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Hi all,
Jenn and Bear have helped me out before with a Sarplaniac dog in Montana. Now this time I went and did it!I am actually fostering this guy! He is a pure blood Border Collie a little under 2 yrs. GWD,GWK,GWC he is WAY too submissive! My heart melts for this guy. My female Newf Queen has taken him under her wing. He cowed down to our Rott and our male Newf plays with him. He obviously has had a hard life but he is VERY obedient. He knows all basic commands. I really cannot have 4 dogs at my place, so if you know of anyone PLEASE Help! I will add his pic in the next day or 2. He is a Tri color and an absolute doll. As I type this my Newfs are teaching him BAD habits of barking at dogs that walk by. E mail me at He is in the Whitefish area, NW Montana!

Hello to all of you owned by Big Dogs,
My 13 yo son and I are the proud owners of 2 Newfs and HIS loyal Rottie. I am hoping that someone in here can steer me to the correct path as I have never encountered this breed and they are very rare. There is a PB Male/N 3 yo Sarplaninac in Dillon, Mt's (excuse) for an Animal Shelter. I rescued my big Newf boy out of there 2 years ago ....and that is another story for another day. I just looked up the breed and they are gorgeous yet only introduced to the U.S in the 1970's. Ashes is good with all pets but cannot seem to bond with men. He adores women and bonds quickly.If anyone thinks they can help this guy out of a dismal situation please email me and I will send you the link to his information. Or, if anyone knows how to send the link to the chat board. The dogs in Dillon are tied or chained with virtually no shelter, a dog house here, tin placed over a corner there. ANY assistance would be great. Sarplaninacs are considered a guard/predator working dog and are HIGHLY intelligent 77-100 lbs although they appear much larger due to their coat (kinda like my 132 and 157 lb Newfs, hehe.) Any help would be appreciated!
4 legged hugs and 2,

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