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TOO MANY PeePee Accidents after Potty Training = SPAYING INCONTINENCE!
We took Lucy our 10 month Saint to the vet, after too many little accidents or full soakings... She would wake up in the morning or from a lovely Saint nap, and her hind end or tail was little wet or just dripping soaked.  Lucy has been trained from about 4-6 weeks after we brought her and brother home at 8 weeks.  Lucy is hands down the smartest, and eager to please Saint we have every owned (#4) I was 95% sure these were not simply training accidents, and she would wake up clueless that she was soaked. The first time it happened was the night she came home from being spayed that afternoon.  She was lying on the couch with us, and got up to go out for evening potty time, she was soaked the coach was soaked.  We called the vet; they said if it happens again that night or the next day call, otherwise figure she was out of it still from anesethia.  Well it happened about a week later, she napping on the hardwood and rug, and there was puddle on the wood, and so on... a few times a week or just once a week, she would have an accident. 

Finally, I called the vet, we went in.  They said its spaying incontinence; it can happen USUALLY if spayed to early, however Lucy was the prescribed 6 months.  They gave me "Proin" said it would help or cure the problem, and most likely after a 10 day course, the sphincter muscle "remembers" what it's supposed to do, and starts working again on its own.  Being the ever faithful Suspicious Saint Mommy, I read all about "Proin" - The good, the bad, and the ugly.  After reading many experiences, everything from Severe Withdrawn Personality in a normal outgoing friendly girl, Death, Stroke, and then many that gave it to their fur babies and they were just fine.  I decided to finally give to her, and WATCH.  I gave her a 6-days of a 10-day course, I think she was acting a little sketchy after a week, however no accidents. My husband thinks I am over protective, and thought she was fine. Who knows?  Anyway, She went almost 5weeks no accidents, I thought yippee it worked....Well, we still have accidents,(not as many and still not fun) and I haven't decided if we will put her back on the "Proin".  It can be a given for a lifetime to prevent the incontinence, but I am cautious.  Life has allot in at the moment, just keeping them in decent kibble is enough, and I can clean up a little pee now and then.  I will update again.  Till then.... Love all your fur babies, because they sure love us and ask so little in return. xo
Renee and Mark... Denver - Proud Saintly Parents of Charlie & Lucy (bro & sis)

Our Female Saint Lucy has been having "accidents" for the past several weeks.  She has been potty trained for months. Lately, she will get up from a nap or from bed, and her entire back end and tail are soaking wet.  She still is going outside, and we have begun the high praise for "Outside Potty" Good Girl! again.  I am getting concerned because it seems her "accidents" are coming more frequently. Anyone else have this problem? She and her brother Charlie are going to vet tomorrow, and am going to share with them and see if we can get a diagnosis....
Any Help Appreciated

Blog Feedback & Discussion Board / PeePee Accidents increasing???
« on: August 21, 2009, 12:04:40 am »
Our Female Saint Lucy has been having "accidents" for the past several weeks.  She has been potty trained for months. Lately, she will get up from a nap or from bed, and her entire back end and tail are soaking wet.  She still is going outside, and we have begun the high praise for "Outside Potty" Good Girl! again.  I am getting concerned because it seems her "accidents" are coming more frequently. Anyone else have this problem? She and her brother Charlie are going to vet tomorrow, and am going to share with them and see if we can get a diagnosis....
Any Help Appreciated

Saint Bernard Pictures / Lucy & Charlie The Denver Peanuts
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:04:11 am »
Here are updated pics of the they are called in the house... we never thought in this life we would have two Saints at the same time.  After we lost our beloved Cassie, two years later we were ready.  Charlie and Lucy are litter mates.  They have so much fun together, and have their own little "whine" language... People told us to beware to have two, they would bond with each other and not to us.  Well they are 7 months now, and I can say they are thouroughly bonded to us... After our experience of having two of these gentle giants, I believe we always will!  Happy Week all,
Renee and Mark

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Picky Eater or Not Feelin Good???
« on: June 19, 2009, 02:07:16 pm »
Hello All!
I am mom to two Saint Bernard, 7 month old male, Charlie and female, Lucy liter mates.  We have lots of experience with our giant babes, but never have had two at the same time and liter mates. 

My question is they have not been eating the past two days. I know Saints are always unpredictable about their feeding, but I am concerned. They have been picking at their food and have only consumed about 25% of their normal amount. Yesterday morning they didn't eat anything. Lucy is always persnickety and eats about 75% amount of what Charlie does. BUT the past two days they BOTH have been literally not interested.  It has been hot here in Denver, however I am worried. Thoughts about when I should hit the Vet button.  :)
Thanks as always
Renee and Mark

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Saintly Puppy Play???
« on: January 19, 2009, 11:39:29 am »
Feels like I have been posting about our new Saint pups Charlie and Lucy, all the time.  Hope I am not being a message board hog... anyway.  Our TWO brother and sister saints seem to be adjusting in very well.  They play together constantly.  They are either wrestling together, playing tug of war, or snuggling up.  I work really hard to give them individual play time and attention HOWEVER it's almost impossible because they love to be together. 

I am guessing that the puppy wrestling matches that come with the soft biting, growls, yelps, tail pulling, sommersaults(sp?) and sitting on one another's heads is NORMAL...right .  They both will get the other one going, it's not at least for now a more dominant one pursuing the other, and they both hold their own.  Sometimes my husband says I look for things to worry about for them. 

