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So im always asking quetions and seeking advice for brooklily's sometime aggression problem.Its time to show some of her good stuff. I thought i would post some pics of her with one of her pals. For some reason these two dogs love eachother :-*   Alot of people in Titus' neighborhood wont let thier dogs play with him. But He is such a good boy!( just strong) So brooklily and I go over once a week or so. Yesterday they had a blast  for like an hour and a half. Yay Titus and Brooklily.  Its hard to get pics of them, cause they dont stop moving and my camera stinks. Next month , new camera!

So I have been pretty diligent in my work to help brooklily with her aggression problem. I have taken alot of the wonderful advice from BPO and it has been very helpful. Brooklily and i even went to see a behaviorist at Angell Memorial. ( of course everyone I know made fun of me relentlessly about bring Brooklily to a psychatrist  lol) I will see if i can scan her reportcard and post it later. Its just that it was over 200 dollars and i cant keep going back every week. So here is my question. In the past week my friend rented a room to a man who has a really friendly newfie. Im like great , i will bring miss Brooklily over to meet him. The behaviorist said big dogs only , cause she plays ROUGH. I made sure i was relaxed. i got out of the car first, gave the dog some love, showed Brooklily he meant me no harm, then brought her out.  It wasnt the usual immediate pounce. She sniffed for like 20 seconds ...then went after him. i was so sad cause i know she would really enjoy playing with this dog. He is very silly like her and def big enough to play hard.  I made her go on a walk with him despite her initial reaction. Was this a good idea? she stayed very focused on him the whole walk. ( pretty hard for this a.d.d. girl lol) We didnt let them get close enough again to get hurt, just walked near eachother. The guy was very cool and helpful. No worries and is willing to let brooklily walk with him more. Should i keep bringing her to walk with him ? will this be helpful for her learning or counter productive? Will this help her to change or am i just antagonizing the situation?  At this point I would say she is about 70/30.  with her being friendly to about 70 percent of the dogs I introduce her to.She has made some great dog friends :)But it is not safe for the dogs she doesnt like or for her. i need to keep working on this. Still not good at passing by dogs on walks though, that is where she is most challenged. (getting better though) Sorry so long .

Hi I didnt know Babs, but we are from the same area. Here is a  article about her written by a reporter I know at a local newspaper. I thought those of you who knew her would like to see it. It is lovingly written , with none of the pointless added drama associated with many  articles about already dramatic events. There is also a link to a shelter for donations. I know she is at peace , playing with many wonderful dogs.   Suzanne   modified because I put the wrong link. I will try in one minute again

  ok , im going to break down and try the dog park today. im very nervous. does anyone have any advice for Brooklily or me with our first dogpark visit?  a little backround ....1. Brooklily is currently getting better with her leash aggression, but it is still an issue. So when do i let her off leash at the park?  2. Brooklily loves to play and play hard. Are there some warnings if she is going to far? 3. Brooklily was not socialized up to 6 months AT ALL( basically left in a cellar  :'( ) untill i got her. I have her play with lots of other dogs but only one or two at a time in a fenced in area. She lives with my dads corgi ( not in same house . my dad has an inlaw in my house) so they share a yard and really love each other. So i know she isnt bad with other dogs , just rough, and doesnt always get the rules.             Im just nervous and would like some help. We are going today around 230. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!! Brooklily's mum

I saw this on craigslist boston. This person seems to be in genuine need.   I believe it was posted march 28th.Im not sure how to get in touch with people on craigslist,as I am a computer mess. Maybe some B.P.O. knowledge or advice as to what route they could take. My heart is breaking thinking of another pit P.T.S.  I guess when they posted it people didnt believe it or for some reason it was flagged. This person sounds desperate.

                       TRYING TO RE-POST, BECAUSE THIS WAS FLAGGED. God knows why! I am not RE-HOMING, I am looking for PROFESSIONAL HELP for my mentally disturbed dog. If you have a problem with that, e-mail me directly, or you or are otherwise contributing to the denial to get an aggressive dog re-habilitated. What person would do that?
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I have posted about my aggressive Pit Bull before. She is dog aggressive, and aggressive to people in uniforms. If anyone remembers, she bit the mail lady two months ago.

We've since been to training, and it is my opinion that she is worse. I tried to contact SEVERAL behavioralists in the area, and cannot afford any. I am very low-income, to the point where I often buy food for the dogs before I pay bills.

I have thought about giving her up to a shelter, but the truth is I got her from probably the most reputable no-kill shelter in the area. They adopted her to me knowing she aggressive, but at the time I was better off financially, and looked into her sad brown eyes and thought "This is nothing stability, love and training can't cure". Well, one doggie college, two trainers, two years and all the love a person could give, and things are only looking worse. I recently found out by a series of strange events that she has been through a few shelters, and I feel that it would be unethical of me to not deal with this situation directly. This is not to say anything negative to shelters, but I don't want to bounce her around anymore.

I muzzle her at all times outside of the home. We do our best to avoid people and dogs (desensatizatio n wasn't working well), but when we see a uniformed person or a dog I have to hold onto her for dear life. So far this works, but I have nightmares about the day it doesn't. Would she kill someone's dog? Would she really severely harm a person? God, who knows? But I don't want to know.

I love this dog so much, I am crying as I write this. I am leaving state for a better job at the end of summer, and if I she's not more stable at that point, I know in my heart that it is probably safer for society to have her PTS.

