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Tiny Teddy Bear Puppy- Heidi Meets Great Pyrenees Rocky (Don't be deceived by Heidi's gentle looks)


I am out of town for a week. Last night my husband told me when I return we have to decide what to do with our Great Pyr Precious. He wants to give her away. I drive home Saturday.

I need a solution fast. Shock or spray collars mussels, are not options

Precious barks as do all Prys. This wasn't a problem until our crazy neighbor began shooting a gun and then came to my back door yelling at me. Now Precious see him as an ememy. I wrote about the incident here a few months ago.

Since the shooting incident Precious is very protective and barks more. She never barks at the other neighbors, cows,or ther daily happenings but any noises coming in the direction of the crazy neighbor she goes nuts barking (motercycles, and loud noises). Its really bothering my hubby.

Hubby recently retired and his favorite thing to do is listen to the radio on the porch--for hours. Precious barking upsets him. He chains her out of eyesight of the neighbor but now I think chaining her makes it much worse. We already been battling each other becasue I don't want her chained.

Rocky hardly ever barks but if Precious is gone I believe Rocky will start barking. We have goats and the dogs bark to show territory.

I am praying for an answer. The only thing that works seems to be me sitting with her holding her on our patio but I can't be there all the time. I bring her in every night (she likes to sleep in the tiled bathroom) she rarely barks from there.

There is a dog training center nearby I'll call when I get home maybe they can help.

The good news is the neighbor is moving but the bad news is hubby is still upset about the barking.

I love Precious like a child. I can't give her away. BTW, Being away from home is very rare for me.

Any suggestion welcome.


See shooting story at

My two Prys are changing. Precious is a year old and Rocky is 8 months. Rocky recently became a bit larger than Precious. 

Precious is always the first to greet me when I come outside or return home from an outing (several times a day as I work with the horse or goats).

Out of the blue Rocky now greets me and Precious stays back-- Like Rocky has claimed the alpha position. Does this happen or is it my imagination?

I haven't had Rocky as long. Maybe its taken him this long to warm up to me. We got him after we lost Peppy ( he has always been a little aloof while Precious has been my sweetie. Now Rocky demands equal attention. Which I am happy to give.

But a part me is worried about Precious staying back. Its been hot again so maybe shes just not quite herself. Its very subtle. I'm the only one in the family that notices.

We got Rocky in April
. Hes always been very wary of us. I'm thrilled we are closer.


Great Pyrenees Pictures / Prys and new mini goats
« on: August 02, 2008, 07:07:45 pm »
We brought home twin 3 month old miniature goats yesterday and introduced them to our Prys. What a job!My prys have no goat experience.

I had the dogs tied up when I took the babies out of the car. Precious went NUTS! She wanted these babies so bad she was all over them and they were scared to death so I separated them--goats in the pen dogs tied up nearby. 

Rocky could care less. Precocious almost chocked herself trying to get at the babies. I brought her inside and she paced and barked all night wanting the babies.

This morning I tried to let them get introduced through the fence but Precious was a wreck. She was so excited. One of our barn cats came by and Precious began licking her from one end to the other --I assume venting her affiction on the cat. The goats watched (which I thought was good for them to see).

Later I took her inside the fence on a leash. She was intense. I held each goat by the collar and allowed her to lick them. I finally had to just let her go in the pen with them.

She ran them ragged until she got them in the igloo then put her head in an sat down. I thought she would never let them out so I leashed her again and then let her loose and  more chasing.... I had to settle her down several times but after a hectic day they are all happy together. Instincts took over. Both dogs are laying down while the goats graze. Everyone is happy. Whewwwww

See more photos at

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Solution for the Shooting Neighbor (photos)
« on: July 02, 2008, 09:11:48 am »
We are putting up a new mesh fence around out home. We have 20 acres completely fenced but because of the angry neighbor have to tighten the play area the dogs and children.

This is the drawing I made to mark off the area for the new fence:

I also have a tripod set up on my front parch to video tape any shots fired into my property (as a deterent). Here are photos of the new fence and front gates.

