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Hey everybody I know that I fell off the face of the earth for a while but life has been crazy.  Smitty and I are working two jobs a piece and Mason is in school now.  Morph and AJ are doing awsome and we have missed all of you guys soooo much.  I have been volunteering at our humane society in my spare time and over the past few weeks that has blown up in my face.  For lack of a better term the Humane society manager is PSYCHOTIC.  The county commisioners are trying to implement an animal control officer, but in order to do so they are going to have to update and improve our local humane society.  They know this and have been trying to get an idea of what it would take to make the humane society able to handle all of the extra animals that would be coming in if they did hire in an animal control officer.  Well the HS Manager does not like this.  When a commisioner shows up to look around of ask questions she goes on the defencive and threatened to close the HS when they asked to see her financial books.  She has a budget made out and it is not even close to the truth.  She budgeted for 1,500 for dog food for the year and they havent bought dog food in three years.  The same for the cat litter and cleaning supplies,  they are budgeting money for things that are donated and the money is being spent someplace else.  NOT on anything that has to do with the HS.  On top of that...  She WILL NOT have adoptathons or anything else that would help to get animals adopted. I have personally been there when she turned down three seperate invites to adoption fairs at different businesses and community events.  She was supposed to take some dogs to a community event that was publicised in the paper and at the last minute she backed out for no reason. 
The worst part is yet to come.  This is what we got into a fight over...  She goes on killing sprees at the shelter.  She put down 23 puppies last month for no reason.  But kept 2 dogs that are over 13 years old.  There was a litter of 9 puppies that were sick and she put them down instead of takeing them to the vet and finding out what was wrong with them..  but she took the 13 year old cockerspaniel to the vet and had it treated for something.  This lady is out of control.  Tommorow she has to clean the cat room cause the lady that normal takes care of the cats is gonna be off.  So this morning she went into the cat room and put 10 cats to sleep so that she doesnt have to clean up after them tommorow.  It was not cause they were sick or that they had to many cats cause there was still 5 empty crates. 

What can be done??????  I cant go to the Humane society board.  There are only 2 people on the HS board..  the president and the treasurer and they are husband and wife and also best friends with the HS Manager. 

Is there anyway to stop such a blatant abuse of power???  Just cause she has the drugs does not mean she can use them to kill these poor animals for no reason.  Esspecially when there are empty cages.  And a lot of money is missing from there also.  Since it is a not for profit organization is there anyway that I could get them audited or something????   
Please help.  I do have one friend who is currently employed there and she refuses to quit cause she is the only voice of reason there and is afraid of what might happen to the animals if she isnt there to protect them.

I am at my whits end on this one.

On top of everything else that has been going on around here we just got a new addition.  I went to the humane society to take pics for pet finder for them.  While me and Mason ( big mistake) were there a lady brought in a kitten that she found on our town square right beside the courthouse.  Shawna handed the kitten to Mason to hold for her till she figured out someone to foster her cause she was too small to go into the cat room.  The longer Mase held her the more in love he became.  After three or four phone calls and everyone saying that they were either full or too busy to take her in right now.  So needless to say Shawna who is a good friend of mine slyly looks over at Mase with a big smile on her face and asked him if he wanted a kitty and the con was complete.  It was too late to say NO cause he was already hugging on her and was already in love.  So we came home with an almost 4 week old kitten that is still being bottle fed and we are trying to wean her now and get her started on soft kibble.  She is cute as a button and LOVES Morph to death.  Thanks to the time Morph and AJ spent at Julies and Nicoles around their cats we have had no socialization problems at all.  AJ kind of keeps his distance but Morph loves her. 

Now on to the PICs....

Introducing JUSTICE @ 4 weeks old

Anything Non-Dog Related / MIA for a little while
« on: May 31, 2007, 11:29:04 pm »
Sorry I have been MIA for a while.  I wish that I was back but between the job searches (still no luck) my grandma moving, and my dad having both knees replaced there just isnt time.  On top of that my internet provider got some kind of super bad virus in their servers or something like that and they have been down for almost 2 weeks now.  So I am doing the whole friends computer thing right now or the library.  I miss you guys and hope to be back soon.  Luv ya'll and give your poochies hugs for us.


We have had a hostile take over in our livingroom.  Mason has one of those Spiderman fold out couches that he loves to lay on and watch movies.  Well Morph has decided that he likes it too.  So we end up with this...

Mom Make him move..

Oh.. he left... I didnt do anything...

Well since he is gone I might as well get comfy

Ahhhh this is better..

If I have learned anything from BPO it is No Matter What Happens... Grab the Camera First lol... 

