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Ever since we adopted Rufus (2 months ago), the lower whites of his eyes have been red.  My vet, who I like and trust a lot, has recommended two ointments as treatment, both of which I've used (the lastest being VetropolycinHC, triple-antibiotic combo (bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin  with 1% hydrocortisone) 3 x a day for the last five days.  Even after the latest, his eyes are still red off and on, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. 

At first I thought it was an infection (he was tested for any irritations), and as the trees have started to bud, thought allergies...

Anyone else had this issue?  THANK YOU,

Robin (and Rufie)

I'd LOVE to use something other than Frontline on Rufus since I have young children who can't stay away from him for the day or so after I've given him the once-monthly treatment, but wonder if anyone has had good results with Nature's Remedy or any other herbal tick/flea preventative?  The info with the product says it will actually kill fleas/ticks, but since I live in the NE and tick season is well underway (I pulled two off yesterday - poor Rufie), I want to make sure I'm being as vigilant as possible.  Thanks for any comments! 
Robin & Rufus

Here is a photo of our 2 yr old rescue doodle Rufus...goofy, wonderful dog that he is...
So nice to be here and meet you all at BPO...I feel "at home" already and am happy that adopting Rufie got me here!


Mixed Breed Pictures / Labradoodle chases sun's reflections
« on: April 10, 2007, 09:01:15 am »
...wondering if my labradoodle "Rufus" is unique in his chasing of the sun's reflections on the walls, floor, etc.  He obviously has a very active imagination.  Anyone else's dog love to try to "capture" the sunlight?  We're new, here, btw.  Rufus is a 2 year old we just adopted from a rescue organization a month ago, so we're still getting to know him.  Thanks, and glad I found this Big Paws!  Any other doodles out there?

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