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We are moving to Denver from NC next month. I'm trying to find a place to keep my two cats while we move. One cat needs daily medication, so I'm thinking an animal hospital/vet, or a kennel where they are willing to pill a cat.

(We will be driving cross-country with the two kids and two dogs, but the cats will be less stressed to fly there and be kenneled, even if they go alone).

Anyone have any recommendation for a particular vet who boards cats in the Denver area? We will be moving to Aurora, if that helps.

Thanks in advance!


Treatment & Preventative Meds / Dog hemorrhoids, anyone? UPDATED
« on: January 26, 2007, 06:54:37 pm »
Star (Dane) has a protrusion from her butt. It actually coming out of her anus, rather than alongside of it. She's been licking it a lot, so I put witch hazel on it, and she's stopped licking it so much. It's reddish/pinkish, if that helps anyone figure out what it is!

We will take her to the vet tomorrow morning, but has anyone's dog had this? It looks like a hemorrhoid (although I've never actually seen one before :D!). There's no smell like I would expect if it were an impacted anal gland (although Max shows sudden interest in her butt when he gets close to her  ::)).

She hasn't had any change in her diet, and has been pooping normally as far as I know. Everything else is normal-eating, sleeping drinking, fighting with Max, velcro, etc.

Any ideas? Should I take her to the emergency vet tonight?

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: Vet said she didn't know exactly what it was. Not a prolapse, but Star's anal glands needed to be expressed so they did that (free of charge, may I add!). They recommended we watch the lump to see if it gets bigger.

Thanks for all the replies!


I've seen all those ads on TV for Restless Leg Syndrome (pins and needles feeling in the legs, or creepy crawlies, etc), and it finally hit me that maybe that's what Star (Dane) has!

She's done this for as long as we've had her (a year), but she will lay down for a while, be relatively still as if she's almost asleep, then suddenly jump up (completely up) with a start. She'll look at the bed/floor/carpet/whatever accusingly  >:(, then go lay somewhere else. Sometimes it will happen again in the "new" spot, and she'll go back to the original spot. When it happens, she jumps up so quickly she will occasionally knock something over, which startles her more and she runs a few steps before looking back at the bed.  If it happens in a quiet room, it startles everyone (Max, cats, kids, etc)  :o.

At first I thought it was something in the dog beds, but it happens whether they're freshly washed or old and stinky, and whether they've been shaken out recently or are all lumpy. Also it happens when the dogs themselves are freshly washed as well as old and stinky (but generally I don't shake the dogs out)  ;). No one is near her, so she's not being bumped or jostled as she's going to sleep.

Does anyone know if dogs can get RLS? Anyone else's dog behave similarly? I wonder if the benefits of the meds would outweigh the side effects  ???.

Thanks in advance!

Anything Non-Dog Related / The latest addition to our household
« on: November 07, 2006, 05:32:23 am »
And he's certainly not a big paw! Introducing... Nibbles! ;D

He's my daughter's new pet. And he sure is cute, if you're into rodents! ;) Both dogs LOOVE him, they want to play with him very badly. Max has taken to spending half the night laying on the floor next to Nibbles' cage, just making sure he's okay!  ::)


Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Great dane puppy in NC
« on: August 22, 2006, 11:10:12 am »
Here's an ad from craigslist in Raleigh, NC about a 9 month old Dane puppy. There are active Dane rescues around here, so they may likely get him, but if you're interested in a puppy this may be perfect for you!


Doberman Discussions / And you thought YOUR dog was destructive!
« on: August 02, 2006, 09:06:09 am »
From CNN, an article titled "Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear." Be sure to look at the pictures, too!

Bad doggie! Baaaaad doggie!  :D


Akita Pictures / Is this typical for an Akita??
« on: July 29, 2006, 03:53:35 pm »
Max is a chow/Akita mix, but he has a few odd personality traits. I wondered if they are part of the Akita in him, or perhaps he's just weird  ;)?

He hates having anyone touch his paws. We have never been successful at cutting his toenails  :-\. Even with the vet, a large vet tech, my husband, and a muzzle, he still defended his toenails. He didn't bite or growl, he just struggled forcefully until the (stupid) humans gave up  :D. Recently, the vet drew blood for routine bloodwork, and he was fine with a needle in his arm, but don't touch his feet! :o

Secondly, he hates getting his feet wet. He will walk around puddles, or refuse to go across them. Even if it's raining outside and his feet (and the rest of him) are already wet, he still won't walk into a puddle  :-\.

Does anyone else have an Akita like this? Or does he just have a reverse-foot fetish?


