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I am so shocked, it just happened.
Mozart never bothered cats when he got here.
He didn't bother cats at his foster home.
My other dog taught Mozart to chase cats.
I have been disaplining both.
Just now I hear commotion and a cat screaming, Mozart had
her in his mouth and was carrying her off.
I had to actually smack him to
get him to let her go and his nose is all bit and scratched up and bleeding. Goofy dog.
He's deaf so he can't hear me yell.
I have him in his crate, he knows he did wrong.
Any suggestions what to do at this point ???   ???   ???
I am so shocked. That BIG BRAT

Been getting down to 30's and 20's here.
Need a Dane and Pit coat.
Anyone out here know of any or make them?

What would you pay for a pet puppy from a breeder?
Just curious to see what folks think is to much and
what is ok.

I'm talking about puppies from a breeder who tests and
shows but pups that cannot be shown.
Pet pups of a litter. I know it costs big bucks $
to show, test and vet bills.
What has me  ??? is with all the purebreds
in shelters out there and all needing rescue,
how can some breeders get big bucks for pet
quality pups?

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Big Dog calluses
« on: October 31, 2006, 07:38:10 am »
Is there any oil or lotion one can
put on a dogs elbow calluses?
My Dane came to me with some (not to bad)
Since he has been here and doesn't sleep on any
hard surfaces they are starting to grow hair
back (Most likely cause he's so young (16 months)
Does anyone know of anything I can
put on them to help them along?
I'm tickled they have hair growing back.

I was due to meet bigdog to get Garrett
while in Utah, however due to illness and business
I'm putting off Utah till spring.
He's in Texas.
Is anyone heading north, west or northwest
in the next couple or three weeks?

Great Dane Discussions / We have a new addition to our family
« on: October 28, 2006, 05:54:12 pm »
We have a little boy Great Dane
who was born a couple weeks back.
I wasn't looking, that's for sure.
Someone sent me pictures of their
new litter and I fell in love with a
sweet and beautiful mis marked mantle.  :D
My poor kitties will be so ticked off at me
Garrett gets here, but really really ticked
when the new baby comes home at 8 weeks old.
As soon as I can figure out how to get an email
pic downloaded to photobucket, I'll
post a picture of him.
He is so different. Half of him looks like
a heavily marked Harl and the other side mantle.
His name will be Caleb.

I am deeply saddened by the turn that post took
yesterday. I seen sides of people had you been my kids
you'd be rubbing your backsides still today  >:(   ;)

1) If anyone wants info on a request for help,
what is so wrong with that??????
To me that is being a good steward of your money.
It doesn't make one a trader or accusing.

2) There is also nothing wrong with not wanting to give out certain info. Maybe they PM it to those who ask.

Now that being said, I also personally know running a web site is  LOT OF WORK and we're talking hours and hours a day. I know, I've run one and it wasn't a 1/10th amount of action this site is and it was to say the least overwhelming at times. When you run a site like this there is no day off. And you spend a lot of time trying to referee adults that act less mature than most kids we all know.

Also free web sites don't allow folks unlimited hits and
bandwith or whatever they call it.

I find this site wonderful, full of information and help.
Look at just the other day someone was going to need to board their dog a month and already has kind folks willing to keep the dog in their home rather than see it go to boarding.
How many times do you see people offering encouragement, help, transportation and more?
Pulling dogs from shelters for each other?
My favorite is if I see someone who is whining or
acting silly I can bluntly say so and admin doesn't get on my case for it.
All the above issues are the makings of a great cyber family support group.
Let's not ruin it ok?

Now with that being said heres more  ;D
Even if 100 of us sent $10. that is only 1,000
and I don't know anyone who can fatten their wallets
on a mear 1,000 a month after paying web site costs.
Heck my rent alone is close to that let alone food, utilities, auto payments, insurance, etc.
So fattening wallets I don't see as even a close issue here.

What I would personally like to challenge folks here to do,
now that I have an idea of an approx amount it cost to keep this site going per month.
I will match the first 25 donations of $5. DURING the month of Novemeber.
Not much but it is what I can do.
So if up to 25 of you donate $5 support to this site, I'll in turn double that $5. donation up to 25 times.

I am truly impressed with this board.
I've never seen so many willing to jump up and help
each other.


Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Prayer request for Sanctuary owner
« on: October 26, 2006, 02:59:07 pm »
Permisson and request to cross post this:

There is a gentleman in Alabama who
being retired military served our country approx 27
years. Now he serves 4 leggeds.
He has what I'm assuming is a serious medical
condition cause
1) He is turning his sanctaury over to a new person.
2) He has some sort of treatments coming up after

Between his military service and his service and devotion
to his dogs, this man must have an amazing heart.

I'm requesting prayer for Mr. Bob Hudson.
For the right person to continue his work
so he can concentrate on getting
better and not having to worry about his dogs.
And prayer for a successful medical treatment and
healing so he may continue his work.
Please pass this on to all the dog lovers you know
and sites you belong to. Please add him to
church prayer lists and circles.
Let's all lift this man up in prayer.
Thank you

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Post Surgical questions
« on: October 16, 2006, 01:48:50 pm »
The vet's office is now closed and it is not an emergency.
Was hoping folks out here may know.
I always have my critters stay at the vet's one night but for some reason I didn't this time.

When n animal has surgery
1) How long is it before they are out of that surgical /anest fog?

2) Do dogs (and she is short haired, a pittie)
out of surgery need to be a little warmer than usual?
Are they more sensative to coolness during this time?

Niki is on our bed recuperating.
She was out of surgery about 10 am, so it's been like 8 hrs.
Since I have always my animals stay one night I'm in unfamilar territory bringing her home the same day.
Any insight as to what is normal and what isn't would be greatly appreciated.
She is on the bed with the door closed so Mozart and the cats won't bother her (paper says to keep her quiet and calm) Last time I checked on her she was trembling a little so I covered her up with an oversized thick bath towel.
She just had that lumpectomy on her rear leg.
It doesn't lok bad at all, but I bet it may be sore.
They said she dod not need pain meds.
But had it been me after surgery I sure would of wanted some  ;D
Please tell me what is normal and what I should expect. Thank you so much.

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Niki's surgery completed, she's ok
« on: October 16, 2006, 06:46:08 am »
Some of you may remember I asked opinions and advice back in August about a lump on Niki's (my Pit Bull) leg and then my posting about the needle biopsy last month.
Niki has her surgery done this morning, the lump removed and to be sent to be graded. Hopefully it is a low grade tumor.
She is doing fine and will be home in a few hours.
Thank you for the well wishes, prayers and good thoughts in my earlier post.

Please cross post and get the word out.
THis is a partial map of areas in the country that are NOT pet / dog friendly.

I know they aren't big paws, but wanted to post this, hope it's ok.
I feel folks should know about it.

I was wondering if anyone else here deals with family who visit who are not animal lovers?
I have to crate my dogs when my mother comes to visit. Luckily these visits are short and only once or twice a week. I still fel bad for my 'kids'

I do out of respect vacume change throws on chairs before company comes.
What all do other folks have to deal with?

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / How many is to many?
« on: October 13, 2006, 06:17:48 pm »
I'd love to explore this and see what answers folks come up with. How many pets is to many pets?
What is the differences between a pet lover/Rescuer and a horder/collector?

Is it totally based on the animals care?

Looking forward to exploring this subject.  :)

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Why not adopt out of area
« on: October 13, 2006, 10:10:06 am »
I was wondering from folks who rescue, why do so many
stick their noises up at out of area adoptions?
I would think this would be counter productive and have many dogs miss out on wonderful forever homes.

For instance, I have a wonderful place, my critters are all well cared for and loved. They have excellent vet care, I have refer's.
Had Cricket not of been willing to consider adopting to me cause I didn't live in Alabama, we would not have our much loved Mozart. I can't imagine life without him now that he is here.
IN my quest to offer another deaf Dane a loving foever home,even though I have offered video of my place, vet and neighbor refer's and more, I have had 3 folks in other states tell me no, we do not deviate from our adoption area.
And all I can think of is, HAVE YOU ANY IDEA what kind of home and love you are turning down?
I have not said this but I think it when this happens.
So for any of you out there in rescue who do not adopt out of your area, you may want to coinsider what you may be passing up.
I don't mean me, I mean others willing to adopt but who may not be in your areas.
I hope for the day there are no more homelsss animals  :'(

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