We choose mesh becasue we will be getting goats soon.

Hard to believe anyone would risk hurting these cuties:


 I didn't think to share this here until now.

A month ago our 2 Prys got into the neighbors pond. We never had trouble with them getting out of the yard until recently (hot fence is broke). The neighbor got mad and started shooting at our dogs with a pistol.

We have 20 acres the neighbor has 10 our houses are a few acres apart.

I was at church but my husband saw it. After church dh and I discussed it and decided the best course of action would be to talk. So I went over and gave the guy our phone number and said please call us if our dogs bother you. We never met him before this. He was civil and agreed. All was quiet until last week end.

My children and hubby were in the pool and both dogs were tied in our yard but barking becasue the neighbor had company in his pool. Out of the blue we heard screaming "Shut those *%$#@ dogs up and shots fired.

Dh and I decided we needed to report him to the police. I went to get the phone and by the time I got got back the guy drove up on a motorcycle in our drive way screaming and yelling to shut our dogs up he can't enjoy 5 minutes. I believe he was drunk. It was 11 am. He was so wild I called 911.

If he would have called I would have taken the dogs in the house.

He was gone by the time police arrived. We had a trespass warning issued (so he can't return). BUT the police said he could shoot and we couldn't do anything about it. He told the poice he was shooting into the ground. We didn't see it this time but the first time he was shooting into our yard.

 Once the police left he marched up and down the fence line with a rifle shooting every few minutes.

We have been in fear since just hoping nothing set him off again. What if a bullet goes into my window and shots my children? My boys are literally crawling past the windows and now watch TV in another room of the house becasue our family room faces this guys house. We only swim or go outside when he isn't at home.

Funds are not available for an attorney at this time.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / New Goats for Green Great Pyrenees
« on: June 27, 2008, 05:35:02 am »
We decided to get pygmy goats. We have two Great Pyrenees ages 6 months and 11 months.

Neither has been around goats. Is the goat protecting innate? I know it would have been good to been around their parents, who are goat dogs to learn...but I'm hoping they will adapt easily.

When my children are outside the prys won't leave them so I assume they will protect the goats. When the neighbors cow got out my older Pry ran him back into the pasture. When our horse got out she attempted to help me catch him.

Any advise? Thanks,

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Should a Pry be clipped in summer?
« on: June 09, 2008, 06:09:58 pm »
Should a Pry be clipped in summer?

It is hot here in TN. My guys have lots of shady places but I wonder if they should be clipped. I have thought the double coat keeps them cooler?


Great Pyrenees Pictures / Signs of Spring and enjoying our pups
« on: April 07, 2008, 09:34:26 am »
Precious and Rocky are the light our lives now. We are having a ball spoiling them rotten.


Great Pyrenees Pictures / Mourning Peppy and a New Puppy Photos
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:28:38 pm »
Precious (Peppy's sister) has cried all day. I told my hubby on the phone at work how hard Precious was taking Peppy's death (and I can't stop crying). And look what Daddy brought home!

Rocky was born on Christmas day. That makes him about 3 months old and Precious is almost 8 months.

They have had a ball playing. I didn't realise how much puppy play Precious missed out on becasue Peppy was so weak.

Outside to meet the horses

We miss Peppy terribly but this little guy is a perfect fit for our family. What a joy to watch them play.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.


Remembering those no longer with us. / Peppy Died This Morning
« on: April 01, 2008, 11:01:26 am »
Peppy died this morning. We got Peppy and his sister, Precious in November. We thought Peppy was the runt and later suspected he was a dwarf.

He was deaf and had liver problems, he was only half the size of his sister. Peppy weighed 30 lbs Precious weighs 65 lb.

We knew his time was limited. This week the vet gave him new meds but he wasn’t able to keep them down. I let Peppy in or out doors as he wanted. Much of the time we were outdoors with him we live on a farm with a lot of animals. He preferred outdoors with the other animals and becasue the weather was cool.
We have 20 acres with signs posted “Caution: Deaf Dog” He couldn’t come when called becasue he could not hear. I often had to go looking for him.