110-pound Saint Bernard, pushed from a window, escaped with bruises
Updated: 2:58 p.m. ET July 26, 2006
WARSAW - A man was bruised but alive on Wednesday after a Saint Bernard dog thrown out a two-story window landed on him as he was walking down the street in the southern-Polish city of Sosnowiec.
The 110-pound dog was pushed out of the window by its drunken owner on Monday, police said.
“The dog had a soft landing because it fell on a man,” said police spokesman Grzegorz Wierzbicki. “The dog escaped with just a few scratches.”

“The man was also more in a psychological state of shock than physically hurt,” Wierzbicki added.
The one-year-old dog, named Oskar, was placed in an animal shelter while police investigate its owners for animal abuse.
Copyright 2006 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.

And $300 later, Star has a tummy ache!   ::)

Star (Dane) and Max (chow mix) got into my backpack a few days ago (I last used it a few weeks ago when traveling to my in-laws). One of the dogs ate a few (at the most) ibuprofen tablets from my bag. :o After doing an internet search, I decided it was probably okay given the sizes of the dogs and the few tablets involved. Last night, when hubby got home there was a Star-sized pile of vomit at the door that consisted of dog food and a Snickers bar wrapper. Then I remembered there had been a snickers in my bag too! When Star refused dinner (which is extremely unusual with her), off to the emergency vet we go. I was concerned that she had gotten something else out of the bag, and maybe had an obstruction.

After xrays, bloodwork, and fluids for dehydration, she is fine. No blockage, liver enzymes were normal, and a special diet for today and she'll be good as new. I'm looking at this as an investment-now I know what she does when she has a tummy-ache. And as a warning to keep all food (or things that might be mistaken as food) out of her reach!

Last week one of my cats had an ugly body fluid incident, so they both went to the vet to make sure nothing was up (one has failing kidneys). So in the last week, I've spent almost $500 on my pets.

I bet you didn't know that I am actually made of money!


Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Obedience classes--yes or no?
« on: June 27, 2006, 01:23:12 pm »
I'm trying to decide whether to enroll Star in obedience classes in the fall. There's a group nearby who does classes from basic puppy to canine good citizen to agility, etc. I wanted to run this by the group and see what ya'll thought.

Star is a 5 year old rescue Great Dane who we've had for seven months. She had lived in a home setting before, but her last foster was in a kennel. She came to us housetrained, she has learned "sit" and "lay down." She is food motivated, but has to sit before getting food (either in her bowl, or treats). She does have a lot of energy, but has learned not to jump up on people to get attention. Overall, she's better behaved than our chow mix who we've had for 12 years!

Her one issue is dog aggression. I'm sure she has lots of reasons to be defensive against other dogs (she probably was bred extensively, and may have been protecting puppies), but she is fixated on other dogs. She and Max (chow mix) have worked things out, and they play fight/wrestle but haven't really gotten into it in months. When I walk her and Max, if she sees another dog, as soon as that dog barks or makes any type of posturing, Star is ready to fight. Judging by the scars she has, she's probably not been the winner in the past.   

What I'd like is to be able to work with her around other dogs who are under their owners control. (So the dog park is out as an alternative!) I'd want her to be relaxed or at least not anxious around other dogs, and maybe that could be a prelude into being more social. Would obedience classes be helpful, or would they be either a waste of money and/or distracting to the other participants?

Thanks for your input!


Medical Conditions & Diseases / Star's weight (or lack of it)
« on: March 08, 2006, 01:08:45 pm »
I wasn't sure where to put this, so I thought I'd try here! It is time for Star's vet appointment. We have had her for a few months, she was heartworm positive and treated at her foster home, so we're due for another blood test which hopefully will say she's clear of heartworms. But I'm concerned about her weight, so while we're there I'd like to get that looked at as well (hey, what's another vial of blood, right?).

When we got Star (Great Dane), she weighed 86 pounds, and ribs were certainly visible. We didn't know exactly how much to feed her, so we started with 1.5 cups dry food twice a day. This is about twice what Max eats (60lb chow mix who's 13 years old). Star eats like she's ravenous, so we upped the food to 2 cups a feeding, still twice a day. The dogs were eating Iams weight control, for a while we slowly switched them to Eagle Pack (trying to reduce the quantity of poop!). Star is still eating 2 cups of Eagle Pack twice a day, and still acts like she's starving. I'm guessing she hasn't gained much weight, and when they weigh her at the vet's I'll know for sure.

When I take her to the vet, I want to ask all the right questions if she is underweight. Obviously, worms/intestinal parasites are a possibility. Anyone know what kind of poop sample is needed? Fresh? How fresh? Can it be frozen (if I find a lovely specimen a few days before the appointment)? Star does not poop in front of anyone, so I'd have to stalk her to get one. (Max always poops on walks, so if it were him it'd be no problem for a fresh one).

Any other ideas? She's 5 years old, if that helps. I thought maybe thyroid problems? Star does tend to eat "off limits" things, whether they're food or not (like the wrapper a piece of candy come in). But I would think an obstruction would make her eat less, not more. She has lots of energy, but does tend to drink a lot compared to Max-diabetes?

