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On ND's craigslist there's a black 2 year old Newfie girl named Molly . She's housetrained , not spayed , great with other dogs and kids ! She's FREE . The family is moving .

I might be able to help transport her if anyone's interested !

Anything Non-Dog Related / NDR> Some videos of Ringo the U2!
« on: July 29, 2008, 10:13:46 pm »
I know there's quite a few bird lovers on this forum so I thought I'd share some videos of our Ringo ! He's the love of my life ! hehe So sorry for the baby talk in the videos ,I don't get out much :o)
And sorry for the screaming children ...they don't get out much either . LOL

Escape Artist >

Funky head >

Who can be the loudest? >

Ringo hopping >

Newfoundland Pictures / Newfie or Aussie ?
« on: July 29, 2008, 09:55:10 pm »
I know I don't post much but I thought ya'll would enjoy this short video of Winter . This girl has more energy than an aussie ..... She is on the go , non stop from morning until night ! She's very hard to keep weight on as she never rests ! She also is just going thru an ugly stage right now and looks so lanky (sp?) and then with the docked tail , she gets called an Aussie all the time . LOL So , anyways , my yard is seperated in two so the dogs can have the back and the kids can run free in the front with no worries of stepping in doggie doo . Winter loves to jump the dividing fence and in this video she just got caught and goes running for the backyard . Then Ol' Spook peeks over like "How cum I can't jump dis fence too?"

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Update on my sisters' rescues
« on: April 25, 2008, 04:05:18 am »
Some of you may remember me asking advice on how to get weight on some severely starved dogs my sister rescued .

Well , there were two dogs , a blue merle aussie named Blue , and a Red Tick Hound named Jasper .

She got them looking really great again , the vet was amazed that they ever made it ! But then Blue developed some kind of abcess on his chest (I believe?) and it just wouldn't heal ....

Owner finally returned from Iraq and at first acted like he couldn't believe what had happened to his dogs (his wife and grown son had done this) .... but I don't know , after time went on my sister believes he's no better than they are . He took Blue back ( my sister was absolutely in love with this dog , and said she would keep him ,  but the guy wanted him back .... even though he won't let Blue in the house or anything) so my siter had to give him back as she had no proof that he would be abusive or neglectful to Blue . She planned to keep a close eye on him . Anyways , he took Blue back , and a few days later he called my sister and said he'd taken Blue to the vet about that abcess , and they found out Blue was diabetic and said he would have difficulty healing from surgery for the abcess so the guy opted to put him down !!!!!  :'( I am in shock . My sister is heartbroken ! The guy never gave her a chance to take Blue back .....

So she still has Jasper and the guy said he'd come pick up Jasper and take him to the pound . There's no way my sis' is letting go of this dog . But she can't keep him , he is a hound after all and she doesn't have the right home for a dog who loves to follow his nose and bray (sp ?) all the time .

So , if anyone knows of someone who would like to ad a purebred Red Tick hound to their family please let me know ! He's about a year old , up to date on vaccs , not house broken yet .... Loves kids though ! Not neutered yet ,but will be before leaving . Oh , and he's in Baldwin City , KS.

Food Discussion & Information / Safe to feed starved dogs Satin Balls?
« on: March 01, 2008, 12:23:47 am »
I have a quick question . My sister just rescued two dogs , an Aussie and a Red Tick Hound . They are VERY skinny , enough so that she can touch her hands around their wastes  :'(

I wondered if it would be okay to feed them Satin Balls along with their kibble ? If it is okay , how much to start them on ? Maybe just half a ball a day or so ? Working up to 1 or 1 & 1/2 a day ?

Thankyou so much in advance !

Introducing baby Winter !!! She just flew in on Wednesday night , 15 lbs of fluffy Newfie ! Winter is a very unique girl , not only is she a rare grey , but she also has no tail ! Her mama accidentaly bit it while chewing the umbilical cord and it became infected and had to be docked . Less hair for me to brush ! LOL So anyways , here are some pics of my girl , and one of the entire litter before they went to their new homes . Ennnnjjooyyy !

