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Hello everyone :) longtime no see/read!

 It's been about 18 months since I posted last, It became really painful for me after the rescue shut down and we lost the house/rescue kennels to have much to do with people and places I associated with rescues. So, sorry :( But we have been doing really well, I got married! and all the animals were welcomed into the family and we now live in a house twice the size of my old one. I am in the process of opening my own buisness, which will be a training facility, retail store, indoor dog park and rescue facility all in one. I'm also back in school and fostering again! Its amazing how much time you have on your hands when you are no longer taking care of a couple hundred rescues.

Well, like I said, we started fostering again and we recently took in a very heavily pregnant black lab from our notorious animal control. She had her x-ray today and I gotta admit I am a little confused at what I am seeing. The vet estimated 14 puppies at 52-55 days. So I have been staring at this picture for the last couple hours and trying to count little skulls and spines and pelvis bones, and thinking "Gee, I wish there was a place I could post this and see if I could get a bunch of opinions" and a light bulb went off HEY how long has it been since I visited BPO??

So here I am :)

Anyone want to take a gander at this x-ray and guess how many babies there are? (and how far along she is)

Pic is here:

Golden Retriever Pictures / The goldens did a photo shoot! :)
« on: November 12, 2008, 01:59:28 am »
Hi gang! Long time no speak, been very busy doing an insane amount of home repairs and remodeling *sigh*

The goldens did a photo shoot with a professional photographer this week, which was very exciting. He was just starting to branch out into animals and was looking for volunteers to do shoots for his website. The goldens did really well! What do you think?? Here's the link:

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / It's a very sad day today.
« on: August 30, 2008, 04:04:34 am »
I don't know if anyone knows it, but I have been going through a really long divorce process. Its finally over, but with one last tragic blow- I am loosing my house, and the rescue kennels.

The rescue is closing- I have until January 1st to find homes for 46 (27 of which are puppies) animals and find some new place that will accept my and my small herd of pets (Who I will NOT be finding homes for.) And in the meantime, I am unable to take in any more for fear of not being able to find them homes fast enough. That means that I am unable to assist with the almost 400 animals removed from a home in Denver NC (About 20 minutes from the shelter) from a collector.

I feel very defeated, and angry by the outcome of this long battle. It will be a very long time before I am set up to do rescue again, and in the mean time, Gaston County looses one of its biggest rescue groups working to save their gas-chamber death row dogs. I've been up and running for 12 years, and it seems nearly impossible to realize that I now have less then 4 months to completely sever the organization.

If possible, I'd really like everyone if possible to send good wishes/thoughts for the rescue dogs here. If they aren't placed by Jan 1st, they are going to be split up and sent to other rescue groups in the area (Non kill groups who are volunteering to take them).

It's a very very sad day :(

Hey guys!

Dropping in again after getting out of the hospital this month, I had salmonella poisoning... yuck! I DONT recommend it. Ever. To anyone. Although, I did loose almost 30 pounds in three weeks! Some diet, huh ? HA!

Things are SO crazy here, we are up to 56 dogs in rescue right now, and more and more keep coming in. Even when we say "No, we are full" (Which we have been saying for months now) we get drop offs and dogs tied to our fence. Last week at our adoption fair at petsmart someone walked up with a cart of "maltepoos" or some similar designer mutt and just walked away. I didnt even realize there were dogs in the cart until one stuck their head over the edge of the cart and all of our dogs at the fair started barking. They were one big solid mat, probably never groomed in their lives, so we named them Matt and Mattie.
Here they are:

When we finally groomed them we had to peel them like a banana, and we even found an embedded collar in the little girls fur.

We also had a little pitbull mix left on our front porch, and this little dog....that we dont know what it is.

She is about 45 LBS, shaped like a basset hound, colored like a beagle, and with her back end smooth and short haired. But then she has these tufts of wire hair sticking out in areas, and then her whole front end is long thick hair. Its very odd!!!

Any idea on her breed?

Elsewhere in the rescue is 37 other puppies and 19 adults, including Foxybrown, the lovely chow mother who lost her whole poor sick litter that was born at animal control, Cowboy and his brothers and sisters- 8 golden retriever/collie mixes, the five bottle raised boxer mix puppies, and many many more.