Any other ideas would be appreciated. This is more of a chronic thing, but I'd like to get it looked at sooner before it affects her quality of life (if there is anything wrong).


Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Newfie mix in NC needs home
« on: February 01, 2006, 12:02:27 pm »
Saw this ad on craigslist. I don't know anything beyond the ad.  But I thought it couldn't hurt to post a link here.


Great Dane Discussions / A small vent about people and their dogs
« on: January 28, 2006, 03:56:40 pm »
Here's the background : Star is our 5yo Great Dane we adopted from rescue at Thanksgiving, so we've had her for two months now. We also have Max, a chow-akita mix, so I'm used to dealing with dogs who want to be dominant. We adopted Max from an animal shelter when he was 2yo. He had a few problems with aggression toward other dogs, but we worked through it and he loves all dogs now. He's definitely a "dog park dog."

Star is feeling more confident as a part of the family. When we first got her, she wouldn't let Max play with her.  If he came near a toy she thought was hers, she'd growl and Max would back off. After a few weeks, they started carefully playing with each other. Now, either one initiates the play, and they "attack" each other with open mouths and growls. No one has ever gotten hurt. But I know she's not a dog park dog yet, and may never be. But she is a sweetheart to people!

But I thought it would be a good time to take Star to Petsmart to get her used to seeing other dogs, that kind of thing. It was late on a weekday, so I thought it wouldn't be too crowded. And it wasn't. She ignored the couple of other dogs there, snuffled around  on the floor, and I got my bag of dogfood (we're switching them from Iams to Eagle Pack but needed a little more Iams).

There was a line (of course) at the checkout, so we waited. As I got up near the front of the line, I put my 30lb bag of dog food on the conveyor. At that moment, a PetSmart employee decided this was a good time to introduce her German Shepard to Star. They approached as I was putting down the bag of food. I never saw anything. All I heard was Star growl and then lunge forward, I pulled her back into a sit by my side, and she then ignored the GS. The employee comes up (on the other side of the line, so the dogs were separated by the counter) and apologizes and says that Star seemed friendly, wagging her tail then attacked.

Now, I know that's probably what happened. Star probably thought the other dog was a good idea, until he came at her, and she growled a warning, and he didn't like it and they went at it. The point is, the owner didn't make eye contact with me, and I was distracted when she chose to approach with her dog. Had I been involved, I could have told her that Star may growl, so she could decide if she could handle her dog.

This was Star's first trip to a pet store. She's still getting used to being a part of a family. She was probably protecting me. No, it's not great dog behavior, but I had Star under control. Star didn't advance, the GS came at her because his owner allowed it. And then it looked like I have this aggressive Great Dane. Interestingly, when we finally got to the front of the line, the guy at the register asked Star to sit and gave her a biscuit without any fear or flinching on his part. So maybe it was clear that Star wasn't the aggressor to the other people in the store.

Anywho, thanks for letting me vent.  Guess next time I'll go to PetSmart when I don't need to buy anything so I can keep an eye on the other dogs/owners!

Great Dane Discussions / Star's latest "trick"
« on: December 25, 2005, 08:25:09 pm »
We've had star for about a month. Our "old" dog, Max, has a bad habit of counter surfing when we're not home. Since we got Star, we've been closing the two dogs in the bedroom when we're not around, so there hasn't been any counter surfing! Star does sleep on the couch in the family room (which is against the rules) so she only does it at night when we've gone to bed and she has the run of the house.

A co-worker gave me a mini loaf of banana bread, and I put it on top of the microwave.  THe next morning, I'm in the bathroom, and hubby brings me the remains of something. A bit of aluminum foil, and a decorative piece of plastic wrap. Yep, during the night she got the bread off the microwave and ate the whole thing. Apparently it was pretty good, because the majority of the aluminum foil was stuck to the kitchen floor where it had been licked so hard it was pressed into the grooves of the floor!

So, when my other co-workers were telling the bread-giver how great the bread was, I had to say that it was very good, according to my Dane!

Great Dane Discussions / Okay, tell me about chew toys
« on: November 30, 2005, 12:49:02 pm »
Max (chow/akita) has never been big into chew toys. In his old age (11 years) he really couldn't care less. He does enjoy chewy treats (like rawhides), but plastic things aren't his thing.

So our latest addition, Star, found an old chew toy (squeaky football) and loved it. Threw it up in the air, pranced around with it, etc. Then the next day, she killed it-ripped it into little tiny pieces, and de-squeaked it. So, any recommendation for a tough-but-squeaky toy for her? Or do I have to resign myself to buying toys every few days? 

I gave both dogs a Kong w/ peanut butter, they turned up their noses. I think Star just likes the squeaking.


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