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Blog Feedback & Discussion Board / Dishonest breeders Help!!!
« on: June 09, 2008, 09:27:46 pm »
********* Danes sold me what I thought was a show quality puppy.  Thats what they said, that is what I paid for. 
Two days after I received the puppy I had her checked out by my vet and that was the first vet that told me there was a problem with her bite.  I notified them and they assured me there was no problem. 
I then contacted there vet and they said there were some bite issues with some of the puppies but would not be specific. 
I then took her to another vet that deals with show dogs and again the prognosis was the same bad bite probably to only get worse as the puppy gets older. He recomended that I see a specialist.  So I did.
One of only 70 vets that specialize in veteranary dentistry.  His evaluation was that the dog had a severe underbite and was certanly not show quality.  Not only was she not show quality but the dog should not be bred.  Also to correct the bite as much as possible, the dog would need surgery. 
Clearly This is not what I thought I purchased. 
I want to warn everone considering bying a Great dane puppy dont buy from them or there Co-Breeder ****** Great Danes
Not only that, but these people will not refund me any of the money I paid them for the show quality puppy I did not get.

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