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Food Discussion & Information / Puppy Food
« on: June 13, 2009, 08:26:24 am »
Okay I'm having a really hard time deciding which food to go with for my berner puppy. I want something that's low on allergens and is a good quality kibble. My breeder's starting them on the Orijen Large Breed puppy, which isn't available in my area and I'm not sure about it's really high protien levels. I may be able to order it at a local feed store so I'm not totally counting it out. She has her adults on Orijen and she swears by it.  She used to give her puppies Innova Large Breed Puppy but it gave her dogs some problems after the formula change so she's reccommending against it.  The other options I've been considering are the Solid Gold Wolf Cub and Canidae All Life Stages (which is what Kali and Lacey are currently on). So if anyone can give some advice I'd appreciate it.  I'm willing to consider other foods too if I can find them.  I went through dogfoodanalysi but their reviews weren't all that helpful when considering Large Breed puppy choices.

I know this has been discussed before but most of the foods have gone through formula changes so I figured I'd ask again.

Bernese Mountain Dog Discussions / Getting a Puppy!
« on: June 07, 2009, 01:13:48 pm »
I found the perfect breeder for me.  She has been awesome and does have puppies on the ground.  So I went up to meet the pups yesterday and discussed contracts, feeding, health clearances, pedigrees and the whole nine yards.  I met the mother who is petite but a sweetheart. One of the breeder's tests is how the mom reacts to potential buyers and she ran right up to me. I also got to meet the 7 puppies (1 girl, 6 boys).  I'll be getting one of the boys.  They are 3 weeks old and about 3 lbs. She had me help her trim nails so I could get lots of hands on time with the puppies. We stayed for about 6.5 hours playing with the puppies for awhile then her adults.

The adults were the second test her 1 yr old came and sat in my lap immediately.  The big male went straight to Tim.  Then the rest of the gang mobbed us.  Her 3 yr old wild child was running laps around the cars and wiped out into her sister.  They were all awesome dogs the male sat in all of our laps and the others came and sat on him so we had quite the dogpile going LOL. We had a blast between puppy breath and snuggle time with the bigs paws.

Here's a link to my pics of the day on facebook.  Sorry they're a bit dark and blurry but the puppies just opened their eyes last week so we didn't use the flash.

FAQs about puppies / Questions to ask a breeder???
« on: June 02, 2009, 01:26:29 pm »
Okay I'm going to be meeting with the bernese mountain dog breeder this weekend and want to know if anyone can think of a few more good questions to ask.  I figure this may also be helpful for other members in the future too.

Ones I have so far:
What are you looking for from this pairing?
What are the health clearances for both parents?
Any problems that are in your lines(HD, cancer, allergies etc)?
What are you doing to rectify them?
What is your contract like (specifics on gurantees and neutering)?
Do you temperment test?
What have you done for socialization or plan to do before the pups leave?
When do you let the pups leave?
Food/vaccine recommendation s?

So can anyone think of anything I'm forgetting?  I plan to talk to my vet to see if she can think of anything but figured you guys may think of stuff too.

Newfoundland Pictures / An update on Kali and life in general
« on: May 21, 2009, 02:54:32 pm »
First an update on me...senior year was amazing but hectic.  We designed, built, and raced a concrete canoe for concrete canoe club.  It was sooooo much fun.  I've officially graduated as a Civil Engineer from UConn the ceremony was May 10th. We're cleaning and repainting all the rooms in my brother's house (tspanos) cause I'll be renting it and hopefully moving in before I start my job June 1st.  The other big news is that I'm planning to get a Berner puppy....I found a litter with 2 males left and I go meet the breeder and puppies June 6th to find out if the breeder thinks one will work for me. I am beyond excited though Kali's nose will be out of joint when she learns she's not the youngest anymore LOL!

Okay without further ado the pics:


the family

friends in front of the Civil Engineering building (our home LOL)

Kali and me

And the canoe if you're interested

Now hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently and when I get a puppy I promise to post tons of pics  ;D

Sorry we haven't been around much...we're making up for it by posting some pics though LOL! It's been rather hectic with it being my senior year at college and my Grandmother passing away last month. Kali has an ear infection currently and a perforated eardrum in her other ear so she's on ear meds in both.  She also was diagnosed with Lyme after some lameness issues so we had a long Doxy treatment but other than that she's her normal princess self. Lacey is still a spaz but doing fairly well otherwise.

Here are some of the pics from the annual torture for the Christmas cards

And a pathetic Kali Reindeer

Lacey the Diva

Some pics from our hunt for our Christmas tree at Hartika
My Mom, Kali and Dad

Mom, Kali, Me

The very cute Belgians I wanted to bring home with me!

And last but not least pics from the snow storm

Newfoundland Discussions / New England Newf Club Fall Fun Day! Sept 28th!
« on: September 07, 2008, 07:10:03 pm »
Just wanted to see who's planning to go to the Fall Fun day this year.  Tim and Kali will be there and I'll be there if I don't have too much work to do for school.  I think Eiren's planning to bring the Fumbs. Rich are you bringing Winslow? If anyone else is planning to go let us know so we can make arrangements to meet up.

For those that want the details it's from 10am-3pm Sept 28th at the 4-H Fairgrounds on South Chelmsford Rd in Westford Mass.

There's a raffle, demos, CGC testing, grooming etc.  It's a good time for both you and your dog. Here's the link to the event:

Hope to see you all there!

