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Giant Schnauzer Discussions / The Land of O.Z.Z.
« on: August 10, 2006, 07:23:24 am »
Hi, Guys!  Haven't been on in a while because I've been busy trying to keep up with THREE puppies:  Oberon (17.2-pound, nine-month old male Miniature Schnauzer who thinks he's a Giant), Zora (68-pound, 14-month old female Giant Schnauzer) and Zigfried (52.4 pound, five-month old male Giant Schnauzer).  These little hooligans keep me very busy with their antics.  Anyway, I've created a website for my furkids (, and you're welcome to visit.  The site is literally in its infancy, so bear with me and I'll eventually post videos, stories and more.

Giant Schnauzer Discussions / Introducing Zora . . .
« on: February 05, 2006, 12:25:14 am »
. . . hello, everyone!  My name is Zora, and I'm a seven-month old girl.  My mom just brought me home this past Tuesday, so I'm adjusting to a very different environment.  I LOVE my new home -- and I already know my mom loves me.  I even have a bratty little three-month old brother; his name is Oberon, but we call him Obie.  He's a black miniature, and he actually THINKS he's the boss of me.  Frankly, I believe he has a Napoleon complex (most minis do)!

My picture really shows how much I love my new home.  I had a very stressful day yesterday.  When we got home,  my mom let me and Obie out in the back yard to handle our business, and I crawled into my mom's bed when I came back inside.   My mom took me to the vet, and that nasty doctor was poking in my ears -- I didn't like that one bit, so I warned him with a growl and nip.  He told my mom that I might be a fear biter, but would you like someone poking around in your ears if you had an infection?  (See, the lady who bred me posted my ears Tuesday when my mom came to take me home, but my mom unwrapped them Friday because I kept shaking my head and my ears were kinda stinky.  Come to think of it, that docter poked my little brother with those sticky things quite a bit too, but my little brother isn't afraid of ANYTHING!)  Anyhow, after me and my little brother finished with the vet, I went and got groomed.  The groomer man was really nice and kept talking to me, and I did just fine.  We were at that PetSmart for about four hours -- that's a long day for anyone!  The doctor told my mom that I behaved as if I had been abused, so now she's worried that I might be too aggressive.  I'm just not used to, nor do I care for, new sounds and people -- it's scary.  But my mom has been taking me on long walks to the park, around the neighborhood and to PetSmart to get me uh -- what's the word? -- oh yeah, socialized.   Today's PetSmart trip was about two hours long.  We gone through the Starbucks drive-through window a couple of times, too.  I'm really trying to adjust to all this new stuff -- it's very different from the place I left.  I growl and bark when I'm scared, but my mom tries to calm me down and let me know that it's okay.  Hopefully I can learn not to be so afraid at this schol she's taking me to.  I do have fun playing with Obie and my mom.  I'm even learning how to break the house -- er, get housebroken.  I never learned at my old house, but I want so much to please my mom that I go to the kitchen door when I want to go outside.  Not bad for less than a week, huh?

I'm glad my mom found this board -- Obie is her fifth mini, but I'm her first Giant.  I'm sure she can get a lot of good advice here!

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