Foxybrown has really, really suprised us all, by taking in and mothering all the puppies here at the central shelter (my house) no matter how old they are. Up to six months old, she cleans them, diciplines them, plays with them, and herds them to and from. She is also the most loving, playful sweet and gentle dog I have ever had come into rescue. She climbs up into your lap and just loves right into you, and she loves to laugh with a great big chow smile and big purple tongue.

My pack of three is doing really well. Cisco is working on training for his therapy dog title, and he is doing very well. We just have to work on his confidence a bit more. Annie has really grown up, and is almost as tall as her big brother now. She is just beautiful, with very soft and plushy fur, and she is a huge snuggle bug and wants nothing more then to nuzzle up to you in your lap.

We had torrential rain here from the hurricane, and coupled with a year of drought, we had horrible flash floods over this week. Two of my foster homes were completely flooded out, and the dogs who were crated in the basement had to be moved out of standing water. The kennels in the backyard where they go out to the bathroom are completely covered, and the foster moms car that she parks under the deck in the backyard had water up to the top of her windshield. We are pretty lucky here, and the rescue kennels aren't flooded, although they are very muddy from tracking paws and we have been shucking wood chips and things to help dry them out.

Whiskey is doing great, and is actually hanging out right here next to me at work. I started sneaking him in last week and now he comes to work with me every night HA! Here he is hard at work protecting the world from burglars:

As you can see, he is quite the busy working dog!

OK well back to work I suppose. If anyone has any idea on Ruffles' (The odd little mixed breed) breed, I'd love to hear them!! :D

I just thought I would once again sneak online and fill you guys in on the Good Fight.

We rescued a chow mother who had given birth at gaston county animal control to 5 tiny babies. The animal control offices were A) unaware that she was pregnant B) unaware that she had given birth. After 3 days of intensive vet work and therapy, we sadly lost all 5 newborns. Mother chow (Foxy Brown) is recovering, but is very sick. Shortly after, during our investigation, we learned that 4 of the 6 dogs in the kennel before the chow had been placed in there had died of some disease. (Of course they had recieved no vet care, so we have no idea WHAT disease) The kennel was not cleaned before chow mamma was placed in there and gave birth. we are assuming that is what killed the babies. Foxy curently has kennel cough, coccidia, giardia, and developed pyo as well.

We are up to 24 puppies at the shelter (IE my house) ranging between 5 weeks and 12 weeks. All were shelter pulls trying to get as many out before Dr. Frankenstein arrived (see below) All 24 puppies were in one of three runs that held a total of 43 puppies. We tested five random puppies from each run for parvo, and all five, from all three runs (meaning 15 puppies) tested positive for Parvo although none were symptomatic. That was about 10 days ago, and I have been dosing liberaly with Parvaid every 4 hours and giving antibiotics and immune support. So far 22 of my 24 have not broken out, but two have. Of the two one successfully recovered on homeopathic treatment and parvaid, and the other has been hospitalized. We faired much better then the rescue group that split the 43 puppies with us- of the 19 that they took, they have lost 6 to parvo and have another 8 in hospitalizatio n. If I did not believe in good supportive immune system care before, I sure as heck do now.

I spent what few hours I wasnt nursing sick and dying animals this week protesting outside animal control. Dr. Sam "Frankenstein" Houser is in town, and hosting a gassing clinic at Gaston County Animal Control, where I pull most of my dogs. If you are up north, it is hard to imagine how bad rural southern shelters are, but let me tell you, Gaston county is one of the worst. I have seen 20 dogs crammed in runs 4 X 10. They have food dumped in big litter boxes and tossed in with them to fight over. There is no vet on staff. No dogs recieve medical treatment or even a glance over from a vet. They do not seperate sick or dying animals. They do not treat animals as they die on the floor unless someone raises a stink, and then they remove the animal to die in the back. They do not have air conditioning or heating. The cats are in runs, just like the dogs. Sometimes 100 per run. I once saw a small dog get torn apart by a pack of large dogs in a run. They use a gas chamber and hundreds are gassed a week. Almost every animal that walks through the doors ends up dead of disease or the gas chamber. Very few make it to adoptables- about 1 in 50. There are 40 4 X 10 runs at AC, and only 1-4 are adoptables. The rest are awaiting their deaths, or a rescue group to save them.