Anything Non-Dog Related / Anyone here own a Tortoise ?
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:18:31 am »
The kids have wanted a turtle for a long time , I had a red eared slider when I was younger and loved him (or was it a her?) to death ! So last week we went to the Pet Store , no sliders ... But they had several different types of Tortoise's (sp?) and hubby and I are both in agreement that we'd rather have one of them .... The kids don't care ,as long as it has a shell and a cute little head that pops out .LOL Does anyone have any stories to share with me before we bring one home ?

When we picked up Spook , his breeder said she didn't have his AKC papers right then , that because Spook's sire is imported she had to do DNA testing before Spook could be registered so it'd take a little longer . I was okay with that , we have a signed contract between us stating that she will give me my papers . Soooo .... it's been over two months and I CANNOT get ahold of her .I've tried e-mailing her ( I know her computer works as she's still updating her website ....) , I've called over and over again , leaving messages on her answering machine and leaving messages with her family members .... well , today I tried to call again and her phone has been disconnected !!!  >:( So tomorrow I'm sending a registered letter stating that I want my papers within 10 days or I'm going to take her to court .
I just can't believe she is doing this ! I did my research and she had a wonderful reputation and we talked for over two years before I got Spook !
On Saturday I'm meeting my parents in a town close to where the breeder is located and planning on going out there to see if they even live there anymore  :-\

So , if I can't find her / get ahold of her . What is my next step ? I've only been to a court house to register to vote and renew my tags .LOL I have no idea where to even start with this . Please help me ! Thankyou so much !

I know this isn't dog related but it's just SO important to get the word out . Starting May 7th , for two weeks the National Bone Marrow Doner Program will be having a special drive called "Thanks Mom" where the $52 fee will be waived and it will be absolutely FREE to join ! You could potentialy save someone's life ! You can go to a blood bank near you that does it or I believe you can even order a "kit" from this website and all you have to do is swab your mouth with a q-tip ,so easy ! I've been following a beautiful little boy's story who recently passed away because they could not find a doner match   Here's another little boy waiting for a match , he only has a few weeks ! And then this little boy , Levi , is from MN and is actually son to friend's of our's , he's waiting to find a match for a stem cell transplant .
I'm sorry if I've broken any rules posting this , it's just so very important .Lives depend on it ! Please get swabbed this next week to help save a life ! 
*steps off her soapbox* :o)

Newfoundland Discussions / My newfies are giving me the * crazies *
« on: April 24, 2007, 09:57:52 pm »
Yesterday morning when I woke up I was afraid to even look in the dog room ....I could already smell that stench .... But I did not expect to see what I saw ... It was HUGE .... it was RUNNY ....and it was trampled thru ! Spook had an upset tummy and had a booty blowout about 2'x2' ! It took an entire roll of paper towels to clean it up , and over 45 minutes to do it ! I was almost late getting my kids to the dentist , and then when I got home what did my dear Spook do ? He chewed thru my washing machine plug in ! Right on laundry day too ! So now I have to pull a kennel in front of it before I go to bed so he can't get to it . LOL
Then Allie ...oh my sweet Allie .... She used to squeeze under our chain link fence .... We always talked about how we couldn't wait for her to get bigger so she couldn't fit ... well now she's so big she can jump OVER our 5' fence ! In the blink of an eye she is gone ! So hubby made a smaller enclosure for her that is pretty tall , so far she can't escape but I don't dare leave her for any longer than a few minutes .
I swear , just when we think we've got past one issue with the dogs , they find something new to do ! LOL Goofy Newfies !  ;D

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Spook & Allie have Coccidia ....
« on: April 02, 2007, 12:21:49 pm »
Just got back from the vet , they gave me some medicine for them ( actually made for horses . LMAO ) 10 cc's , twice a day for three days . Now .... vet says humans can catch it and as I mentioned earlier my daughter has PICA ... Does anyone know how to tell if my kids have got it ? And if so , do I take them to their pediatrician to get wormed ? LOL That sounds so funny  :P How do I keep my other two dogs and the family from getting it ? I'm banning these two dogs to the backyard to potty , is there any way I can spray bleach or something where they go potty ? I have no idea what I'm dealing with here , please help ! Thankyou so much !

