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Saint Bernard General Discussions / Hello all you saintly people!!
« on: March 10, 2009, 08:46:56 am »
I am new first post.  I have 2 saints, Jade and Ruby and they are GREAT.  I got them when they were nearly 7 weeks old and they are pushing 5 months now.  Yes, they are sisters.  They are a lot of fun and very, very loving.  I take them both out for a walk at the same time.  They do not pull the leash. In fact they are so excited to go out that I just hold up the collar and they come and put their head right in it.  One is a rough coat and one is short.  I would post pictures but I am at work at the moment.  It's been amazing watching them grow and learn....and how quickly they do learn and how eager they are to please.  We also have a cat who absolutely loves the puppies.  you would think he (yes he) was in heat every time we take the puppies out for a walk and he can't be with them.  They all three eat out of the same bowl at the same time...(dogs & cat) even though the cat has her own food and bowl, he has to be with the dogs.  We also have a ferret that Ruby & Jade like to lick.  Rat (ferret) was on the couch one day and Ruby walked over there and she jumped right on Rubys back....but it was even funnier when she jumped on the cats head from the couch.  So there is my farm in a nutshell.  And oh, did I mention, I also have my daughter, her husband, their daughter with another daughter on the way due the end of next month?  Yep....I really should be insane by now, but honestly, my doggies keep me stable.

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