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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / To puppy or not to puppy
« on: May 07, 2008, 04:50:43 pm »
that is my dilemma.  Okay, need some advice and it has to be pretty quick.  This is going to be long so apologizing now for it.  Background info is that I have been wanting another puppy since Michael moved out - actually before he moved out.  I have been wanting to get a Lab puppy but I put stipulations on it so that I wouldn't get another dog anytime soon.  So my stipulations were that it had to be male and had to be mismarked.  I knew that this would put it in the slim to none odds of ever finding one like this because mismarked labs are pretty rare to see.  Well, a lady I work with breeds labs and she just had a female throw 3 pups that were mismarked.  I was told that she had one male and 2 female pups and that the male was taken but on a whim I emailed her and asked what pups she had left and that I might be interested.  She has 2 males left and it's first come first serve.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure that she is a byb and that there aren't any health certs on the adults or the pups and that was pretty clear by the first come first serve.  I'm in the stage of it was a meant to be thing but the timing could be a lot better but then again I can always come up with reasons for the timing to be better and I have found that there never is a perfect time.  So should I get the puppy or not?  I attached a pic of the boys.

Belgian Malinois Discussions & Pictures / I just found out
« on: April 05, 2008, 10:12:46 pm »
that Shiner rides the short bus.  I overheard my neighbors talking about him the other day when I walked out in my back yard.  At first, I admit it, I got a little defensive but I have to admit the boy is pretty "special".  This is the same boy that was scared of guys on the tv when he first came home.  He was afraid of a leash and a collar.  He will sometimes ram into the bed when he doesn't jump on it.  Spatial issues!  And he also high centered himself trying to jump over the sidewall of the truck.  Yep, definitely would ride the short bus if he wasn't afraid of it.  But really making fun of him when you don't live with him?  So now I think I'm going to get a bumper sticker made that has a picture of Shiner on it and it says "Have you hugged your Tard today".  Then I'm going to paste it to him.   ;D 

Remembering those no longer with us. / Storm aka The Tick
« on: November 03, 2007, 08:12:30 pm »
left me this afternoon very suddenly.  She was fine, alert, and her usual self when I went to work this morning and Michael found her in the tub by her food bowl this afternoon.  She was 16yo but she never slowed down or got sick.  I'm still in shock and not sure that I really realize that she's gone.  I'm sure I will tonight since she slept on my pillows every night and slept on top of me for that matter.  I feel like I have written a lot of these remembrances lately and not really sure what to say that can even come close to covering 16 years of love, loyalty, and companionship that she brought to me.  I guess the only thing to say is I love you and I'll miss you always.

The last picture I took of her.  "Evil face"


Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / horrible day got worse
« on: September 09, 2007, 04:45:51 am »
The title pretty much sums up the day for me.  As if it wasn't bad enough it spiraled out of control all the way to hellacious (I made up that spelling).  I've had a migraine and wound up getting sick in my kitchen so I had to clean the floor and then Shiner went through a window this afternoon.  So I had to cover the hole with plywood until I can get a new piece of glass cut.  So I'm asking what really is a rhetorical question but I would still love to have an answer to it.  Why is it that when the canoe has a hole in it and you have no bucket to bail water and no oar to paddle with that it starts raining and you look up to see a waterfall approaching?  In other words, why does all the sh@t happen at one time? 

By the way, thank you for all your good thoughts for Kevlar and I.  I know I appreciate them and I'm sure he did too.  And good news is that Shiner was not seriously injured.  He has some minor cuts on his paws that had stopped bleeding in 5 minutes of the accident and no glass can be found in the wounds.  Also it looks like the 4 benadryl are working on his allergy.  AT least he's not itching like crazy.  I think I'm ready for this day to be over.  I know I've told you this before but you really are the best bunch of people that I've never physically met and I'm so glad that I know you.   :-*

Remembering those no longer with us. / Rest easy Kevlar
« on: September 08, 2007, 08:45:50 pm »
Fourteen years ago I fell in love with the sweetest little fuzzy butt kitty.  You made me laugh every time you tried to run and play with the other 2 cats by jumping and climbing the bed with your cast on your broken leg.  Then you grew up and turned out to be such a big giant love bug.  You were my newfie in a cat suit with the hair everywhere and the drooling everytime I scratched your chest and chin.  You showed me that the stuff that happens in cartoons is real and still really funny.  I will always smile and laugh each time I think about the day you tried to jump from the side of the tub up to the bathroom counter and you hit face first and slid down the cabinet with your face.  I really did make sure you were fine before I started laughing.  We had a great run and while I wish it could have been longer I understand you had to go.  I will miss you always.

