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Medical Conditions & Diseases / Staph infections
« on: April 02, 2006, 10:14:52 am »
Kara had one small staph infection on her tummy over the summer.  The vet gave me some spray and she was fine after a few days of the spray.

When my husband and I went to get married (we live in Beaufort and got married in my home state of Massachusetts), we had to kennel Kara.  I was nervous because I was leaving her and already felt super guilty.  I seriously cried when I dropped her off!  She literally held onto the door frame so the dog walker could not get her inside the building.

When we got home (about 10 days later), I picked her up about an hour after we got back to the house (after a very rainy, traffic jammed 24 hour drive).  I went home with her and fell asleep for most of the day.

That night, my husband and I noticed she was licking at her leg A LOT.  A lot of the hair was gone and there was a raised, white spot.  We thought it was a bug bite, put a little bit of neosporin on it, and went to sleep (again, LOL) for the night.

When I checked her leg out the next morning, the spot on her leg was a deep red.  I noticed that underneath the fur, where she had been licking was red.  And that her other legs had the same thing.  I called the vet.  It was a Sunday, so to even CALL him, the secretary said it would cost $150!  I went to the small pet store we have here and picked up an elizbethan collar (that was WAY too small, we had to tape cardboard all around it, lmao)

I made an appointment for her that monday.  It turns out she had a MAJOR staph infection on all four of her legs.  I mean major.  :-[ 

Here are some pictures of it, they are gross.  So here's your warning if you have a weak stomach.  I'll post the links.

This was Sunday, before the vet.

After the vet.  They shaved three of her legs.
Where the spot was

They sedated her to treat her because she would growl at my husband and I.  I'd brought her in with a muzzle because she was cranky and downright miserable.  Her eyes look so puffy :(

Front left

Both back legs

Back right

I'd taken all the pictures because I didn't know if was going to sue the kennel.  I LOVE her vet, he is nice, not afraid of her size and can get her to calm down a bit while she's getting her shots.  But I'm pretty sure it's a whole different set of people who are in charge of the kennels.  And even then, what would I have gotten?  $200 for her time in the kennel?  I just found it hard to believe that they said they brushed her everyday and didn't notice the spots.  She also had a cut on her snout, which I have no idea how she got.  The dog walker said she had her own room (I mean a ROOM because she was the biggest dog, she stayed in one of the vet's office's and slept on the couch).  So she couldn't have gotten cut on a cage or anything.

They didn't charge me anything for the visit, medication and sedation (which I'm assuming would have been a BIG bill).

The medication they put her on made her lose control of her bladder.  She already has intestinal problems.  When my friend got her from the animal shelter in California, they did a really crappy job spaying her.  She picked out her stitches (this GROSS, so don't read if you have a light stomach), her intestines fell out and she ate some of them.  But back to the bladder, every time I would let her out, she would come back into the house and pee.  That happened for the whole time she was on the medication (10 days).  And I couldn't leave her outside because I didn't want her laying down in the dirt and getting another infection.  Plus, I wanted to pamper her, LOL.  She'd been through a lot.

So needless to say, now I am overly paranoid about her getting another staph infection.  Her vet said that she could get them because of an ingrown hair, bug bite, anything.  And I didn't ask these questions at the time because I had so many things on my mind.

So is she going to be more prone to get staph infections because she's had them before?

Is there anything I could add to her diet to prevent them?  She does have a sensitive stomach.  The food we've had the most luck with is Purina One Senistive Systems.  Since she's been on it, she's had regular poops (lol) and not much diarrhea.

It took what seemed like forever for her wounds to heal and I would hate for her to have to go through that again.  I feel so guilty for leaving her.

And sorry for the novel!! :D

Alaskan Malamute Pictures / Photos of my girl
« on: March 31, 2006, 08:04:24 pm »
Well, I love taking pictures of my malamute, so I thought I'd share. (You can click on the images to make them bigger)

She loves her pool!

On top of her kennel.  She does this often.  She won't go in it to save her life, but she loves laying on top of it!

Sharing the window

Playing with Bonk

The animals Christmas card 2005.


With the kiddo

And this past week, on our walk, she decided she was hot and jumped in the river.  She almost took me with her.  My friend laughed, took a picture, then helped me, LOL.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / New here
« on: March 31, 2006, 01:23:34 pm »
Just wanted to introduce myself :)  My name is Tina, I'm married, have a stepson and a big Alaskan Malamute named Kara Lou.

We've had Kara coming up on two years in May.  She was given to us by a friend (long story short, her great dane and Kara got into some big disagreements, LOL).  The vet estimates that she is around 5-7 years old.

We couldn't be happier with her and love her pieces.  I look forward to talking with everyone!

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