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Only 789.99 (plus shipping and handling!)

Do they come in "enormous"?? OMG, I'm crackin' up! Please someone join me in the giggle fits so I don't look insane!

Caught up in the festivities of my son's 5th birthday party today, Kai found it difficult to resist the last piece of chocolate Iron Man cake on the counter. I stepped away and BAM - dog gulps cake, licks plate and looks not in the least bit remorseful as she licks the last bits of icing off her nose. So of course, I'm sort of freaking out. My dog at a giant piece of chocolate cake. Should I do anything? What should I watch for if she's going to have problems from the chocolate? ::)  HELP!

I think I can safely assume that we all detest the selling of puppies in pet stores, for a laundry list of reasons. My question is, what happens to the puppies that don't get purchased? The ones that, for whatever reason, become several months old in a pet store cage, and STILL don't get bought even when their prices are "clearanced" or whatever. I can't imagine that they ALL get bought at some point. So what happens? Do they go to rescues? Are they euthanized? Are they sent back to the BYB's? Just curious. I have an unbalanced "acquaintence" that is a serial dog owner. While she has gone through rescues before (obviously presented well enough to get through screening - scary thought), she most recently got a dane at a breeder, then purchased a "clearance" goldendoodle on a whim because she said that the dog would be PTS if it wasn't sold, and it was already 4 months old or so. Like I said, unbalanced. Won't even GO into her pet history. Wish I could do something but I can't. Just curious about her rationalizatio n for purchasing her doodle. She done that before, last year, with a spaniel who was "clearanced". She ended up giving the dog away to a family that was too broke to go adopt one (I know, I know...) So, what happens to the pups at the stores, really? Are there policies for that situation, or is it an individual store's discretion? Does anyone know? (Again, let me emphasize the word "acquaintence". The only child she has is being raised by his dad and myself - oops! Have I said too much??) :P

Just heard from the vet - my little girl is fine and is starting to wake up. My vet said that she's got too much fat, though, so I guess I hafta quit spoiling her. I can't pick her up until tomorrow, and they'll send her home in one of those dorky e-collars. Poor thing... But, the good news is, it's DONE and she's FINE!!   ;D ;D ;D

Group Discussions & Photos / doggie treats on the camera...
« on: June 24, 2008, 06:13:45 pm »
it's the only way!

So, Kai is 6 months old now, and is catching up to my 4 year old Tani girl...can't believe it! Tani maxed out at 64 pounds and Kai is about 45 now. I KNOW ya'lls danes, pyrs, saints and newfs are practically BORN at 45 pounds, but you know - it's all relative!

Kai is scheduled for her spaying after July 1st. She's a marvelous little girl and I love both o' my pups to bits!

The title says it all. She's been literally chewing up and crunching up rocks. Like, with her teeth! I take them away and then examine all her teeth to see if she's broken any, and so far so good. But really, is this necessary? She's like 4 years old, so it's not teething. Is her body craving some kind of mineral? Any ideas?? Is she becoming neurotic?In all seriousness, I'm afraid she'll break her teeth. She's primarily an indoor dog, so I watch her when we go out, but I have 3 sons. Those of you that have sons (old enough to use pockets) know what I'm saying - there are as many rocks IN my house as there is outside. So, what's up with the rock crunching? ???

OK, so we recently moved into this neighborhood. Down the street there is a house that has 3 (or maybe 4) big ol' mastiffs in the yard. The fence is a wood frame with chicken wire. The doggies bark their ever loving heads off when anyone walks by, and the top of the chicken wire fence is bent in from where their giant paws go when they are barking madly. Naturally, there are wild rumors flying through the neighborhood, which I am hearing from my daughter. One of the dogs got out and attacked a neighbor girl. No wait, well, it pinned her against a fence. Well, not pinned but was just barking right at her and she was backed up against a fence. Did you know that one of the dogs killed an old lady once?? So, despite the fact that if one of the dogs actually killed someone it would probably be GONE, I would like to call the owners. Can't go to the door, cuz the fence goes all around the front yard, and the dogs do actually go bat (poop) nuts when we walk by, and yes it is quite intimidating!! Please tell me how you would recieve this:

I plan to call and tell them that I was curious about their beautiful mastiffs (true). I love the brindle on the one, or are there two brindles? (True). We are new in the neighborhood (true) and have heard all kinds of wild rumors from the kids on the block (true). I was wondering about your dogs' temperment, because I have seen them bark, and wanted to know the truth about how they really are (true). I'd love to meet them, if they are social with stranger!(true!) I'd also like to help the neighborhood kids and their concerned parents learn the truth so that there are no more silly rumors (true).

They have a son (or grandson - not sure what the relationships are) that is in my daughter's grade, so there is a school directory with all the phone numbers.

Would you be offended or receptive if a neighbor contacted you like that?? Please let me know - I'd like to take care of this as soon as possible. I don't want my kids fearing to play outside, and I do want to know if the dogs are a valid concern. And if they are all bark and no bite, I really want to meet them!! ;D

Kai started with this on Sunday night, and was up literally every 45 min to an hour wanting to go out. I thought she was playin' me to get out of her crate, but when I followed her out, sure enough, she had the squirts. Sooo, I did the drill - rice and chicken broth for a few days. She got better, and on Wednesday she had her noramal kibble breakfast and dinner. Thursday, she's back to squirts. My husband thinks she's eating cat poo out of the backyard (my kids have poop scooping detail, but, as you can imagine, they are less than thorough). Anyway, I think it is her food. I switch up the brands and flavors to see what she likes best. The wierd thing is that she's had this brand and flavor before - in fact, I got it again because she liked it. I don't have a lot of gastro-intestinal experience with dogs. Does she need to see a doctor? Could she have developed a reaction to this food just since the last time she had it?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Isn't it AWESOME??
« on: April 30, 2008, 06:22:11 pm »
Dogs. They rock. They are cool. I love my cats, they rock too. But in a different way.

Tani is awesome. She is the absolute definition of a family dog. She is with us all the time. Always near by. She gets up to follow us out of a room. She Listens like a champ and is gentle and loving. She gets flustered when me and the kids are upstairs in bed, and hubby is still downstairs on the computer. How can she heard this stray up with the rest? And who is she supposed to be with if they are in different spots. So she sits at the bottom of the stairs. She can see into the office, and she can hear if there's any shenanigans upstairs. How cool is that?

Kai loves us, her new family. But what is really cool is that she loves ME best! She is at my feet constantly. She listens to me, she pottys outside when I say so, she comes when I call her. She is always with me. She loves everyone, but I am the center of her world, and I think that rocks. I love that she and I are buds, and that she hangs on my every word. It's not good that she jumps on people, but she's a puppy and we're working on it. My kids and hubby tell her "DOWN" when she jumps on them and she struggles with it. She tries to listen to them, but...well...w hen I tell her DOWN, she plops her butt right down and waits for her pats and ear skritches. Is it wrong that I love that she is "my" dog? ;)

So Tani is about 4, and Kai is 4 months. Tonight was the second incident in which Kai started yelping and slinking over to me with a BLOODY punture/cut on her muzzle! Like, drip dropping a path along the floor. The first time was about three weeks ago and there is very visible hairless scar there now. Both incidents have happened with the dogs out around the family, although no one was specifically watching them at the time. Here is what I know: Tani took to Kai really well, right away. Tani is really NOT agressive in general - at the most, I've heard her do a throaty low growl at what ever cat is coming too close to her food at chow time, but it's so far from "food agression" that I hesitate to even mention it. Kai plays HARD and I have seen Tani put up with a LOT of nonsense. I took Kai to the vet after the first time and she said that Kai pushed Tani too far, and Tani had to make her boundary clear. I understand that - I really do. But OMG, my sweet little obnoxious puppy was DRIPPING blood on the floor! It was horrifying! It's all relative - I know some of you have been in the midst of big dog scuffles (shirtless in the yard, perhaps  ;).) So far, I've put an ice pack and pressure on Kai's wound, and crated her when the bleeding stopped. I haven't done anything with Tani. So what do I do? Do I correct Tani? Do I correct Kai when she gets too rough? Do I just suck it up, stop being a wimp, and let my dogs set their own pack order? WAHHH! My baby is bleeding! I wanted to put a bandaid on it, but my husband laughed at me.  :'( ???