It really is different having two, I knew it would compared to our first Saint, BUT wow!  Everything is different, these guys keep one another up, occupied, and playing ALOT.  Cassie our first Saint would play with us maybe 10 - 15 minute intervals, then sleep for 3 or 4 hours.  Charlie and Lucy will run, chase, wrestle, for a solid hour or more.  Any response to puppy play would be welcomed... I am getting the new pics posted omise.  Thanks all BPO Family

OK... I am a believer. Please share with me the best methods for crate training.  Since we have two puppies should we use the same crate or seperate.  They love to snuggle together, we often find them tucked under the farthest corner of the closet under the hanging clothes SACKED OUT!.... I welcome all suggestions on crate training.  I have several books but prefer real life experiences.   Our previous Saint Cassie, trained in about a week.  I think we just got lucky :)
As Always
Thank you,

Our last Saint Bernard was a dream... she truly potty trained in about 5 days.... not to say there weren't accidents from time to time. 

We recently brought two Saint siblings Charlie Brown and Lucy, born Nov 15. into our lives. We do the immediate outside after eating and big praise with treats when potties are produced. .. However they seem to think they can pee where and whenever they want.  I am constantly stepping into huge puddles.  They have a specific room with puppy pads, and when I DO catch them that is where I put them or outside. Are they too young... or should we do crate training, I am really in a quandry.  All suggestions are welcome or point in a direction....A s a second challenge Lucy is a major chewer.  She has tons of chew toys and I replace the inappropriate item with an approved toy.
As always thank you so much!!!

WE woke up this morning to about 6 inches of snow on the ground.  The saint puppies were apprehensive at first. BUT soon got the hang of it.... NOW I can't keep them inside.  Should i be worried about how long they are outside? THEY LOVE IT They wrestle, run, romp and generally have a blast. I KNOW they are bred for the snow....but they are only 8 weeks and I am a bit worried.  Any thought, advice or ideas.  We are previous Saint parents, but we never had snow....any help is appreciated.  By the way the cuteness factor is off the charts.... Thanks much

Saint Bernard Pictures / More Puppy Fix... Happy New Year From Denver!
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:16:19 pm »
Our new additions are coming home perhaps this weekend...We thought we were going to have to wait until 1/10 but the breeders told us on our last visit they could come home with us this Saturday... I am not sure we are ready!   ;D Charlie and Lucy have been christened as their names!  I lost out on Bogie & Bacall.  After my husband said that calling Bacall sounded like a parrot.  Looking forward to a New Year with puppy breath, antics, rolly polly playtime, and lots of training! Thank you all for your comments, love, support and advice. When we lost our beloved Cassie two years ago, this was one of the only places I found solace.  Happy New Year to the Big Paws Family! 

We will be bringing our new babies home Jan. 10 We couldn't be more excited...It's been almost 2 years since we lost our beautiful Saint Cassie...It's time!

Thought we would post pics of the two Saint puppies, who will be joining us January 10.  We are so excited.  We are still a little concerned about One puppy vs. Two puppies.  We both have healthy hesitation, and now would be the time for us to change our minds (obviously)

Email us your ideas...WE really want the right names! Thanks as always...

Happy Holidays to All Big Paws Family! ;)

Well, Here we are finally two years after losing our Beloved Saint, Cassie, we only had her for two years,and lost her to a bizarre paralysis of her back legs. By the way I am happy to share anything that could be helpful to anyone facing the same or similar.
(You can read the agonizing blogs, but don't do so without tissues)

But onward we go... We are currently looking at a beautiful liter, here in Denver.  We were set on knowing we wanted a female, but my husband and I individually picked out the same male.  We are now considering bringing TWO into our life.  A male and female, brother and sister.

Our questions are for those of you who have two of these amazing dogs,(family members);

Do they bond more to each other rather than us?

How do two (especially brother and sister) get along?

Is training harder with two?

Is it better and do they feel more secure having a constant companion with each other.

My husband and I have no children and are both professionals, it happens that at this moment in time I am currently looking for another job and could spend a tremendous amount of time with them as puppies and his schedule in sales allows for some flexibility.  Any thoughts and advise would be welcome. Please feel free to post or give us a call 303-720-5102.  Renee & Mark.

I woke up yesterday morning and she was panting and shortly after I was awake she wimpered( very unlike Cassie) I went over to her and it seemed she couldn't move her legs. (getting her into the car, with four men and big comforter) Consequently we rushed her to our vet.  They took Xrays of her spine and her hips.  He has determined her discs have swollen from some impact and its causing compression to her spinK cord. He has prescribed prednisone, and he believes we should see improvement in 2-3 weeks. She cannot stand or walk, she has no movement in her back legs. We have to move her from side to side every four hours, as well as give her enemas, she pees where she lays, and of course we clean her off immediately.  She is incredibly depressed and seems scared.  She is still keeping her sweet temprament.  We are out of our minds, with concern and worry.  The vet says that in 90% of small dogs they recover just fine. 
Has anyone out there heard of this or experienced it, we need to hear from our Big Dog family.  We don't know if we should get a second opinion, we really  trust our vet, and he has always taken good care of her. BUT this seems like a really big deal. Please feel free to call us at 661-587-1881. THANK YOU any help is appreciated

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