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Anything Non-Dog Related / My Zoo! LONG POST WITH PICTURES!!
« on: March 02, 2008, 07:45:13 pm »
Hey everyone, Since I am new you peeps saw my signature and wanted to see pictures of all the other critters around here.  So here are some pictures of them.  I will say what they are, who and age.  Most of them are rescues also.  Some in a lot worse shape than others.  :)  They are quite the animals....

Caterpiller is 6 years old, he is a male african pygmy hedgehog and is not a rescue :)

Komatsu is a 2 year old female, african pygmy hedgehog and is also not a rescue.

Myrtle - Red Ear Slider turtle.  She is 15 years old.  She was bought for a little boy 13 years ago (when I got her 2 years ago.)and he kinda out grew having a turtle.  I felt sorry for the poor girl as she was kept SOLEY in water and had shell rott as a result of it.  Never allowed to dry off or have any UV source.  I keep her outside in the summer months in a baby pool with smooth stones in the middle that she can climp on to sun.  I cover half of the pool so she can't get to hot.  She really enjoys being outside to.  She gets brought in every night so nothing happens to her when we are asleep.

She also had pyramiding of the shell because of a bad diet and no uv lighting. (her shell isn't smooth and rounded like a normal turtle)

KooKie is a green iguana who I rescued 2 years ago at almost the age of 1.  He will be 3 this year.  He was fed a diet of only fruit and had no uv lighting either.  At the age I got him he should have been bright bright green, if he was healthy.  After a few months his color turned around and he is bright green.  As males get older they start to turn more orange to make themselfs more attractive to the chicks.  LOL.  He is a deffinate handful as he hates everyone and doesn't even trust me after 2 years.  I got a good bite from him a few days ago.
When I got kooKie in 2005

KooKie a few months later..

Baby is a female green iguana that is 16 years old this year.  She was left to me when her mom passed away suddenly of a diabetic coma in Cleveland Ohio.  I met Baby the first time in California when I drove her and her sister and mom to Ohio to live.  IT WAS A LONG DRIVE!!  lol  but well worth it.  Baby has adjusted well to life in Canada, I'm sure she wondered what the heck all the white stuff outside is and wonders why she can't go outside all year long like she could in California.  She is one of the sweetist girls you'll ever meet.

Rockzilla is a female green iguana.  She was and is my worst rescue case to date.  She was severly miss treated and fed a diet of dog food.  She was givin no UV lighting and kept in a dark basement with one 60 watt light bulb.  I'm suprised she even survived with the advanced stage of metabolic bone disease she has (mbd-is like bone cancer in humans)  Her spine has been broken at least 2x and her tail once. She has fusing of the bones which doesn't allow her bone joints to bend on most of her spine, back legs and tail.  She is partially paralyzed and gets around great on her front legs.  She has the greatist spirit for an animal that has lived such a miserable life.  She is my girl.  She is roughly around 6 or 7 years old.  No one knew exactly how old she was when I got her and I've had her for 2 years.
A few days after she came to me... notice the discusting colors...

Before picture.... At 2.2lbs and she should weigh 7 at her size and age if she was healthy.

A more recent picture of her now :)  She is around 3.8lbs as too much weight would be to hard on her back now and she wouldn't be able to pull herself around.

Sweet Pea, is a female veiled chameleon.  She was the female to my breeding pair that never did breed.  She just turned out to be too small.  But she is very shy and likes to be left alone.  She is a very tiny female.

The size difference between my male (Flick passed away in 2006 of old age) and Sweet Pea

My cats are Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.  Sabbath will be 11 in October this year.  She was also a rescue and was shoved in a small box with 5 other cats shoved between the duel wheels of a cement truck.  I guess someone was hoping he wouldn't do his circle check and accidently run them over.  She was approximatly 4 weeks old and needed to spend a few days in the hospital.  Now she is a big suck and loves me and needs to always be around.  She is deffinatly an abnormal cat.  She comes when she is called and has her own seat at the table.  She CAN NOT touch the table though.  Just feels it is necessary for her to sit there with us.  Even if were not eating. 

Pink Floyd will be 8 years old this year.  She is also a rescue that I stole from my brother.  She was very sick with an infection of anything you could think of and could barely breath or see.  My brother said I couldn't take her and if she was ment to die she could.  So I couldn't live with that and I sole her from his house.  He didn't notice till hours after I left.  I couldn't let this kids loose there kitten.  And she still lives with us and has grown very attached to my dad after my mom passeed away 2 years ago.  She is part mainecoon and something else.  Her mom was a total white cat with one ear. 