If there is any qualified person out there, please, this is really the end of the line for us. I am willing to charge this to my credit card, and pay it off till I die. I can wash your car, clean your house. I don't know. Maybe I can purchase something you need as barter, but I really don't have cold cash right now, at all. I just, I am, perhaps stupidly, hoping there is something that can still be done. She is so loving indoors to all people (always hates dogs), there must be something. I've read so many books, I can't do this alone. I am willing to give it everything I have.

I AM NOT SAYING WHAT I AM DOING IS RIGHT OR WRONG, BUT THIS WHAT MANY NIGHTS OF PRAYER HAVE COME TO. Either offer us some suggestion/help, or move onto the next post. This is hard enough.

Thank you with my entire being, in advance 

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I would love some input on peoples experience and suggestions for pet health insurance. I live in the Boston area and the level of care here is fantastic , but very expensive. Im thinking of getting it next week and have been looking at , A.S.P.C.A. insurance and V.P.I. insurance. Im open to other suggestions, and also wondering about plan choices. Please let me know . The info is quite overwhelming when you start to look into it. I want to make the correct choice for Brooklily,and my wallet ::). Thanks B.P.O. Brooklily's mum

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / teeth or tounge pics
« on: March 06, 2008, 02:28:25 am »
 Brooklily cant have both in her mouth at the same time. Its either teeth out or tounge out. Sometimes her tounge is out so far, she sleeps with it under her chin. Im going to try and sneak up on her and get a pic of that some night.

Remembering those no longer with us. / the dog that changed my life
« on: March 01, 2008, 03:54:05 pm »
Here are some pics of Savanna. She changed my whole life and turned me into "the crazy dog girl". I loved her more than I am able to express.I still love to talk about her and I think of her everyday. So I thought this would be a great place to vent.She passed away Dec 1st 2005. Her story is too long and too sad.But I will let you know that after being adopted by me she lived like a spoiled and happy queen for three years!!!! ;D Brooklily's mum

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / help with anger
« on: February 28, 2008, 07:26:55 pm »
hi everyone, I have been checking out the site now for a week or so and it seems like a great place to get some thoughts for Brooklily. first our problem, then some backround info if that will help.  Brooklily is furious and aggressive towards unknown dogs when she is on her leash. off leash playing in yards or parks she is happy and playful.  If she knows the dog we can walk with them no problem, but if we pass another dog she doesnt know , across the street, on a trail,even in a store she is like a different animal.There isnt even a warning , no stiffening or growling , just right to it. Teeth bared into attack mode. The other day a dog barked at us from the car and she lunged so hard she pulled me over. blood ripped pants , the whole deal. I hate to perpertrate the whole negative bully breed crap. This is a loving fun dog, just not on a leash with unknowns. Brooklily did have a rough beginning, she was kept in a cellar for first 6 months of her life,I dont know if this could be part of the problem.She gets ample exersize,love and is quite smart. She is some type of english bulldog mix.She is the love of my life and I want her and the dogs around her to be safe. thanks for your help and ideas    Brooklilys mum

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Pictures new members and old
« on: February 27, 2008, 11:14:06 am »
All the dogs here are so fun to look at and ooo and ahhhh over.I have posted some pics of Brooklily as replies to other posts, but I consolidated them here in one post.Is there an area on this website where people can just put pics? When I see one pic of someones dog I wanna see more and I am not always sure where to look.Maybe I am going about it wrong. If there isnt one already, is there some way we could start a picture section?  Brooklily' mum

Bulldog Discussion & Pictures / new member brooklily pics
« on: February 26, 2008, 03:56:29 am »
Hello,  here are a few pics of my baby Brooklily.She is a new member here.I am obsessed with the pics of everyones dogs,my own included. great site, wonderful dogs, friendly people. My kind of place!  Brooklilys' mum

Mixed Breed Discussion / new member pics of brooklily yay
« on: February 26, 2008, 03:25:47 am »
Hi everyone , Thanks so much for the warm welcome.Everyo ne was asking for pics but,I couldnt figure out how to downsize them, but i finally got it. So here is the first pic I made smaller. Ill spend some time resizing and add more 2night. I love the pics of everyone's dogs.I spent WAY to much time looking at all of them last night. So many beautiful dogs!!!I also have some great pics of Brooklily playing with her pals . I will put those up too :).    Brooklily's mum

Anything Non-Dog Related / hmmm pics a problem
« on: February 24, 2008, 01:30:56 pm »
hi everyone, Thanks for the warm welcome to Big Paws. I dont really want to admit it , but i am new to the internet for enjoyment.Unti ll about 2 weeks ago I had only really used it for work .  I tried to load my pics of the "beautiful, fun, but not always so well behaved Brooklily", they were too big for the site. From what I have figured out I have to resize them. We will see how that goes . I hope to have them up 2morrow. I could look at the pics of everyone elses dogs for hours. I love to see strong, healthy, well loved dogs, that are an important part of peoples families :).(makes me feel less dog crazy) Hopefully Brooklily pics will be up soon. Thanks for the welcome, Brooklily's mum

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / new member
« on: February 22, 2008, 05:21:00 pm »
Hi everyone. Im new to Big Paws. I was just jumping around the web and found this site. GREAT! Im the loving mum of a 2 1/2 yr old beautiful bulldog that i adopted 2 years ago.  They told me she was an English Bulldog. I kind of doubt it. She now weighs about 75pds and is all muscle. She is very active and the love of my life. Im  happy to find a group of dog lovers and will be keeping in touch. i will post some photos later.   Brooklily's Mum

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