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Laycee is our 2.5 yr old irish setter, she is a complete joy to us and is a great member of the family.  As a runt we had to bottle feed her and truly baby her until she became strong enough (at 6 months) to be raised more like a puppy. 
My issue with her is she will still jump on me (she will never jump on my husband), she is extremely shy with strangers no matter how often people come to the house and can be somewhat agressive, and she will not come when she is called outside.  The latter being my biggest hangup with her. 
We have an 8 yr. old black lab who is very obedient and if we have them out and we let Laycee off leash - she zones out and puts her nose to the ground and goes.  If she does realize you are after her - she still will not come.  We have tried everything - the running away, the teaching the command on a 20ft. leash - and anything else we can think of.  Since we trained our lab and she is a guide dog - we thought we have tried everything - hopefully someone can offer some advice.  Especially if you have had the same issue with a setter

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