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Medical Conditions & Diseases / Knee Arthritis(sp) in a 8mth
« on: December 03, 2007, 09:07:03 pm »
Well I had  a thread in  the  Rotti  thread  about  Hip Dysplasia, and that  Zeus was showing  signs.. Well  yesterday   I  faught the  lovely  blizzard and drove an  hour and half to take  zeus to his appt. Well  we  found out the  he  probley  doesn't  have  hip dysplasia  but   His left leg that  has  caused  problems  when  he was a pup. ( it has a funny  toe aswell)   the  vet is   concerned with the  toe  sence the  foot  goes out side ways  and also his  knee is still   messed up.  SO   the vet  who looked at it in the first  place when He was  younger said  it  was  just a sprain and that  was that  well this  vet  who is new to the clinic says that is surely  not  what it is anymore, and  that he has a feeling it is  arthritis in the knee that  probley  came  from the  supposably  sprain  that  the  last  vet  didn't treat  right. He  is going to try to look in to  zeus's  BAckground  and call the SPCA  and  Find out  if the  pups  went through any  cruelty or abuse. Any way on the 13th   zeus will be going in  for  xrays.  He will  be  getting  his knees and  hips  xrayed that  way  we will know  forsurely if it is arthritis and also at the  same time minuse out  hip dysplasia. ThE vet  told  me  if it is Arthritis it is a simple  surgery to fix this and that after the surgery  he would be a hundred purcent  better.  He gave me some antibiotics  for him  to see if they help  for the time being.  Im so  nervouse and sad  for my  pup,  he is  just so young. Not even a year old, the vet even  felt  awfull, sence  zeus is still just so young . 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Pics of are new fur baby
« on: November 26, 2007, 03:22:17 am »
Well We got are new  fur baby  kitten on the 18th  of november I   havent h ad a chance to get on  due to alot of different  issues, on  being  My  norton  ran  out and some  family  issues. BUt any- who...

We got are  new  kitten  hubby and  i desided to name  him  blizzard instead of Hermes,  due to when  we got him Hermes  just  never suited the  lil guy. So  we desided on BLizzard s ence on are  way  to  pick  him up we had to go through a terrible  blizzard. 
He  the kitten was born Sep 30  so  he will be  two months soon.. HE is adapting  great  you would  think he was here the  whole time, and  well   hubby   has adapted to  he is always  cuddling  with the lil  tart.  Zeus on the other  hand thinks  he is a snack lol  so  we have to watch  carefully  zeus  will lay there  licking his lips waiting  for thekitten  to come to him lol  ..

Rottweiler Discussions / Hip dysplasia maybe
« on: November 26, 2007, 03:03:16 am »
Well   I  called my  vet  this morrning  due to sign  Zeus  has  been  showing he has been having a terrible   time walking and  getting up lately and  it  has seemed to get worse and worse at  first i t was just in the morrning so we thought  maybe  his  crate was getting to tight  so know  he  doesn't  sleep in it.  But  the stiffness in his hind legs seems to be getting  worse every day. I Called the  vet this morrning so we  will be taking him in next monday  unless it gets worse  and he told me to  bring  him right in.  So that  has been my  excitement  lately that and family  health problems

Rottweiler Discussions / Going on his first over night away
« on: November 06, 2007, 11:39:54 am »
Next  wen  we are leaving to go on a little  get away  just  me and hubby  for  4 days, and  Zeus  will be staying with  one of  Sheldons  friends  from  work that  Zeus knows.. IM so  Nervouse to leave him BUt Im glad I  that  sheldons  friend will take him sence he is a  Dog lover.  This will  be zeus's  first time  ever  away  from  home with out  us..   HE is still young  do you all think he will be allright..  IM  packing up all his  toys  food  dishes  for him and he will have  his kennel...

Rottweiler Discussions / The snow will eat me
« on: November 06, 2007, 11:28:28 am »
Last night  we got some  snow and lovely  freezing rain  well this morrning when I went to let  Zeus out to go potty  we wentto  run out and stopped dead at the door there was some  snow  on the step.. The sillly  pooch went and  samcked it a couple  times  and  looked at me like  "  what you think in  ma  I ain't  going out in that  white  stuff, It may  eat me"  I ended up having to bribe him out the door and of course  after less than  two minutes he was back at the door no way was  he staying out there not with the white stuff on the ground..  Oh  BOy it  may just  be along winter after all

Anything Non-Dog Related / Getting a new fur baby
« on: November 06, 2007, 11:10:55 am »
Well  We will be getting to bring home a new  fur baby on  November 18..  Zeus is  going to have a baby bro.. a lill  kitten.. ITs a persian  siamese Cross and just  so adorable.. I have been waiting a month all ready and the day is getting so close that  we get to bring the  lil  munchkin  home.  We are naming  him  Hermes ( thank you Jodi  for helping me name him) I got all the kitty  suplies  ready hehe.  HUbby  is getting me this  new  baby for are 5 year  annniversary. I have allways wanted  one of them toilete  paper  kittens  you see on  TV and  he  finally  let me  get one..  ;D I just  hope  zeus  takes to him ok  he is use to cats so Im sure all will be well

Rottweiler Pictures / My big pooch Zeus at 7mths old
« on: November 06, 2007, 11:01:55 am »
Well I havent been around  much have been terirble  busy  still,   BUt any who..

Yesterday  Was  Im  pretty s ure are last  day  of nicer  weather  so  I took  zeus  out and we played  fetch for  a good time.

