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In Loving Memory of
Tracy Gostomski Born August 28th, 1970 Died May 2nd, 2006 

Memorial Service
West Center Chapel
7805 W. Center Road
(Heafey Heafey Hoffmann Dworak & Cutler)

Leave an on-line sympathy card(tracytribble.c om)

Date and Time:
Visitation: Tuesday, May 30th,  2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Family will be present between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM
Service: Wednesday, May 31st,  11:00 AM

Tracy's family requests that flowers not be sent but instead asks that those wishing to honor Tracy do so by contributing to organizations that support her love for animals. 
Our heart felt thanks to all!

Tracy's family would like to thank all those who gave their support and help.

Thanks to:

Our friends and family that provided love and support.

Co-Workers that helped behind the scenes and in the active search effort.

The Media for "Getting the Word Out" through their excellent and timely coverage.

The many searchers who put their busy lives on hold and pitched in.

The Council Bluffs, IA Detectives and Police Force that are working on Tracy's case.

The Vendors and Businesses that provided food and resources.

Tracy Tribble Found: Body Pulled From Missouri River on May 19, 2006


By Steve Huff

May 22, 2006


Council Bluffs, Iowa (Crime Library) — Saturday, May 20, 2006, brought the worst possible news to the family and friends of Tracy Tribble, age 35, from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Using dental records and a distinctive tattoo found on a body pulled from the Missouri River on the Friday before, police were able to determine that the deceased was indeed Tracy Tribble.

Tracy Tribble

This development in the mystery surrounding Tracy's disappearance early in the morning on May 3, 2006 was not the first of its kind in the Council Bluffs area in the month of May. On May 12, 2006, a body later identified as that of Amber Marie Harris, a 12-year-old girl who vanished on November 29, 2005, was found in a city park in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to the finding of Amber's remains, a barrel containing the long-dead remains of an adult woman between the ages of 24 and 32 was found, sparking speculation that the bones in the barrel were either Tribble's, Harris's, or even those of Jodi Huisentruit, a Mason City, IA newscaster who vanished on June 27, 1995. The remains in the barrel have still not been identified.

Jodi Huisentruit

In an article written by Lisa Rossi on May 19th for the Des Moines Register, intended to report on Tracy's family, the Gostomskis, hiring a psychic, more background about the Tribble's turbulent marriage was revealed. Rossi not only related that Council Bluffs police saw Tracy's husband Stan as their only "person of interest," but also that the domestic problems between man and wife were not new. Rossi wrote, "In October 2003, Stan Tribble was arrested for aggravated domestic assault for redness on his wife's throat. Against the advice of the Pottawattamie County attorney's office, Tracy Tribble dropped the charges..."

 By the time Tracy's body was found on the 19th, the Tribble's more recent conflicts were well-known news in Council Bluffs. Tracy had accused Stan of assaulting her again in April of 2006, saying that he had, among other things, "poked and punched" her, causing her substantial bruising. The county attorney's office filed charges in that case on May 11th.

A woman named Jeanne, who stated she was a friend of Tracy Tribble's from "elementary school through high school" posted to a message board on the web specifically designed for loving owners of large dogs. She titled the thread starter, "I need you — my support group — so much right now..." Jeanne wrote the following on May 7, 2006. The thread can be read here: www.bigpawsonl
Tracy Tribble

"Some of you might remember me telling you about Tracy after Hurricane Katrina. We had lost touch with each other right before I got married and 10 years later - almost to the day — she saw the story in my hometown newspaper about my sister relocating back to Omaha and called my parents to get my number. We have been emailing and talking to each other like nothing ever came between us ever since.

"I talked to her mom earlier this afternoon — as much as I could 'cause we were both bawling - and she said her husband has been beating her and she has been hiding it. There's all kinds of other stuff, but her dog was also found running loose in the neighborhood and she would NEVER allow that to happen. Her car, purse, keys, cell phone and wallet were all left at the house. She has disappeared.

"I went home from work today and looked on my caller I.D. She called me Monday afternoon from her cell phone. I'm so pissed now that I don't have an answering machine. I'm so scared that something has happened to her. I just found her again. When we were in school you would never see one of us without the other one. Everything that happened to me Tracy was there with me.

There could be no way to guarantee the accuracy of such a message, yet it was posted when only the first few news stories about Tribble's disappearance were being published, before police indicated much interest in Stan Tribble at all. Even then, after one news program referred to Tribble as a "suspect" in a report, the Council Bluffs police were quick to shoot the assertion down. He was not a suspect, only a person of interest, and there was a distinct difference.

Tribble, otherwise, is apparently not speaking. He has hired an attorney, James Burger, and after initially cooperating with the authorities, Tribble, through his attorney, requested that any further searches of his property be done with a warrant. There has been no indication that Stan Tribble was working with Tracy's family to help find her.

Several news stories indicate Tribble stated he last saw Tracy around 6 a.m. on May 3rd. Others, however, say 6:30 a.m. These, however, could be reportorial errors.

The Gostomski family made a website when Tracy was still a missing person. It can be found at www.tracytribb As of early May 22, 2006, the site was still up.

Christine Gaines, Tracy's stepsister, spoke to the Des Moines Register about Tracy'being found. Her statement about positive identification being made indicated that the family did feel a certain sense of closure, but she also said, "We have to keep this story alive... Someone knows something."

The Council Bluffs police have filed no charges and the investigation is ongoing.

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