Newfoundland Pictures / Kali vs the Screen Door....guess which won?
« on: June 21, 2008, 08:35:36 pm »
if you guessed Kali you'd be correct.  I think the screen door may be beyond repair LOL.  We let her out after getting home late tonight and she decided to run back into the oblem being the screen was still shut. My brother and dad yelled at her to stop but she kept going and slammed through the door in mid gallump. I heard the loud crack from the house and knew what had happened. She snapped the thing in half at two corners. She ran and hid behind mty brother and was sulking cause we were all dying laughing.  She's perfectly fine besides her pride being bruised LOL.  And here are the pics of our very sad screen door and the newfy demon that destroyed it.

The wreckage

Hmmm I don't think it's supposed to look this way

Honestly I just don't know how this happened!!

Really it wasn't me...blame Daddy for closing the door

Kali's having a rough day cause she deflated her soccer ball earlier and now she broke the screen door. Hope this gave you guys a good laugh too.

We were babysitting Tyler this weekend so our house was a bit crazy.  Tyler attached himself to me...can you say 140 lb lap dog??...he curled up in my lap as soon as I came home from work and almost fell off my lap on his head when my mom distracted him LOL. I got some pics of him and Kali with the irises and some from him sleeping as he always sleeps in the weirdest positions.  When we took them to get ice cream him and Kali were a hit though they scared two teenagers haha. Luckily he was seizure free this weekend. We also took him to visit my grandma who has dementia and is very frail and he was very good with her...Kali's used to moving slowly but Ty is the opposite but he was very careful around her. Here are the pics:

Sleepy Tyler

Head in my lap

Sitting on my mom

Kali say's it's time to play

Sleepy Kali

Ty in the irises



And it didn't go so well...LOL!

Well we took Fire to his first show undersaddle yesterday.  It was rainy and overcast most of the morning so I hoped not too many people would show.  Unfortunately a lot of people came.  I took him the the Green Horse WT class...when I signed up there was only 6 which raised to 10 by the time the class came around.  Well needless to say Fire got a bit overwhelmed by having that many horses in the ring with him.  He was going really good at first but then we got boxed in a bit by a group of horses which rattled him.  I tried to move away from them and he started to build up speed.  Half halts weren't really working and I went to circle when he took off at a canter across the ring to the gate....right after my aunt said to Kim (my cousin) to go sign him up for the next class LOL. I almost did a header into the fence when he suddenly stopped but I somehow stayed on.  Kim got it on video on my mom's digital camera while my aunt was videoing on the video I have Kim's version below if you want to see it.  The thing that bothered me is that they only called the walk once I reached the gate....very late and they didn't tell the other horses to stop meaning I would've been trampled by the other horses had I fallen off.  And it's not like you couldn't notice Fire flying towards and past you as he shakes the ground LOL. Luckily the horses near the gate stopped on their own and blocked Fire from taking off again.  The judge let me continue the class but he was too worked up when we went back to trot even with me holding him firmly in check and doing a sitting trot that I brought him back to the walk and excused myself from the class.  It was kind of a bummer but it could have been worse. And a few of the other horses blew up in the next class so it was good I quit while I was ahead. So here are the pictures from the day:
Warmup on the lunge since we were out in the open:


Letting him get a look at the ring (he likes to have a person next to him as a security blanket and there were lead liners and a psycho horse warming up so he stayed attached)


With his grandma:

In the class:





The blow up: (now works LOL)
After the class:


His after braid fro (I was mean and laughed as he does look funny):

Anything Non-Dog Related / Happy Birthday Tim !!!
« on: March 26, 2008, 12:34:24 pm »
It's Tim's (Tspanos) birthday today!! And yes he is under orders to share his cake with Kali....she's not just a little spoiled  ;D. Hope you have a good one!

Your annoying little sister. ;)

Tyler's staying with us while his owners are in Vegas at a vet convention. He's very attached to me for some reason so I felt bad leaving him to go back to school. Kali is all excited cause he's her wrestling buddy.  We took them out into the field behind our house for a walk and run to wear them down so they don't destroy our house haha.  Kali's very possessive of him so Lacey couldn't join in on the fun though she was happy to have run of the living room while my brother and dad watched TV. Here are some pics.

Kali and Tyler


The newfy was not happy about sharing her water

Lacey looking pathetic


In the field:

And a pic of the horses mooching for more hay

Anything Non-Dog Related / Happy Birthday Eiren and Stacy!!
« on: December 30, 2007, 06:03:34 pm »
Hope you have a good one and don't forget to share the birthday cake with Fumble!!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Fire slidehow- For the horse lovers
« on: December 29, 2007, 03:48:24 pm »
Here you go Stella.  I finished it. I don't think it's as good as Kali's came out as I had trouble finding the right music but I think it works. It was very cool making it as it's brought back all sorts of memories of how his training has been coming along. I've had him  a little over a year now and it's amazing how far he's come. The end part is footage from a lesson on him nothing too exciting yet as we're only doing walk trot but he was behaving for a change haha. Enjoy!

Newfoundland Pictures / Here's a photo slideshow of Kali
« on: December 27, 2007, 04:35:13 pm »
I made this for Tim for Christmas.  It's the first I actually completed as I started one for Fire but never had enough motivation to finish it.  Let me know what you think of it. He loved it btw of course. Warning may cause puppy fever from the puppy pics cause it caused it for me haha.

Group Discussions & Photos / Our Holiday Pics (Kali, Lacey and the horses)
« on: November 30, 2007, 03:36:56 am »
Here's some pics from the christmas card photo shoot.  We have the cards but no envelopes since for whatever reason they forgot to include them.  Hopefully I'll get some this weekend so i can send them out.   I put some pics of the horses too.



This one makes me laugh..(such a serious elf)



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