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Rhodesian Ridgeback Discussions / TO BIG, TO NICE, TO YOUNG??????
« on: December 18, 2007, 04:48:05 am »
Hello, everybody.  Had a question about MY BIG BROWN TEDDYRODY.  Now, he is almost 1 year, he will be a year Jan 6, and he is so nice.  Ive done research on Rody's and it says they are wary of strangers, and dont like other dogs.  So since he was a baby, (after his shots of course) I take him everywhere and let people pet him and let him see other dogs, if there friendly.  Im wondering is he just this friendly because he is a puppy still?  Should i expect him to grow into the traits they say Rody's have?  My vet is German lady and she is so surprised that my boy is so nice, She always ask me if he challeges me and or tries to be dominate.  I told her he better not, im old school, if he ever bites me, he will learn the hard way never try it again.  I dont hit my dog, but...  Anyways I was wondering,  My vet says the last couple of rody's she seen turned aggresive or over dominate with their owners.  Is it just because they way they were raised?  Do I have to worry about my Spazz becoming aggresive towards me, strangers, or other dogs? 

Within the last month, Spazz has been tearing up everything.  He doesnt do it when im around but when he is by himself he tears up any and everything around.  Is this normal.  He never used to tear up stuff.  I leave toys out for him and rawhide bones and he still will tear up, the Dirty clothes hamper, My toothbrush, the liner in my leather coat (yes i wanted to kill him), Ive tried to let him in different parts of the house and he found things to tear up that i didnt even think about.  I was wondering is this just a phase? 

Hello everybody. ;D

Spazz is almost 9 mo now.  He is a rhodesian Ridgeback.  Im not even sure if this is a problem.  hehe I guess i should get to the point.  I see you guys reading, and waiting in anticipation/ irritation wondering when in the world do i plan on saying what it is I want to say. 8)  hehe Sorry im in one of my moods, well as i was saying. 

Spazz doesnt seem to eat enough.  He has grown a lot and it seems like his appetite isnt as big as he is.  He used to gorge one cup of food 3 times a day.  And would eat it all in one sitting.  Now he barely eats 1 1/2 cup two times a day.  Most of the time in the morning he wont finish his meal.  I feed him at 530am, he will eat a little bit and thats it.  I feed him again at 0830pm.  Sometime he will eat a full cup in a half but then sometimes he will only take a few bites.  Is this normal?  He doesnt look under wait.  He seems healthy.  He still hyper and energetic?  So im not really worried, but then again im really worried.  ( i know that made no since) :-\

He loves treats, and anything that isnt his food.  Im feeding him Real Nature. (it might a europian dog food) with Blank Angus(duck i think), fish and is supposedly 100% natural ingredients cold-pressed.  the pet store said it was there best food, it was between that science diet (being the 2nd best) and Eukenuba. These were the top 3 choises the pet store recomended.  The vet recommended Science diet...anyways im getting off the subject. 

I was wondering am i the only one with this problem?  Is it normal behavior because he growing? 

Is it good to give your dog left over bones.  Say you have a BBQ and you have ribs and steaks, are they able to eat those bones.  I hear bones are not good for your dog but ive seen bones for sell at the pet store.  I mean they even sell a HUUUUUGE bone i mean its monsterous, like a mammoth bone.  Well i was just wondering.  I had some Ribs last night.  (hehe and they were off the chain  ;D )  and spazz was being good yesterday.  I wanted to give him one of my bones.  I know he would love it.  What are some of your views on Bones?

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pictures / REMINICING
« on: September 06, 2007, 12:57:56 pm »
It seems like only yesterday I brought home a little bundle of teeth and Paws, cradled in one arm, curled up against my bosom...(do men have bosom???) LOL just kidding, but you guys get the picture.  He would run under my lil TV tables and not knock them over.  His little tail didnt feel like a whip gone wrong.  if he did jump on you or run into your legs you really didnt feel anything at all.  He couldnt jump up and give you a free kiss on your mouth unexpectedly.  (lol good times).

 I was looking at these pictures wondering when did my lil Spazz-Malik grow up to be so big.  He still cute and clumsy, and of course still has the puppy attitude.  Got to love a dog that doesnt know his own strength.

How many of your puppies/dogs play fetch?

Is this a game that is taught or is it in their genes?

Spazz is really bad at this game.  He loves to play Tug of War and Keep Away.  I would like to be able to make Spazz run without having to chase him or run so he will chase me.  Fetch would be perfect.  I will throw a stick and he will chase it, then want to play keep away.  Or he will just take it and lay down and chew on it. (see pics).

What kind of games do you guys play with your puppies/dogs to get them to run out all of that energy. 

How many of you guys pupper's actually play fetch?

there a lab next door and if you even think of throwing a ball he is there sitting and waiting.  He is a ball fanatic.  it's really crazy how he gets when they throw that ball.

Some pics of Spazz chillin.  It really doesnt happen that often.  He ate my Venus Fly trap that I just brought on Saturday.  And he had a nice helping of Ferret Poop.  I had no idea he would eat that.  Im telling you he is a little EATING ANYTHING I SEE MONSTER CHOMPER PUP. 

Hello everybody.  Spazz is coming up on 6 mo on the 6 of July.  I will definitly post some more pictures here soon. 

My lil baby is growing up so fast.  When I look at Spazz I still see a little innocent puppy.  He really doesnt look big to me at all.  Maybe because he is mine, and I LOVE HEEEE.  :P  Im in Germany, and most restaurants allow dogs.  It is very comman to see a dog laying next to his owners chair in a nice restaurant. 