Well Mr. Smitty who used to be the number 2 Chef at Disney World, before he joined the Navy.  For some reason he just decided to cook an egg in the microwave, in a bowl, with some water in it.  Well as he just found out by giving everyone in the house a heart attack... You Can Not Cook Eggs in the Microwave.  So like a good BPOer I grabbed the camera first and started laughing.  This is what happens.. it will actually blow the door to your microwave open.  HUH Who Knew   ??? ::) :P

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / My Humane Society needs ideas
« on: May 01, 2007, 07:20:43 am »
Most of you know I just moved back to BFE and we have a small humane society here.  Well we live in the poorest county in the state and therefore our Humane society is really small and just barely makes it through each month.  They were hit really hard by the petfood recalls also cause it was most of the cheaper brands that were recalled.  They put out a call on the radio for dog food donations yesterday and by 10 am this morning they had over 2,000 lbs of dog food brought in.  The people in this county will give but you just have to ask them.  So I was wondering what does everyone else's humane societys do in order to raise money?? 

They do a really good job with what they have and I just want to help them out.  Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated. 


Specific Website Information / Proof BPO is addicting....
« on: April 30, 2007, 06:01:05 pm »
I was updateing my profile a little bit ago and randomly clicked on the link at the bottom for general statistics of this memeber.  I was suprised to find out how many days I have spent on here.  So far since I found this site I have spent 5 and a half days on here. 

So I was just wondering.. How much time have you all spent on BPO?? 

We will see who needs to go to Rehab first for thier BPO addiction.  hehehehe

I am in the process of makeing plans for Morph and AJ to both be snipped.  But I need your opinions on this.  Should I have them both done at the same time?? Or do them seperately??  I have been thinking about the pros and cons of both options and I still dont know.  I mean 2 dogs that are both groggy and in pain at the same time??  But if we do it at the same time then one wont be bothering the other one..  Can ya help make my mind up for me ??? ???  ::) :-\

Specific Website Information / Michael We all LOVE you
« on: April 26, 2007, 09:17:08 am »
Now can you please fix our smileys and our copy and paste stuff along with the error on page thing at the bottom of our windows.  We will love you even more then.  (insert big cheesy grin here)

Thanks  you are the greatest and ya do an awesome job with this site too.

modified cause I cant spell

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / He has impecable timing
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:56:07 pm »
Does anyone else have this problem or is Morph just Wierd about this??? 

Morph has impecable timing...  When you are talking to him or someone else and he is close enough he will look at you and lick.  I dont mind that the problem is he ends up FRENCH KISSING you EVERY TIME.  And it is not just a little bit either... It is nasty and I am not the only one that he does it too.  He gets Smitty and Mason too and he also got Julie when she was babysitting him.  Has anyone else got a pooch like this or am I just the lucky one???  lol

Mixed Breed Pictures / Ahhhhh The life of a
« on: April 20, 2007, 10:01:35 am »
Morph was soooo tired this morning

So he decided to sit in my chair and soak up some sun

But he wasn't very comfortable that way so he changed positions

Then when we started laughing at him we got the DO YOU MIND look

it doesnt happen all the time but it is becoming more frequent at least for me.  But I can get the the BPO home page but I have been having problems getting into the Forums page.  It says that the server is busy or SMF something or other..  Anybody else having this problem???

I was unpacking boxes that we brought from my grandmas house and after about a hour I leaned back in my chair to take a break... Big mistake. This is what happened.  Apparently they are all feeling neglected lol.

first Morph came to help me relax and of course smitty grabbed the camera

then Mason came running down the hall

so morph moved to get more comfortable and make room for mase

then mase climbed up to see what morph was looking at

and of course mom then became a jungle gym

i have no idea what they were doing here

or what this look was for

my house is sooo crazy and I just dont understand why I can never get anything done around here lol. Any Ideas????

My grandmother is selling her house cause she has decided that it is too big for her after my grandfather passed away last year.  She is going to have an auction but there are some things that she would do better selling to a collector or a museum or something instead of putting them in a country acution.  I was wondering if any of you could help put me in contact with a appraiser or collector or something.  I am in southern indiana and we just dont have anyone like that around here and I am not having much luck in the internet either.

Some of the things that she would like to sell are..
1880's to 1930's womens and some kids clothes. most of them were probably hand made.

1920's to 1950's womens hats they all have tags and I am working on getting that information.

and a World War 2 Nazi Germany submariner suit.  It is a black rubber kind of material and has kind of a fur lining.  My grandfather shipped it home from Germany after his unit captured a German submarine.  the tag in the suit says this...
Leder Kuhne
Fabrik F. Leder
Dresden N 23

I have googled all of that information and if I could read german I am sure I would know alot more about it.  But I cant so I am stuck.

Any help that you all could give me would be awesome.  I have pics and can email them to anyone that would need them to appraise this stuff.


I wish I could get a video of it but there just isnt enough light so the pics will have to tell the story for now.  Stich the chinchilla starts calling out and jumps down towards the bottom of his cage then they try to play or fight through the cage every night about 9:30.  I soooo have to get this on video.

The stand off

The stare down

Trying to fight or play who knows

Telling him off when he wont play anymore

Standing nose to nose at the end

They are both nutz.  Smitty tells them.. Dont you know how stupid you two look.. but they dont seem to mind.

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