Yesterday, I found him in the barn unable to walk. I put him in a wagon and brought him up to the house. Peppy loves to ride in the our little red wagon (the trip from the barn to the house always wears him out). I tried keeping him inside but he cried to go out to his patio bed.

About 5am Precious woke my husband with unusual barking. Peppy had scooted from his bed to the hedges and was whining. I brought her inside and laid with him for an hour brushing him.

About 6:30 I woke the children to say goodbye. He didn’t whimper anymore. He enjoyed being petted. He just stopped breathing just before 7:00. I fel very blessed to have the special good bye time.

I don’t have any biblical evidence that we will see Peppy in heaven. But I believe we will.

I believe Peppy is in heaven and can now hear. Clara Scott pens a prayer in her hymn Open My Eyes, That I May See: “Open my ears, that I may hear voices of truth Thou sendest clear; and while the wave-notes fall on my ear, ev’rything false will disappear. Silently now I wait for Thee, ready, my God, Thy will to see; open my ears—illumine me, Spirit divine!”

Peppy was here a short time but he was a real blessing. He bought us much joy. He will be greatly missed.

See more photos at

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Puppies growing Precious & Peppy (dwarf)
« on: January 28, 2008, 03:04:33 pm »

Our Great Pyreneese puppies Precious and Peppy are now 4 months. The phot above shows them at 5 weeks and now. Precious is the big one. Peppy is a deaf dwarf. Hes bigger than we thought he was gooing to be. It will be interesting to see how big he gets.

Its hard to see the size difference in thephotos. Peppy is very light compared to Precious.

You can't tell in these photos but Precious has a beautiful smooth coat while Peppy's coat is rough and clicngs to everything. I'm hoping he'll outgrow it.

A little ear action here.

I'll be posting more at  wed.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Coat Problems
« on: January 01, 2008, 05:28:42 am »
I have two Pry puppies. Peppy is a deaf dwarf.

The coat difference in the Peppy and Precious is amazing. Peppy's coat is very rough and everything clings to it. I have to brush him twice a day. He likes to snuggle under the bushes and all the leaves and dirt cling to him.

 Precious always looks great and I hardly ever brush her.

Precious can be caked with mud and an hour later look great with no brushing.

I give my horses flaxseed in their food for shinny coats.Is there anything I do for Peppy?


Happy New Year  :D

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Little Peppy is hurt
« on: December 05, 2007, 02:32:19 am »
Soon after I posted Peppy's photos my son fell on Peppy hurting his right front leg. (I'm typing one handed to hold him.)

The vet was coming out anyway to geld a horse so timing was perfect. The vet drove up within 10 minutes of the accident. He said its not broken but hyperextended. He also explained deaf dogs tend to overreact--because they can't hear themselves yelp.

Peppy was crying ad crying--only me holding helped.  I left him with my son on a pallet while I helped with the horses. When I returned I asked hows he doing. My son said fine, he hasn't cried. Then Peppy saw me and cried and cried until I held him---so I guess he is a little spoiled.

I'm still holding him becausee I don't want his sister Precious to try to play with him. I'll put him in the crate alone tonight.

Whew...being a mom is exhausting.,20636.msg253172.html#new

Great Pyrenees Pictures / New photos: Great Pry Pups (dwarf puppy)
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:45:32 pm »
I wrote a blog enty about Peppy this morning. See
Spiritual Lessons from a Deaf Dog at

We first thought Peppy was so small because he was the runt of the litter but it soon became apparent he had medical problems. Becasue Peppy is deaf he needs a bell on his color

Deaf dogs display a high level of neediness. They compensate for the lack of hearing by having constant physical touch. Peppy has become my baby and stays in my lap much of the day. He’s a wonderful cuddler. When Peppy is not in my lap I allow him to keep me in his sight by sitting a little box on the counter as I do laundry or cook.

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