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Hello all... Cymbaline Austin here in Austin, Texas.

I have two big dogs which are in desperate need of something to keep them entertained.

Any have suggestions for homemade toys? How about recommendation s on store bought toys?

Would like to find some toys which I can leave with them during the day and not worry about being too destoyed.

Hopefully I'm not wishing for a miracle :)

Also has anyone had any luck with thos big Nyla Bones.. The "tough" ones.

Hi everyone - My name is Cymbaline and I'm located in Austin, Texas.

I'm sorry I'm not giving a formal introduction I'll be happy to fill in any gaps later :)

I apologize ahead of time for this being so long and if this is posted in the wrong area :(

I think I maybe faced with a problem with two of my dogs. I own 1 male malamute (Amadeus) and 1 male Siberian and malamute mix (Bandit).

We adopted both from an animal shelter. Both live outside in a 200 square foot pen. My boyfriend and I spend as much time as possible with both dogs. On average this equals to 30 to 45 minutes a day with the dogs.

Both dogs are neutered. I can not claim both are obedient dogs however both are highly intelligent and can hit any obedience training command right off the bat.

That saying they both have their quirks which makes them both very unobedient as well.

Amadeus is an escape artist. This we recognized in him from the start so we built the pen to be as tough as possible. The pen is made with wire fencing made to contain horse. The bottom of the pen as chicken wire buried into the dirt, The top of the pen has electric wire and the pen door is chained and padlocked.

Amadeus however in the last 4 years we have had both dogs has managed to break out of the pen twice.

This being said today was the second time. When I left to go to work this morning both dogs where in the pen. I know because I through them their morning raw hide treat, say good morning and give them both some ear scratches before I leave.

This afternoon both dogs where in the pen. I know because I gave them both a chicken jerky, gave them ear scratches, checked and filled up their water.

Later however I have man knock on my door and tell me that both of my dogs had gotten out today and killed his pet rabbit. I follow him to his house and he shows me his pet rabbit which is still laying on his back porch, the broken down hutch etc.

He tells me that someone had informed him that they saw my dogs loose and someone else had put my dogs back into their pen.

I apologize to him, ask him if there is anything I can please do for him. I do not know what to say concerning this because I have never dealt with this type of problem before. I understand that he has to be mad at me concerning this issue. I would be mad as well. I honestly wish there is something I could do for the man but I know I can not.

The owner of the rabbit informs me that he thought his house had been vandalized prior to seeing the dead rabbit and had called the police to file a report.

He believes the police will label my dogs as dangerous dogs. I disagree that this will come down to that. I know recently there was a little girl who did get mauled by a pack a dogs in my neighborhood. At that time there was not leash law. There supposely is a leash law now in my neighborhood. I was one who supported that law. However there are still several dogs running loose in my neighborhood. The same dogs running loose prior to the leash law coming into effect are still running loose in my neighborhood so I don't think the law is really being enforced all to well.

I feel if the police does do anything to me it maybe a fine for having my dogs running loose. There isn't a law that states they have to be registered by the way.

Also in Texas for a dog to be labeled "dangerous dog" it must have attacked a human.

Ok so well.. back to my problem...

Even with all of the above do not feel I do not feel regret for what happened. I do all too well because I love animals. I'm hurt my dogs did what they do however I also know dogs are dogs and rabbits are prey animals.

I feel my dogs did what came naturally to them. I also feel it's my responsibility to ensure this does not happen again and here is why I'm coming to you all.

I need advice. I feel my dogs do have a higher prey drive. I do suspect they may have aggressive tendencies. I have some grounds to feel this way however I never had an incident which proves they are.

My dogs have done the following which scares me.

1. Gave short chase to a kid on a bike
2. My dog Bandit did growl on two different incidents when a little kid got in his face
3. Killed that rabbit (not sure which did it)
4. My dog Bandit chased after a flock of ducks once
5. My dog Amadeus once attacked another malamute at the dog park (according to the owner)

The deal is I donít want to make excuses and end up with something really happening.  Besides trying to re-enforce their pen, maybe try to get them more exercise (which is hard because I myself hate exercise and here being hot weather right now) what else is there that I can try?

Iíve considered more obedience training however like I said before they can hit any lesson taught with flying colors no problems. I donít have a problem with obedience when dealing with them one on one.

But together they seem more unruly. Iím considering the following.

1.   Find a home for one of the dogs. I donít know which one because I love both. But maybe when I do Iíll find a more submissive, calmer older spayed female as a companion for one.

I may actually find Amadeus a new home since he is the one that has the tendency to try and break loose all the time. This may resolve one problem.

But I fear that Bandit may have aggression issues (which Amadeus has not shown towards people) and I need to deal with that.

OkÖ please help. Please be nice guys. I donít know anyone here yet. I know everyone is a critic in life but I feel bad enough. I know my dogs have done wrong. I know I need to do something. I take blame and with that I want to take action I just need to know what is the best course.

Thank You

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