Spazz is still in his puppy-I love people-phase.  So he wants to run and see and talk and get touched by all Everybody and everything that moves.  When spazz was small everybody wanted to touch him and see the little puppy.  Now he has put on a couple of pounds and a few inches and people are actually afraid of my Little Puppy.

Where I see a little harmless puppy people see a big scary dog.  Am I the only one?  Is my perception all messed up, or does this just come with being owned by a Big Paw.  ;-)

Also Spazz is almost 6 months, should i be able to have his full attention when there are distractions like people and or dogs around or is it still to early. 

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / NO!!! MAKE ME!!
« on: June 19, 2007, 10:05:36 pm »
Im not sure if this is a phase or if Spazz (now almost 6 months old) thinks Im just playing when i tell him something.  For instance...And this is the most annoying one.  When its time for bed (usually around 930-1030 for him)  Ill say "Spazz go to bed".  He will stop and look at me.  I mean his expression says, ARE YOU SERIOUS?.  I will say it 2-3 more times just to give him a chance to listen because he knows that means go into his crate for the night.  SO when he doesnt come I go to him.  He will proceed to lay on his side.  And wont get up.  I have to Drag him up by his collar just to get him to go to bed.  Now he is a good 70 pounds, and lifting him by the collar could hurt him or hurt myself.  He seems like he playing because he is Mouthing at my hands as they grab for his collar.  He doesnt bite me but he seems like he playing.  Not fun for me.  It really gets on my nerve I act like im running out of the room so he gets up to follow me then i grab his collar and put him to bed.

P.S.  Does anybody dogs step on your feet or on the back of your shoes, or is my dog just clumsy???

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / is he to big?? is he to young??
« on: June 05, 2007, 04:12:47 pm »
Hello everybody.  Spazz is 5 months old today.  He just dug his first hole in my yard yesterday.  Hopefully I can deter that in the future by paying more attention while he is in the yard.  But thatís a later discussion.  Spazz is now 65+ pounds and is still growing.  He has a extra large kennel that I make him sleep in at night.  When he sleeps he likes to sprawl out with his legs and head spread our or on his back.  The vets said that kennel is good for him but when he is sleep his head is cocked on the gate door.  He can stand and sit in the kennel and can turn around.  The Giant kennel doesnít seem that much longer.  Should I be forcing him to sleep in it at night.  I know he can hold his Bathroom urges till morning, im just not sure if he will decide to.  My room is carpeted so if he peeís Iíd never know.  (until he soils the spot and the smell comes out)  I would love to let him sleep where ever he feels comfortable at night (except my bed).  Any suggestions.  Is 5 mo to young to trust him not to pee in my room?  Is that extra large kennel to small for him?  Do you guys let your pups sleep where they want, or in a kennel?

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Have you been Bitten?
« on: May 20, 2007, 08:28:20 pm »
Has anybody ever been bitten by there dogs?  I was wondering is that something to look foward to, and if so What is the next step.  If Spazz ever bit me I really think I'd have to bite him back.  Just wondering?

Hello you guys.  Im just wondering what other dog owners thoughts are on these subjects.  Ive read a couple of books. ( Puppies for dummies, Dogs for Dummies, Rhodesain Ridgebacks today, how to live with a happy Puppy.  and a few others)  Im living in germany and they treat animals and environment a lot different then we do in the states.

Alot of Germans do not get there pets Nuetered.  But I read in these books that if you dont get your dog Nuetered it's bad for there health, and they will be harder to handle and little things like that. 

Treats?  Spazz-Malik Loves the pig ears and pig skin stuff.  So ill give him atleast one a day.  Two if i need to keep him quiet and calm for a bit.  Are these healthy?  Am i giving him to much.  I give him alot of treats when we train.  and he still eats 3 times a day.  He 4 months old and i feed him way more than it says on the bag.  He is 50 pounds, the vet says he is not over weight.  I feed him about 2 cups of Science Diet three times a day and he eats this in a good minute flat, if that.  My vet is German so communication is kinda hard sometimes but she is real good with spazz.  Says he looks good. and to try feeding him carrots to curb his appetite. 

So i guess what im asking is can i give spazz to many bones and ears and stuff to chew on and eat?  And if he always seems hungry should i feed him a little more?

And last question ;-) the heel command.  I cant really get him to understand.  stop and sit by my leg.  then walk with me and then stop by my leg.  He wants to sit everywhere else.  he wont walk right beside me and if i have a treat out to keep his attention well thats all he focuses on.  So he's jumping and butting trying to get this tasty treat.  The dog in the book is just looking at the treat walking calmly.  That just wont work for Spazz.  Any Suggestions. 

LOL I know this was a long post.  I got a little carried away.  next time ill break it up. ;D

He is Nothing but Paws.  He's Hyper, and starting to ignore all my commands AND I LOVE HIM TO DEATH.  He is 4 months old.  He finally realized that his legs can be used for Jumping, Running and Scratching.  He was doing good with the jumping until about a week ago now he seems to love to jump and run.  He very smart and very sneaky.  He figured out how to open doors so he got out of his room today.  He found the paper towel Roll in my room.  Needless to say he had a Wonderful Day today.  I couldnt do anything except laugh and beat myself for not locking the door.   ;D

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / New to BPO
« on: May 09, 2007, 07:14:23 pm »
Im new to BPO and to Forums in general.  I have a 4 month old Rhodesain Ridgeback. His name is Spazz-malik.  (I call him spazz)  Im not sure if he is even concidered a BPO.  Im in the military, stationed in Germany.  I am single so my baby is home by himself from 7-5.  I have friends that come feed him and walk him at lunch.  He is adjusting beautifully.  Im getting a ferret on Friday.  Hoping it can be his playmate.  He tears up his little stuffed toys i get him.  Is it possible to socialize him with a ferret at 4 months?

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