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Anything Non-Dog Related / NDR Trying to find gift for daughter
« on: December 12, 2007, 04:35:43 pm »
So I have a friend at work that is trying to get this 2007 Humphrey Hug-A-Bear for her daughter. Since Eckerd is no longer in the area, the company has told us that a few of the Rite Aid stores will have them.

Can anyone see if they can find one near them? My co-worker will for shipping it here as well.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Ever had a day like this...
« on: December 07, 2007, 08:15:35 pm »
We watch this a couple times a day at work. Yesterday I clicked to 23 seconds about 12 times. Yeah, tech support for our one program is a joke. Hope you all enjoy!

So it's taken me 2 days just to recover from taking Jager to PetsMart and tell about it.

I bought a Kurgo thing from the SkyMall magazine (I lived in hotels across the country for 4 weeks). I read that it can be confusing and difficult to put it but I also read it works very well. Um.... NO. My headrests don't come out so yes it was difficult to put in (I have a Mazda6). After fighting with it for a week I decided to take Jager to PetsMart and leave the very top mesh piece off. There's no way he could get into the front with it, his heads too big. WRONG! We weren't even to the corner of our street and Jager was trying to climbing into my mom's lap. Half of him was over the little divider!

So we put into the business parking lot at the end of the street and FOUGHT him into the back to put the mesh piece at the top. We get onto the main road and who decides to say "Screw that little mesh piece with metal holding it up, I'm coming up front!" Yeah. I'm soing like 45 with him stuck on this "great" divider BARKING in my ear. So I pull into the closest parking lot and stop the car. My mom is like squished under half the dog asking what she wants me to do. So I have her get out real fast and act like she's opening the back door. He decides "Free seat" and climbs all the way into the front. Mind you this divider is now all drooping because it works "great."

So I have to get out and leave Jager in the front seat and open the back door to try to get him to the back. There is a homeless guy sitting next to the building watching us and stiffening at the barking. I felt bad for him ("MONSTER!"). Jager finally</> got back in the back seat but got his leg stuck on the divider then tried to run out of the car as I was reaching in to help him. I tied his leash around the back headrests so he could stand, turn and sit but not come in front.

We get to the store and for the first time he's pulling my arm out of socket to get inside. We get inside and he just STOPS.  >:( Now I'm pulling him to the bones and stuff. At this point my mom is like "He doesn't deserve *beeeeeeeep*."  :D I love my mom. Well he decides to start behaving when we pass the Kongs. Kong=peanut butter in his mind.

We pick up a new kong, some rawhides (I know not the best but it keeps him from chewing on the cat) and go to the check out. Well some lady walks her like Yorkie out the door. Jager decides to let out two big boy barks in line.  :
-[ He scared the lady and little girl in front of us AND himself!  :D

So I gave my mom my debit card and went outside with him to check pee-mail in the bushes. He was better on the drive home but again had to tie him to the seats. I guess I gave him a little more room this time because I had a big "monkey" nose in my ear  at the traffic lights.

::Sigh:: I need to clean all the snot off my windows.

Does anyone else have these problems? How can I fix this without sedating him just to go to the store? LOL

Seriously though, what do you guys use to keep the pups in back? I DON'T recommend the Kurgo!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Dog Signs
« on: November 30, 2007, 08:19:14 am »
If this sign is real, we need them here!!!  :D

Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / Liars I tell you! LIARS!!!
« on: November 29, 2007, 05:09:19 am »
So I'm decorating and baking holiday cookies for a cookie exchange on Friday and had to take a picture because these two LIE! They fight like, well, cats and dogs all day long. Neither cries unless the dog steps on the cat. Yeah. LIARS!! I live with LIARS!!!!  ;)

Anything Non-Dog Related / NDR - Breast Cancer Walk
« on: September 14, 2007, 08:24:39 pm »
So as I've posted a couple times, life has been crazy around our house. In May, my mom had breast cancer surgery and a new type of aggressive radiation treatment. In June, we got the "all clear" that she's good to go. She will be on Chemo pills for the next 5 years but thats better than having to go through treatment.

Thursday afternoon we were told that my 85 year old grandmother also has breast cancer. They said it looks like the early stages which is good. But at 85 there's worry about the next steps.

As my mom was going through treatment I signed up to walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. It is coming up the end of October. It started as me and my best friend and grew into a group of people that want to walk as a team to honor my mom.

I feel kind of guilty asking for donations with so many mommies-to-be and mommies with kids school fundraiser season going on. Any help is gratefully appreciated towards breast cancer research, education and advocacy.

Thanks for any help and just knowing that I have support here!


I wasn't sure if I should put this in medical or here but I'm really just complaining more than a medical issue at this point I think.