And this is the shelter chosen by Dr. Frankenstein to come and do his death seminar on how to gas animals. All week they have been gassing random animals from the shelter, including adoptables, as "demonstrations". They had originally closed the doors to rescue groups and had not let us save anyone during this week. However after protesting outside and lots of news coverage, they let us in to take as many as we could. Hence why I have so many now!

Now, here are some happy pups that were saved from the gas chamber.

So anyone looking for the next love of their life?!

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the disapearing act, my home computer bit the dust and I havent had the money to replace it yet. I just thought I would jump in and say hi to everyone and I hope things are going well!! Heres a few new pics I thought I would share- sorry for the quality- camera phone again.

The pups are 9mos old now! Annie and Whiskey with Cisco in the background

a ball of wrestling goldens

Cisco and Annie 9mos

Bone chewing

Would have been a good shot if Cisco hadnt stood up!

What are you doing up there mom??

more chewing

My fish tanks- these are new since I have been here last!!

30 Gallon

Blue Gourami in the 30g

45 gallon with Sammi the cat watching TV

Some of the fishies

Gold Gourami

Paradise Fish

Pearl Gourami


Tiger Barbs

Heres some new residents of the rescue:




These three possibly purebred cattle dog puppies were tossed out of a moving vehicle on the highway. One of them was hit before good samaritans could gather them all up :(

Ok.. I'm off to try to read as much of the new posts as possible before I get in trouble for sneaking on at work, LOL!

Hi guys-

Long time no see :) Sorry, have been really busy the last couple of weeks!

Well after a lot of consideration, I have decided to put the goldens on dry food. Raw is just not much of an option any more for a lot of reasons. I've been reading for the last two or three weeks on different options and I have narrowed my choice down to three brands:

Innova Evo Red Meat
Wellness CORE
Taste of The Wild High Prarie (Yes, I know, Diamond product)

Honestly.. I would like to rotate all three to give the dogs some variety and expose them to a lot of protein sources while remaining grain free. I love EVO but I just can't afford the pricetag to feed it alone. Wellness CORE is too protein high for the puppies, and TOTW is too protein low for Whiskey, although I love the alternate sources. CORE doesnt have alot more protein then TOTW but every little bit helps and I'd like to mix smoe EVO in with the CORE.

Right now I have tentatively decided on TOTW for The puppies and CORE for Whiskey, with a little bit of the EVO mixed in every day. Whiskey of course has HGE and Cisco has a pretty sensitive stomach while Annie's tummy is like Iron.. so I am really nervous about this!

What do you guys think?

Games & Jokes / :*(
« on: May 27, 2008, 11:30:12 pm »

.....and then this one makes me cringe...a lot.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Lord help me I brought home a Pyr
« on: May 27, 2008, 06:46:10 pm »
I'm supposed to be on break from taking in more rescues!!!!

I got a call from AC telling me that someone had turned in their seizure alert certified dog, they weren't having luck getting her out of there, and her time was up so they were gassing her. So of course I went to go and get her, and then instantly there were 9 groups willing to take her as soon as I had her in my posession (I dont know what it is about groups not wanting to take the same dog when they are on death row but the instant a rescue group has them they are all about them), so she is going to a training group where a little 8 year old girl has been on the waiting list for a dog forever.

So anyway, as I am walking out with this little spitz mix seizure dog, I spot a polar bear. Its a big pyr boy. He's a year old, and has horrible food allergy reactions around his eyes so his eyes are all crusty and pussy and look like he has goggles on. He was an owner surrendor and his time was up. They dont get much time.

Soooo I took him with me. Hes a very very gentle and sweet one year old pup. His name is Owen. We are looking to get him in a pyr group ASAP as I have no place for this monster! He was very good at the vets and did excellent for the skin scraping and testing- no scabies or demodex or fungas, so they are guessing food allergies. Hes on antibiotics and creme.

Everyone say hi to Owen- and if you volunteer with a pyr group near NC that has room (yea right!) let me know!

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Pics from the adoption fair
« on: May 26, 2008, 10:09:38 pm »
Still missing some- camera ate a bunch! But here's a few pics from this weekend's adoption fair. We did ok- 7 dogs adopted, 10 microchipped (we get $10 a microchip) and we sold some items and got some donations. All in all we made about $2200 in adoption fees, donations and microchip fees, which covers about a month's vet work/food etc.