Newfoundland Pictures / So sorry I've been MIA !
« on: April 02, 2007, 07:16:40 am »
Things here have been *crazy* ! My hubby recently returned to work (after being layed off) so I'm here alone to take care of everything and it sure keeps me busy !  ;D Baby Cole is doing great , he's 12 lbs 3 ounces now ! All his infections have cleared up ( we now know he is VERY allergic to Tide detergant  :-[ ) so I wash all of his clothes , plus all of our shirts ( since he touches them when we hold him) in special detergant . I'll include a new sleeping pic of him ( since that's mostly all he does ! LOL ) he also smiles now too but not for a camera yet  ::) . Our little girl Izabelle went almost THREE months without a seizure but had three within the last two days  :-\ But hopefully the time in between will just get longer and longer until they're all gone ! She is also anemic and is on special iron drops for that and we're stuffing anything "iron fortified" down her that we can find . LOL She just had her blood drawn again last Friday and I'm waiting to see if the levels are back up yet . *fingers crossed* And to top it off she's been diagnosed with PICA . I've known this for some time as she love love loves to eat dirt ,rocks , anything she can find ! We keep a very close eye on her at ALL times . :P Our two boys are both doing great , Rowdy thinks he's a dog and it's hard to keep him from walking on all fours and panting when we're at Wal*Mart  ::) .Jace taught himself how to ride a bike without training wheels last week . I cried when I saw him do it , he's growing up waaaay too fast and I'm not ready for it !  :'( All of our pooches are adjusting well . Moose is finally over being all grumpy having a new dog here . For awhile he would constantly tell Spook not to eat ! We'd have Moose face a corner ( yes , just like a toddler ! LOL ) and tell him to leave Spook alone ,otherwise he'd growl a little and Spook was afraid to even look at his own food dish . LOL Allie loves having another playmate that plays as rough as her , Spook is still scared of some things but is really coming out of his shell . We bought a harness for him and he now does stairs on his own , comes when called , and is learning basic commands . Today I was working with him on walking on a leash , and he does just fine as long as *he* gets to hold onto the leash too ! LMAO I was laughing so hard I had to grab the camera , so here's a few pics of him too ( sorry , not the best . Hard to take pics while walking .... I am so not a multi tasker ! LMAO ) He and Allie have had diarhea all week despite feeding them canned pumkin , boiled chicken and rice , etc . So they are headed to the vet this evening , also , Spook is STILL limping . I took him to the vet two weeks ago and we found out his huge feet her infected ( his breeder had told me they had a new bedding that bothered all the dogs feet ....) so I had to cut the hair all back , keep them clean , soak them three times a day and put antibiotic ointment on them . They seem much better ... I was really hoping the limping was from that but nope .... So today I get to lay out the big bucks and get x-rays . UGH !!! Please pray it's nothing serious ! And me being the dork that I am , I can't tell which foot he's limping on , STILL ! So anyways , I try to get on often to read everyone's posts , I just don't have alot of time to post myself . Please know that I'm thinking of all of you ! Hugs to all your puppers !

