathe Fwirly and Moose? Sure, Fwirly doesn't like being bathed ( hates it is a better description for it ) but Moose is a Newf cross and we all know THEY love the water. So , my plan is crafted . I get the bathroom ready and grab Fwirly ( who is now under the bed , for some reason she can read my mind ) . Get Fwirly out from under the bed.   OK.  Fwirly struggles, my back screams at me but I get her in the tub that's got nice cool water in it and she struggles around trying to leap out. But I was not born yesterday, I get her in a strong hold and manage to shampoo her and then proceed to rub her fur while talking to her.  All with one hand mind you as the other is still strong holding. In the meantime, Moose is pushing against my back, wanting to see what's going on. Finally I manage to get Fwirly washed AND rinsed , check that the job is done well, yell for my son( the towel boy ) to come dry Fwirly but before I can lift her out she's already heading out the bathroom door. I let the water out and start anew. I am now soaking wet but who cares, NOW comes the easy part. That is if I can catch Moose because he is running away from me.   In the meantime my son is trying to dry a soaking wet dog who is shaking herself dry in our little hallway. My brilliant plan is not looking quite so wonderful anymore as I see a lot of 'after' work in my future.  Anyway, finally, after running around the house in my undies ( my son is not able to help as he's soaked in the hall with Fwirly still ), I finally corner Moose, lift him up, back is now getting really sore , and stumble back to the bathroom.  As I try to put Moose in, he's already out of the tub again and on his way out of the bathroom at rapid speed. I'm skidding around in the bathroom, floor and me are soaked, and chase Moose through the house again , leaving a trail of wet behind. Moose , of course is still dry. Bum never hit the water!      Finally I get him and it's back to the tub. One doesn't mess with momma ! When I have a brilliant plan, nothing will stop me from seeing it through till the end!  Finally, Moose is in the tub, trying very hard not to get ANY body part wet. Me, on the other hand , I'm getting even more soaked as if this is possible. Holding Moose down is turning out to be a two hand job, so I have to splatter shampoo with my teeth. I have the bottle in my mouth and am biting on it to get the suds out on the dog. Let's just say the shampoo came close to Moose. I drop the shampoo on the ground beside me ( lid's still off of course ) and as I made that little head movement , Moose attempts to get out of the tub again. I get him back in at the last minute, but I too am now half in the tub , foaming at the mouth from the shampoo .  I decide it's time to give up, rinse the darn dog, rinse my mouth, dry off the darn dog, dry myself off , open the bathroom door ( yes, my  son  finally helped by closing the bathroom door instead of helping me hold down Moose ????????)  , Moose walks out with an ' I had a wonderful bath , feel great , now I think I deserve a cookie !' kinda attitude, and as I am crawling out behind him, dragging soaked towels, I take a look back in what used to be my bathroom and realize that I have now created an afternoon's worth of work! 

So who's the wise guy who said that Newfies like water anyway?????

so we are at puppy class, Moose ( he's now  5 1/2 months old ) is really enjoying himself and loves puppy class cause we clicker train with SNACKIES , is doing really well most times. Last night when we had to have them sit-down-sit-down-sit-down about 10 times, after the second time Moose was starting to get the picture... after the third sit-down Moose was getting annoyed and when I tried to get him to go from down to sit a fourth time , Moose had had enough !  Until I made up my mind as to what exactly it was that I wanted, he was not going to play anymore! So he plopped on his side and that was it for this exercise.  ( of course the other pups were doing their best, happily going up-down-up-down )
Is this a Newf thing or is it just a Moose thing or an age thing ?  It makes me laugh , I've noticed with more things that himself tends to contemplate before acting . Now if I compare him to Fwirly ( Husky/shepherd cross ) , she just does things when told.  She's pretty much always done so, though of course when she was a pup her attention span was not that long. But it really seems that unless my commands make sense to Moose, this repeated silly stuff I can do myself, cause he isn't.

I just found this board and am really enjoying it. We are owned by a 3 year old Shepherd/Husky cross named Fwirly and her brother Moose, who's a Newfie/Great Pyr cross and who's 5 months old now.
I grew up with Bouviers , love the bigger breeds ( Fwirly is the exeption as she's about the size of a collie ) , love their temperaments and am thrilled that I found a board full of info and pictures and other Newfs.

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