Belgian Malinois Discussions & Pictures / Foster failure x 2
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:39:56 pm »
I guess it's official.  I'm a horrible foster since I have yet failed again at fostering.  ::) Yep, Razor is staying and is a full fledged member of the clan.  I'll try and get some pics up soon.  My camera is in the shop but I still have my old digital camera.  I will also try and add some updated ones of the rest of the crew.   

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / My knight in shiny fur
« on: August 28, 2007, 04:21:58 pm »
is killing me.  Shiner has developed a guarding issue.  I don't think it's resource guarding just a guarding problem and I can't think of a way to correct it.  Sorry but this is going to be long to give you all the details.  About a couple of months ago or so, Michael moved to another city for 3 weeks to house-sit for a friend of his.  He took Cinder with him and Kaila and Shiner stayed with me.  Everything was fine until Michael moved back in.  Here is where the problem starts.  Shiner started barking and growling everytime he heard Michael move around the house.  Michael has to leave for work around 4am and every night Shiner goes off.  He has even started the growling and barking during the evenings if he hears Razor's collar in another room and night before last he heard Michael on the phone in another room and he went off.  I correct him and have gotten him to the point where I can say his name and he'll low growl and grumble but I need ideas on how to stop this.  Mainly because I need a good night's sleep again.  Thanks for all the help.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Is it wrong
« on: July 30, 2007, 03:10:13 am »
that I'm dancing around the house singing my own made up song of "I have a/c".  They still have to come back out tomorrow morning and finish up by changing out the outside unit but at least the house is no longer sitting in the 90s and is not at a lovely and cool 83 degrees.  There is an actual cool front in my house now.   :D

Happy Happy Joy Joy    Happy Dance

Belgian Malinois Discussions & Pictures / Razor pics
« on: July 20, 2007, 10:16:25 pm »
Here are a couple of pics of the pup that is staying with us for a week.  He's about a 1yo and is French bloodline Malinois.  So he has a much blockier head than the girls.  Please ignore the nasty house but it's been raining down here for it seems like for ever. 

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / this is gonna be a long night
« on: July 16, 2007, 09:42:44 am »
My neighbors apparently still have fireworks left over from the 4th and are setting them off.  They started around 5:30 or 6:00 and it seems to be at random intervals that they will light them.  The bad part is that they are lighting them one at a time and setting them off in a can so it sounds like a gunshot.  Good thing Cinder is with Michael or she would be going ballistic and the benadryl would be flowing.  As it is, Kaila is starting to get a little concerned and Shiner wants to go out and eat them.  Not really a vent just a why?  Why not just set them off and get it over with?

Anything Non-Dog Related / You are now entering the blond zone
« on: July 15, 2007, 08:17:05 am »
It's kind of like the Twilight Zone but it's the zone where you have blond moments.  This story is going to tell you exactly how much of a blond/dork that I am. 

I've been looking for something to groom Kaila with that she will tolerate.  She has a thick coat even though she has short fur.  Anyway, I was using a slicker brush to get the loose fur off her but she doesn't like it and she's starting to get a mildewy smell to her coat.  Because she goes and plays in the dog pools in the back yard and then rolls in the grass.  I said something about it to Michael when he was here and he said he had this neat comb thingy and I could try it.  So I take it and I start using it and it takes out her nasty undercoat really quickly and while she doesn't like it she's at least getting better about it.  So I tried again tonight and I was giving her treats for sitting still while I brushed her out.  Then I look down at the comb thingy and I read Furminator written across it.  I was like "huh, I thought the furminator was something that had to be hooked up to your vacuum".  I don't know why I thought that but I did.  At least I didn't start looking for the hose connector on the comb.  Anyway, I have to say it works great with or without suction.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Apollo needs help ASAP
« on: July 12, 2007, 11:05:12 am »
Anyone in the Little Rock area?  This guy is gorgeous and he needs a rescue asap.  Unfortunately I'm not affiliated with a rescue group but I would be willing to foster him if anyone is and can pull him and he gets along with cats.  It says he's good with other dogs.

 Apollo - Formerly Abused GSD / Spitz Mix - Needs Immediate Medical Attention. THIS MEANS NOW - PLEASE READ HIS UPDATE
MUST receive a rescue commitment by Wednesday. Thursday afternoon euth scheduled.
2+ year old Apollo has been a favorite of AC since he first arrived, several weeks ago. Apollo has a permanent indention in his head that clearly indicates someone directly bludgeoned him with a blunt object. This boy does not show any signs of brain damage. He has a calm and steady demeanor, is exceptionally friendly with people (he sure loved me!), dog social and....did I mention....a big dog? He kind of reminds me of a miniature pony with a puffy, GSD head. He's quite a character in both physical stature and personality.

