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Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / I need Help!!
« on: March 10, 2008, 12:18:34 pm »
Any help or advice will be Graciosly accepted! I own a wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier. My husband, 2 kids and self just moved into a new home. After moving I found out I the landlord does not allow Pit Bulls. What I don't get is they will allow any breed but Pit Bulls. I know i could legally get out of my lease and possible sue since the lease did not state anything about breed restrictions in it and he never asked,  but I am trying to go a route outside of the courts. I spoke to him and he said if I can find an insurance or a loop hole that will cover him on the liability issue then I may keep my dog. So if anyone knows of any insurances or anytype of loop hole to help me keep my baby please, PLEASE let me know. This place has always provide great help when I have had a question so I am posting it. I live in Florida if it helps. ANY advice will be greatly appreciated!

Bills & Other Legislative Acts / BSL
« on: July 21, 2007, 06:19:16 am »
I have heard that Florida passed a law that states no more cities or counties can ban specific breeds anymore. Supposedly they can only make laws stating against aggressive dogs. I know Dade county has a ban >:( and it was grandfathered in if this is true. Does anyone know if this is true or how i can find out? I have a pitbull and am just wondering if one day I might have to move because of a ban.  :'(Thanks in advance for your help.   ;D

;DI noticed there wasn't any forums about APBTs and other bully breeds. Please come and share stories or if you have questions! Hope to hear from you soon!  :D

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