Mixed Breed Pictures / Kai pics - 4 months old!
« on: April 04, 2008, 01:24:08 pm »
Kai is still doing well. We saw the vet and are getting ready to schedule her to get (a) spaid (b) spade or (c) spayded.  :P
Tani gave her the big smack down a couple days ago and she got a boo-boo on her nose, but I think she learned Tani's boundaries! This morning, they were playing rough and my two year old freaked out and yelled "NO NO Tani! Don't eat Kai!" It was really funny - poor kid was so concerned that Kai was getting consumed before his very eyes!

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Female puppy discharge?
« on: March 26, 2008, 11:37:59 am »
Kai has a discharge - yellowish, kinda thick. Sorry to be grossly graphic! She doesn't seem bothered by it. I keep cleaning her up, and then her fur around her vulva gets all yucky again. From what I can see on-line, it's not a big deal - just a "thing" that happens frequently with female puppies. The things I read said it's puppy vaginitis and there's nothing to really do about it, and it often stops after the pup matures a little more. Just wondering if that is consistent with anyone else's experience? I do plan on spaying her, but not for another 2 to 4 weeks.

I will also follow up with the vet, but I am currently questioning changing vets. My vet tends to be very laid back and perhaps overuses the word "self limiting". Seems like everything I've asked her about (kennel cough, ringworm, etc.) her opinion is that meds are not really necessary because those conditions are both self-limiting, meaning they will go away on their own. Not sure I agree with that approach. I know that when I ask her about "puppy vaginitis" she will say that it's self limiting! It may be, but I've heard that from her so much lately, I'd like some other opionions!

Tani is a digger. She has always been a digger. It comes in waves - she can go for a long time with nary a hole, and then...big hole. Here's how it goes down:
-Tani goes out. Tani digs a hole.
-Mommy goes out. Tani slinks by with her head very low.
-Mommy knows what's up, and sure enough, Mommy sees dirt and grass all packed in between Tani's toes.
-Tani sees Mommy seeing her, and flops to the ground, looking so guilty it's (almost) funny.
-Mommy looks around and sees The Hole.
-Mommy looks back to Tani. Tani rolls to her side.
-Mommy doesn't scream or yell or spazz. Mommy "big sighs".
-Tani rolls again and looks miserable.
-Mommy calls Tani (nicely, but exasperated - no yelling).
-Tani will not come.
-Mommy walks to Tani. Tani rolls. Looks miserable, will not get up.

OK. Obviously she KNOWS she's done a naughty thing. She has never been physically disciplined or otherwise freaked out on. However, she acts like she is expecting me to beat her to a pulp! So, explain, please, if anyone can:

1. Why does she dig if she feels so damn guilty about it and obviously knows it's a no-no? It's like she's addicted. She knows she shouldn't. She tries not to. Then she falls off the wagon, relapses, and feels horrible about it.

2. Why does she act like I'm going to hurt her? I've never, and would never, hit or physcially punish her! What is she going for here?

OK, help! There is a tongue-in-cheek element to my post, but also not. If she dug holes and didn't care, I say "OK, I have a digger, so how can I solve this?" But she digs and then punishes herself!! What the heck is that??

I just saw this and thought I'd post about it. Apparently, Lake County in California is helping this family out. That's where I got Kai, so I was interested. Check out the link - maybe you can help?

This is interesting for me, as a mutt lover - having met the actual mom and brother of my dog. The mommy is obviously aussie, but probably mixed with something, and by the look of brother, you can clearly see that daddy was a dobie! If you look really closely at brother, note that he has one blue eye and one green one - how cool is that?? The mommy is still at the shelter, but the brother went home on Wednesday.

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