And my fish I guess I could post pictures of them some day!  Fish arn't really photogenic!  LOL

SO this is my longist post ever!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Blog Feedback & Discussion Board / Hound photos?
« on: March 02, 2008, 07:01:57 pm »
Hey there,

I just wondered why the Hound section doesn't have a photos board.....  I had some to post shortly and was just looking at where they are supposed to go. 

TY :)

Great Dane Discussions / Arthritis?
« on: March 02, 2008, 12:12:04 am »
Hi there :)

  Does anyone else's dane have arthritis?

Brutis started getting arthritis when he was probably 7.5 years old after he bumped his his knee off a running board on our semi truck.  He had a small tumor type thing removed off his hip like a month before.  He had gotten an injection over his back end for an infection he had and got a bump after that wouldn't go away.  So I assumed it was his hip. 

He has been on metacam since then and it works for the most part.  We only have him on 10ml in the summer and 20ml in the winter.  Was just wondering is anyone elses dog has arthritis or if they are on metacam to.  If not metacam what do you all do to make things easier for them? Supplements, food, bedding? 

Hope to hear back :)

Great Dane Pictures / Pictures from Brutis's 9th Birthday
« on: March 01, 2008, 11:47:50 pm »
Hey all,

Here are some pictures of Brutis on his birthday! His birthday is February 19th. He had a little bit of cake that I made for him.  Cherry Chip with Vanilla frosting.  Only a small piece though. 

And a picture of the two of us on his b day :) 

German Shepherd Pictures / Phaorah at the park :)
« on: March 01, 2008, 11:28:26 pm »
Hey everyone,

Since I didn't see toooo many german shep posts then here is Pharoah once again :) 

On our way to the woodland park where we walk.

At the park in the snow. 

She is getting whiter and whiter!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / We are new to BPO :)
« on: February 28, 2008, 02:18:58 am »
Hello everyone!

My puppers are happy to join your forum.  I am the proud slave to a 9 year old deaf albinoism harlequin dane male named Brutis and a 10 year old king german shep female named Pharoah.

Brutis originally was my puppy, but when I went through a bad split up with an x boyfriend, he knew the way to my heart was to steal my puppy.  So he kept Brutis for a few months and it was the worst few months of his life.  He was abused, chased with the hose, pushed down the stairs and who only knows what else.  It was only after I called the police and happened to be there that the x did something bad to him in front of an animal loving cop who wouldn't put up with that crap.  He grabbed my poor baby 6 month old dane and threw him across the room.  Needless to say the cops wern't to happy with him and appointed me custody.  Which to this day I do not regret one bit.  As Brutis is deffinatly a momma's boy.  He was born deaf and has albinoism (albino traits)  He is supposed to be Harlequin but obviously has some genetic defects. But that doesn't make me love him ANY less :)  He is starting to get some arthritis in his knee, from an injury when he jumped into our semi and banged his knee off the running board.  But other than that he is a very intelligent boy and knows sign language and loves travelling.

Pharoah is a true rescue.  I rescued her when she was what should have been half her size.  Which she did not change much after she was rescued.  She was severly starved of food, water and attention. When I got her she maybe weighed 30lbs.  But you could see her ribs even through her thick winter coat.  She was taken from an abusive home by some neighbours and made her way into my heart.  I have had her for almost 10 years now.  As I rescued her before I got Brutis.  But to them they are brother and sister.  She is a very fun girl, who is happy to please.  Loves giving kiss's and everyone asks if those black spots on her tongue are dirt.  The only thing she hasn't grasped in her 10 years on earth, are the come command.  On a leash she gets it but when she's let out, she isn't coming back till she's ready and knows you can't catch her. 

And after all that is me, I'm Stephanie. Friend of Jody with Zero, Jiggs, Memphis and Reba.  I am a self employed tattooist and I live in southern Ontario, Canada. 

Thanks, and hope to talk to you all sometime :)

German Shepherd Pictures / Pharoah :)
« on: February 28, 2008, 02:02:48 am »
Hello Everyone! 
I am Pharoah, my brother, me and my mum just joined this forum and its pretty neat. 

I am approximatly 10 years old.  No one really knows how old I am as I was a rescue :)  But thanks for checkin out my picture, my face is a little more grey now!  I need some nice N easy to get rid of these resistant greys!  LOL jk I am proud to have all these hairs of knowledge on my face :)  My mum is proud of me to :)

Great Dane Pictures / My Dane Brutis Doo
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:57:15 am »
Hey everyone this is my dane Brutis.  He just celebrated his 9th birthday on February 19th, 2008.  I love this boy very much and I hope he would be healthy, happy for a long long long time.  But in reality I know I probably don't have that much more time left with him :(  But here he is and he is a very cute little boy :)

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