UPDATE - WEDNESDAY - Midnight - When I went to the shelter today to finish photographing dogs, it was pointed out that he may had been bitten. One of his front legs was swollen up like a tree stump. I rushed him to the vet for an assessment. A bite was confirmed. Apparently, an aggressive dog entering in to the shelter had latched on to him one time but did not disengage without excessive prying on the part of ACO (the aggressive is NOT on this list). At the time of the incident, antibiotic ointment was applied. It wasn't enough. Now Apollo has an absess and a temperature of 103.5 degrees. THIS DOG is in serious DANGER. He CANNOT go back to the shelter in this condition but he has NO ONE backing him -- NO RESCUE. He's made it in the shelter for numerous weeks, it has been confirmed that he was bludgeoned in the head with a heavy, pointed object sometime in his past.....How much more can this poor boy handle? Despite it all, he remained calm, friendly and compliant. He has obviously been to the vet's office before as he dropped in to a spread eagle position upon entering. ACO Horace carried him to the scale (85#), an antibiotic injection was administered and he was left at the vet's for an overnight stay and a reprieve from the shelter. The vet wants to lightly sedate him on Wednesday morning and scrape away some of his wound to see exactly what is going on. Apollo need financial backers and a firm rescue commitment. This is a good as gold boy who has withstood cruelty and neglect but is loyal to a fault to people and also dog social. PLEASE. Give him YOUR RESCUE CONSIDERATION! He will not receive continued treatment without a rescue to step up for him. PLEASE HELP!

Apollo has a hot spot on his left rear hind quarters that has, as of Tuesday, July 10, improved considerably.

Apollo has reached "old timer" status at the shelter now and NEEDS an immediate commitment. We cannot hold on to him any longer. Please help this boy in to treatment and the "good life" immediately. He only wants to please.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Post biopsy
« on: July 06, 2007, 03:16:41 am »
I just got back from the biopsy of my thyroid nodules.  They did 2 needle biopsies on both of the nodules this morning.  It was really cool to watch but my neck is a little sore now and I look like I had a date with Dracula last night.  The doctor and the ultrasound tech were laughing at me for naming them Terrence and Phillip.  Then of course I had to explain that they actually had middle names too and had to tell them that also.  All in all it wasn't bad and now for the 7-10 day wait for the results. 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Alternative pain relievers - NDR
« on: June 29, 2007, 02:21:29 am »
Okay everyone,

I need help finding a substitute pain reliever for the next week.  I have my thyroid biopsy on Friday but I can't take any pain reliever that's a blood thinner for the next week.  I was told that I can take Tylenol but normal Tylenol makes me hurt worse but oddly enough the sinus Tylenol doesn't do that to me.  Anyway, I have an old back injury that flares up sometimes especially if I've had a really strenous week at work.  So I just had to break down and take a vicodin to relieve the pain and I hate taking anything more than good old Aspirin.  Any ideas on something that I can sub for the next week? 

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Refinery accident
« on: June 28, 2007, 08:59:44 am »
Let me preface this with no animals were harmed during this eruption. Humans were amazed and revolted all in the same breath.  HAZMAT was put on stand by to respond to the scene of the esplosion. 

There was a gas explosion at the Shiner refinery plant this morning.  A staff member who was closest to the area at the time of the eruption was able to get things under control.  However, there was another unexplainable explosion from the rear of the refinery that occurred about 10-15 minutes after the original incident.  Staff worked hard through the next 30 minutes to get the stench and the off gassing pipes under control.  However, things took a turn for the worse as more emergency crews came into the room to help with the poor victims that were suffering from the main explosion.  With all the pressure build up and the confusion of the relief workers another and final explosion was inevitable.  Finally, workers were able to put a cork in the leaking pipe.  Meetings were held to go over possible caustic agents that could have caused the horrendous disaster but as yet nothing conclusive has been discovered except for stress on a very small valve at the rear of the refinery. 

Short version: My puppy's butt exploded with gas at the vet clinic this morning that had everyone in the clinic from the front to the back gasping for air and in tears.  It was so bad that they started looking for poop accidents on the floor from him.  I laughed until I cried when Michael told me this story especially when the vet staff was talking about my puppy's rancid butt.  He has apparently started getting really bad gas when he is stressed out but he doesn't have diarrhea with it.  The vet asked what he's being fed and when Michael told him Evo and that it's grain free he suggested maybe a fish and sweet potato food.  Michael asked if he thought reconstituted fish and sweet potato would be less rancid than Evo. 
I'm so proud!   ;D   

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