Newfoundland Discussions / I think I gave Allie a heart attack ! LOL
« on: March 14, 2007, 01:37:37 pm »
Yesterday it was so nice outside (70 degrees . Today it's snowing ! Go figure ) I had the window open to our schoolroom where my computer is , the dogs were outside and Allie loves to be near me so she stuck her head in thru the window ( there is no screen as she ate it when she was little  ::) ) and it's ground level so she just layed there with her head laying on a stack of books which are sitting at the top of a shelf . So anyways , I had left the room for some time and later remembered I forgot to shut the window , I came back in the room , light was off , it was pretty dark and Allie was still there ,sleeping ..... Well , being the mean mommy that I am , I started barking at her WOOF WOOF WOOF GRRRRRR and she freaked  :o ! LMAO Her head came up so fast she hit it on the ceiling , she pushed back so fast she knocked over the shelf and when she finally got standing up outside , THEN she started kind of barking .... like she could be brave now as she was far enough away no monsters could grab her and pull her back in . LMAO it was hilarious , poor girl !  ;D  :D

So sorry I haven't posted pictures yet , my pics , no matter how much I crop them , are still too big to load on BPO , and I don't have a program to make them smaller , I'm sorry  :-\
But he is here safe and sound now ,woohoo ! Things just aren't going as I expected/hoped ....
Where to start .... First of all , he is 9 months old and for the past few months he hasn't been messed with a whole lot as his breeder had some medicial problems and was stuck in her house so her hubby took care of the dogs  :-\ So he's really shy . Well , if you act all happy , etc he'll come running up but he just won't let you touch him , he'll stay just out of reach , wagging his tail and panting .She told me when newfies are rehomed at this age they are "dramaqueens" and he may even go and stick his face in a corner and not look at anyone , and he does ! So this makes taking him in and out of the house very difficult , the first day my husband had to keep picking him up ! And he's 100 lbs already so now that hubby is back to work I'm having a hard time . I try to pull him by his collar but he pulls back so hard it either comes right off , or I have to also grab his scruff to get him to move when he doesn't want to and then he takes off running with me , it's ridiculous ! So he's outside all day long as I can't get him back up the stairs into the house until hubby comes home at night to help me . I gave him a bath today outside with the hose and now he completely hates me for it but he stank SOOOO bad ( the first night he got here he thru up and then layed in it ....) and I really want him to be able to come inside , just not smelling like that ! LOL The bath was sting to say the least .I was drug all over the place and I think he may be even dirtier now than he was before .
Also , he's limping but I can't tell for sure what paw it is . Does anyone know , when a dog jogs , does his head go down with the foot that hurts or does it go up ? ( does that make sence ? ) I can't get him to the vet as there is NO WAY IN HECK that I'd be able to get him in our car and drag him into the vets with 4 kids ! My Mom will be here next week so I can get him in then but I know that's a long wait .
One more thing , he has more hair than any dog I've ever seen ! LOL The brush I use on Moose and Allie hardly scratches the surface , what kind of brushes do people normally use with a dog with a REALLY thick coat ?
Wait , one more thing again ... LOL Allie is tight lipped and never drools , Spook ( oh ,I forgot to tell you what we named him ! LOL ) is sooooo the opposite , he drools constantly , so his chest is really yucky , what do other people with really drooly dogs do to keep it clean ,dry , not so stinky , etc ?
I know it's going to take awhile for him to get used to us , etc , and I'm trying to be patient , I just don't know exactly what I should be doing to help him ? When he pulls back should I just let go , or keep pulling until he follows ? Is there another kind of collar I can get that would help ? Besides all this he is REALLY great and so cute to watch with Moose and Allie , Moose is teaching him all the rules here and not letting him get away with anything . And it's funny to see Allie get picked on for once as she's always picking on Moose . LOL  ::)
I'll try to load pictures as soon as I figure out how !

Newfoundland Discussions / Ok , tomorrow is for SURE *the* day !
« on: March 09, 2007, 04:10:47 pm »
After waiting over a month due to bad weather and our car breaking down , we finally get to go get our new newfie boy tomorrow ! I'm so excited ! The weather is beautiful here ( 60 degrees ! ) and our car is fixed , woohoo ! I'm so excited to finally meet him ! And to finally get out of the house a little , even if it is over 12 hours in a vehicle with 4 kids and a hubby ! LMAO I'm desperate !  ;D

I'll share pics on Sunday of our new boy and hopefully some pics of the newfie puppies she has too ! hehe

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