So here's my problem:

Yesterday I took Jager to the beach. We had a great day, he was good, pics are posted in the Bullmastiff forum. My problem is that he reeks!! I'm not talking about wet dog/salty dog, I'm talking, ripping SBD's that make me AND the cat clear the room for like 15 minutes. I'm trying to figure out what died in his butt for his gas to smell THAT bad. Normally the smell will disipate in a few minutes but whooh 3 times in the past hour I've had to vacate my office because of stink butt. Anyone else with a fur-child that likes to drink half the ocean/lake/stream/whatever they play in then have to live with a skunk?? Btw, he only once left the room himself. I'm thinkin he either likes his stench or can't tell it's that bad.

He's not this bad when he swims in the pool and I'm seriously just needing to complain and vent but I'm kind of curious about what I can do aside from either putting a cork in it or tying an air freshner to his tail!

Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / Jager's Day at the Beach
« on: September 08, 2007, 01:50:35 am »
Hi Everyone!

So Jager has been such a good boy between renovating the house, putting down two cats, getting two new cats, mommy changing work hours (evening to early morning which mommy is still adjusting to!), and everything else that life throws at us, that I decided to take him down to Ft. DeSoto Beach this afternoon. Of course not only did I get a drooling shower but I also got a bath and I think I'm partial deaf from the ride down there. He's getting better about not trying to drive though! So he played and tried to eat seaweed and I think drank half of the Gulf of Mexico! Needless to say, his belly does not like that! I had to wash just his butt three times!!   :-\ >:( He couldn't even squat quick enough. Next time I'm going to tape his lips together! Just kidding! Thankfully, I let him roam around the little dog park long enough that the fountain stopped and we didn't have an accident on the way home (it's like 30 mins from the beach to my house). Of course now it's nap time and we can't be disturbed! So here's pictures of my little orca whale:

Bunny hopping in the water

Trying to eat sea weed

After getting mounted (yes I have a boy dog that just stood there while getting violated!)

Pulling mommy off balance in the middle of a picture

Driving home (he's trying to get his learners permit

The reason why we came home (other than upset belly)

The two posts in the middle of the pic are actually the supports for a suspension bridge over Tampa Bay/Gulf of Mexico alled the Sunshine Skyway. It connects St. Petersburg with Bradenton/Sarasota area. A barge took out part of the originally bridge, then a couple months ago a tanker lost power in the channel and almost hit the bridge but ran onto a sand bar first.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Donations for Military K9s
« on: September 01, 2007, 05:21:55 am »
Hello one and all,

I know I've been slacking off posting lately. Why does life get so crazy at one time?!? Anyways, I shouldn't complain, I'm home with my family and my loving-slobbering BP.

I have many friends stationed around the world with military, of course I send them care packages and cards all the time. I stumbled across the website . This is a board for soldiers to post what their unit/squad would like to receive in care packages. I searched K9 units and currently there are at least 10 soldiers (various branches) listed between Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq with K9 units with requests. Most are shepherds but there are a few Belgian Malinoises sniffing out IEDs.

Is anyone willing to help gather toys (obviously not easily destroyed), tennis balls, treats, brushes, collapsible bowls, etc to send care packages for the hardest working paws?? I have a call into the local sports store to see if I can get a bunch of tennis balls donated or something.

If you have any contacts at pet stores or anything that might be willing to help let me know. I'm trying to get at least a small box out with puppy and human treats that I have already next week.

Handlers are asking for gatorade mix, mags, candy (of course!), baby wipes, razors, blank cards to mail home, etc.

Send me a quick message if you want to help out. I can either give you my info and I'll gather it all together and send out or I can give you their info.

Thanks everyone,
Annette and Jager

Collars, crates, & other cool things / BP Cookies (Newfies especially!)
« on: August 14, 2007, 05:30:40 am »
Hi all!

So, my mom and I had gone to a local baseball game supporting the breast cancer center that she went to for treatment. At the game we were given a ribbon shaped cookie cutter as a "freebie."

Mom went on the site to surf around and was jumping up and down to show me their "doggie" section.

They have cookie cutters for big paws, big bones, newfies, shephard, standard poodles, fire hydrants, doggie house, tiny paws, etc.

So, for all of those, baking moms (and dads!) who like to treat their fur- and skin-kids:

Of course they have other things but I was excited for the Christmas cookies for my fur kids and skin-niece and nephew.

Transporting & Traveling With Dogs / Big Paws in the Military
« on: April 13, 2006, 01:31:27 pm »
Hi Guys!

So I've been thinking about joining the military here in the US and I know I probably wont end up close to home to start with. My mom has agreed to "puppy sit" while I'm away at training as well. Anyone have any advise regarding being in the military with a big paw? If your single living on base are they allowed? Moving around? etc.? I want whats best for me and Jager but in no way would I sacrifice him. I have one "advantage" and thats that I will be going in as an officer so I'd have a few (very few) more perks for living.

Thanks for any help!

Meet & Greet BPOers / Anyone in or around Tampa Bay?
« on: March 26, 2006, 12:51:20 pm »
I'm close to St. Pete/Clearwater/Tampa (the "tri-city allance"). Looking for anyone that lives in the area that might possibly what to get together. Most dogs living around me could be a snack for Jager. Let me know!

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