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Great Dane Pictures / Happy New Years from one humiliated Dane, lol
« on: January 02, 2008, 04:27:15 am »
LOL Modoc is so tolerant but I can tell you what was on his mind is "there better be a good treat at the end of this photo shoot", lol
Happy New Years
jeri and Modoc

Great Dane Discussions / Modoc Wishes You All A Happy New Years
« on: January 02, 2008, 04:18:39 am »
As you can tell by the look on his face it says "there better be a pretty good treat waiting for me after this humiliation, lol"

Great Dane Pictures / Modoc on a Road Trip-photos
« on: October 14, 2007, 05:13:37 pm »
Dang, I keep trying to post photos but when I try they don't post..  I look at the bottom of the page and it says "Done,, but with errors on page"  Anyone else had this and what do you do?  I had it yesterday.  Have rebooted and tried again today with the same message.  Any ideas?  I posted photos in my other thread so it worked before?

Great Dane Discussions / Problem, would like recomendations-long
« on: October 12, 2007, 11:39:01 am »
When Modoc was two, he was on a leash in Mexico on the beach.  A rottie (with a bridle on but not attached to the leash) charged him and attacked him.  The owner had a baby on his chest in a carrier and couldn't interviene.  The rottie didn't mind anyway.  Nat was trying to seperate them by grabbing Modoc's leash back and trying to grab the rottie's bridle and throw him off.  The rottie bit down to the muscle on nat's arm and took him down.  Modoc immediately picked the rottie up and pulled him off Nat and took his paw and held him down.  He wasn't biting the rottie just had him by the neck and held him still.  Finally he was able to get Modoc to release and kicked the rottie out of the way and headed back to the RV for an ER visit.  Modoc was not hurt.  Anyway after this event Modocc got dog aggressive anytime a dog woud approach us.  He's been in sevral dog obedience courses and does fine with the dogs in there.  We had a behaviorist out sevral times and went through 8 weeks of training with her too.  It has helped.  He also was put on NILF. She said Modoc was diffinate;ly not dog aggressive. that now he just gets so excited when he sees dogs he can barely control himself.  In another communbity we have a Great Dane Gathering  once a year so we took Modoc to Denver (we live in CA) and he got along with 16 of the 18 danes.  Totally fine.  Our frinds, who have two danes invited us for dinner.  He got a long fine with the 8 year old and thought he was getting along with the 6 year old rescue show dog they had had for one year and then he went and stuck his paw on his head and the show dog (who was intact) too exception and Modoc grabbed him by the neck again and took him down, just like the rottie.  He went to the vet but was put on antibiotics just in case but just had one bit mark because Modoc was just holding him down.
Now  the problem.  This couple is coming,, next week (which we're really excited about, but they are bringing their two danes and we don't know how we're going to handle two danes that may not like each other.  We're goig to introduce them slow outside.  Got any othr suggestions for while we're sitting around in the house?
Long, sorry,
Modoc is the most gentle dane I've ever had with people.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / New here
« on: October 10, 2007, 07:24:00 am »
I'm Jeri.  I have owned Great Danes for 28 years, one at a time.  I am not a breeder, just a Dane lover.  My first dane,Miwok,  was a brindle who lived to be ten, My second dane,Maya, was a harl how lived to be twelve, my third little girl, Inca, was from a BYB and had congennital problems and only lived to be four.  My current boy, Modoc is a Blue from the UK so he's quite stocky and a sweet boy.  He has dog issues that we have been working with a behaviorist for and having some sucess but he thinks if you have two legs you walk on water, lol..  He loves humans.  We're in our RV on a road trip, with Modoc , right now but just wanted to introduce myself.  Look forward to meeting you all dog loverfs,

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