Remembering those no longer with us. / Its been 16 years
« on: November 05, 2007, 12:22:25 pm »
well i was going through my old  scrap book  when I came to a pic of  my old  great dane Duke.  we had him  for  three years and he ended  up  getting some sort of genetic dieses. IM attaching a the photo of my old  big baby..  he was  such a great  dog he  thought he was a human  he would  sit on the couch  with only his bum and  would  even  try  sitting on your lap just like  a child would

Rottweiler Discussions / Found out about his background
« on: October 10, 2007, 08:35:27 am »
Well as some of you know  Zeus is are rescue  pup, We got him  from the shelter  were his mommy  and  siblings all were. All we knew is that  well the mom  got took away  from her owner. We were not sure if the pups  lived there or if  she had them in foster care.  Well this thanks giving weekend I found out the truth.

Zeus, mommy  Diamond IS a registered Rotti  She is papered etc.  IT  dont  matter now though sence  the SPCA  didn't get the papers. I guess the Spca got  Diamond  5 times or so and after the 5th time they  keep her owner  cant  get her. Well Iguess they  just got Diamond Breed to another  Papered rotti when well she got took.  SO  MY pup Is actually a papered rotti  if I could get the papers, (Unlikley sence  he is a r escue) I was just amazed to here this  another  rotti breeder in are area told me when I got zeus taht she thought he  was pure and   she told me she hear dthat  a breeder got her  dogs took.  I  never  really thought about it  till My  Cousin in law was telling me  the real  story  her  friend works at the SPCA.  IS that  cool

Rottweiler Pictures / Almost 6mths old, New pics of Zeus
« on: September 24, 2007, 05:32:28 pm »
Well almost   6 mths old and are once lil tiny  14lb  rotti  is  now a wopping   54lb Adolescent..

 ;D I got  some   new  batteries and  had to take  some new  pics of my  big  brute Zeus. 
A little info  IM  5'9 almost  5'10  and  when Zeus stands  up  on me  He is by  my chest..

BIG SMILES  ;D FOR mommy...

IM huge  look  how small this step  that a partially  ate looks  now

THis is  my  big bone I love it  mama  bought it for me and I wont do  nothing with out it 

Rottweiler Pictures / Zeus Piccies
« on: September 20, 2007, 02:52:40 pm »
Well these arnt  compltly  new I  have  no batteries  for  my camera  but these are some  took at the  beginning of the month when we were camping. Im  sure he has  grown  sence these  Guess i gotta go get  some batteries

Rottweiler Discussions / bad zeus whats up
« on: September 18, 2007, 02:44:47 pm »
Well We have been really lucky with Zeus SO FAR.. HE hadn't disstroyed anything till yesterday. I went to town like I have many times sence  getting him  and I leave him at home outside ( we  are on the farm etc and aways from town). Well I guess he got mad and wreaked a couple toys and ripped off the padding to my sons bike seat and  some other  things that are allways outside  that  he has never  touched  sence he has his own outdoor toys. THen last night I usually dont let him in till 9:30 - 10:00 for night giving him time to pee etc.. Well he got mad at us I am guess and on the outside of the house rippped out the cable that attached the upstairs tv to the down stairs so know I have no satelite up stairs arggg. Sheldon (hubby) will be fixing that tonights. but we have had him sence june and he has never done anthing like this why all of a sudden. I wasn't  even gone as long as I usually am and at night time  he is  allways  out till then. I feel bad becasue the way its looking is that we are going to have to tie him when we leave or keenel him, so  he doesn't disstroy things well we are gone. and I really  dont  want to do that.  We are in bettween looking for a new place  but  I just  dont know  what to do  if this continues.

I need suggestions I   really  dont wamnt to tie  him and  well kenneling him  i feel  awfull. BUT  why  is this all of a sudden happening he has been a great  pup   so far.  HE  went threw the teething and   he  did  good  and  the sad part is that he isnt  chewwing the things he is demolitioning them

Rottweiler Pictures / Still alive and Zeus is growing
« on: September 11, 2007, 02:53:17 am »
Hey  ladies,
I havent  been around for awile  BUt Im still alive.
We have been  so  busy  lately I have hardly had time to come cheak in.  Zeus is doing great,  Growing like a weed last time he got weighed  was a month ago  and he was allread 49lbs  And  has  grown  sence.  We went  camping for a week and  he did  great, of course hated  having to be on a leash or tied all the time.  He  has been  really progressing with his traing  aswell.  We have laydown  stay leave it  sit  and couple others mastered so far and  now we are  working on the swirving  between my legs and he sure has  gotten the  hang of it  but  has to carry his big  stuffed  bone well doing it lol..  IM attaching a pic of my  big  boy  who is  now 5 mths ol WOW   hey lol

Rottweiler Discussions / Been MIA Update on Zeus poosie
« on: July 30, 2007, 06:51:45 pm »
Well It s been terrible  Crazy around here it seems like as soon as I think its going to slow down we have another 10 things to go to lol.. Seems  like everyone is getting married this  year but me lmao  and of course all are appt  end up  back to back lmao

Well any way  Zeus had his  3rd  shots on Saturday HE is one healthy  pup weighing in at  .
34.5 lbs  at  only 3mths and some

 he  was only  27  lbs  on  6 of july lol
We also  Switched his  food over to Medi-Cal  Its in the same line as Royal Canine.. HE seems to be  doing great on it and loves it. I havent seen him get so  excited over  dog food lmao  I guess that just  Comes to show it taste better than IAMS.

Rottweiler Pictures / Im not no lil' munchkin any more
« on: July 20, 2007, 04:32:15 am »
You can  really see how much are lil guy  has grown,  My daughter  seems  to be liking him alot better  now  kept  following him around today it was  reay  cute she would  hold his tail like follow the leader lol. Zeus didn't  care at all. I feel  bad for him  sence he will just lay there and let my daughter  brush  him and lay on him.( of course only under my  supervision)

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