Pics in order:

Jasmin the great dane pup, she was SO pretty, a lovely blue harlequin- I'd never seen a blue one before. She came in to get microchipped and stayed to play while her mom fell in love with schnepherds ;)

Keebler- Boxer/shep mix adopted! yay!

Kiki- All her pups were adopted but no one was interested in her :(

Nala and Benji- No applications although Nala *almost* had a home, but they decided to take Bijou, another schnepherd, instead.

Nala konked out in Marci's lap. I got another REALLY cute picture of this with the bandana in front and on ear over an eye and her eyes closed but thats one the camera ate.. trying to get it back.

Nana trying to kiss us

Well, 8 and 7 weeks old. They are very cute! Apple is the bigger guy and Cherry is the littler one.

Decided to take the goldens swimming today- Annie and Cisco's first swim! We also decided to put Whiskey's pack on for the first time since his hip surgery, and he did great. We just put a tennis ball and a few dog cookies in it and he managed it like a champ.

Here are way too many pics!

Warren and the dogs before we head out

Whiskey wearing his pack, he carried his own tennis ball and cookies :)

Leading the pack

They all went straight in! As soon as Whiskey dove in Cisco and Annie were pulling at their leashes ready to go so we didnt even have to introduce them they just bolted in :)

Whiskey and Annie

Annie carries a big stick!

Annie high speed :)

Handsome Cisco[/img][/URL]

The Boys


Cisco spots a duck

Then we went for Ice cream- the boys are waiting for theirs

And Annie pops up!

 these are actually only a few of the ones I took, LOL

I dont know whats wrong with Cisco. He and annie were doing great sleeping through the night, then all of a sudden in the last two weeks Cisco wakes up EVERY MORNING between 4:30 and 5am. He barks and barks and cries to go out, so I get up and take him out and he runs out, turns around and jumps back on the door. I leave him out and 10 minutes later he is barking his fool head off outside. I bring him in and he goes back into his crate voluntarily, I shut the door and go back to bed and five minutes later he is barking again. I have occasionally ignored it, and almost always I will then wake up to pee or poop in his crate, even though when I let him out he wont go to the bathroom. I have tried walking him, I have taken away his water in the crate, I have fed him earlier and made sure he pooped before he goes to bed, I have walked them RIGHT before I go to bed.

Its strange because its a new behavior, and I almost worry he has something medically wrong with him- he is peeing A LOT. He was doing pretty good on housebreaking until recently and now he is peeing around the house too. He's 7 months old and it just seems weird to go back three steps in his housebreaking.

Any ideas?

Anything Non-Dog Related / Umm...yea, thats NOT a kitten.
« on: May 22, 2008, 10:13:55 pm »
So, I get a call from this woman today. She tells me that she has a kitten she has been bottle raising for the last two weeks, and she just cant do it anymore, she has to go out of town because her mother is sick, etc etc, and she needed a place to take him. I walked her through a couple of her options, and it really sounded like she either needed to place him RIGHT THAT SECOND or she was going to take him to animal control, where he would be immediatly euthenized. When I asked her his age, she said "Well, his eyes are open now and he has fur, so I guess 4 weeks or something". I remember thinking...HAS FUR? what?

Then she said "he is really, really cute, his stripes are really showing up and they are brown and black." So ok, I'm thinking she has a little brown tabby. No other real thought.

So anyway, she convinces me to take this kitten, and she comes to the house about 30 minutes later, with it wrapped up in a towel. I cant see him yet, but she is telling me how sweet he is, and how he likes to paw at you and is purring and drinking almost a whole bottle now. So she hands me a towel and I open it and can you imagine my suprise when I see....

a baby RACCOON!

yep, this was one strange looking "kitten".

So everyone please meet Rocky (I know, I know, sterotypical.)

He is completely dependent on people and will cry and hold his hands out to you when you put him down, so I dont know if he can get to the point where he can be released. I am one of those who firmly believes in NOT handling them almost at all. She was talking about how she slept with him at night to keep him warm and carried him everywhere, so in my opinion he's pretty much ruined. But who knows, maybe with some tough love we can teach him the skills he will need :) he still has a long way to go, needs to be about 12 weeks before I can get him outside in a pen and start working with him, but I will most likely pass him along to a friend of mine who has a lot of coons arond that time, since I dont have a pen and I worry about the dogs. Luckily for me I have my wildlife rehab license!

Isn't he adorable?

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