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Food Discussion & Information / Re: Food issues...again
« on: December 14, 2007, 03:25:53 pm »
ahhhhh good luck!!! How's Bo doing today?

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
« on: October 01, 2005, 02:40:49 am »
I'm very close to getting a greyhound (should have one by end of October) I was curious about Wildlonewolf's comment about living in a small apartment and having 2 greys! Impressive! I've been a bit concerned about my 730 square foot apartment for one dog let alone 2! I'd love to know what your experience has been with the dogs in a small space. Have you had any issues? Thanks for your time.

I had no problems at all with both dogs in my apartment. (I moved to a house a couple of weeks ago) Remember a grey sleeps alot. I walked the dogs many times during the day, to offset the fact that they are in a small place. As long as you have space for them to stretch out, you will be fine in your apartment. Lite was adopted just before I moved, so I just have Lucy (my dog) here. It's been interesting to watch her adjust to a house....(Much more room here in the house!)
Yesterday I returned to the apartment to hand in my keys, and looked around...... I can't believe I had all my stuff and two dogs living there! Wow! It's that small!

Good Luck with your pup!

Renee & Lucy!

Wow, It sucks when a track closes. I haven't heard much, but then again, I never hear much, unless it's on the greyhound list, or an email from Lucy's adoption group.

Renee & Lucy Sue

Wow...those comments never cease to amaze me...My SIL recently said "you really should train your Rocky so you can have company", and then I said "Whoever said I wanted company"? ;D

That's a good one. I will have to remember that!!

Renee & Lucy!

Oh, that's so great to hear.¬  Good for you Lite, or Dante.

I love it when they get to pick out their people.

So do I!!

Ah, a sad¬  :( day for Lucy & I, but a HAPPY¬  ;D¬  DAY for Lite. He has a new mommy and daddy!!! WOOOHOOO!!! His mommy is a vet, and he has ONE acre of fenced in yard to run and play in!! His new name is Dante! I think it suits him. They are such a nice couple, and Lite loves them. When they first met on Monday, Lite jumped up on his new mom to give her kisses!! He has never done that before. I was embarassed, but she took it in stride. That's when I knew Lite choose his new family. Good for you Lite!! We love you!!¬  :-*

Renee & Lucy!!

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Moonshine
« on: August 27, 2005, 05:49:52 am »
Moonshine is so adorable!! I know what you mean about failing at fostering, I'm so worried that I'll do that with Lite. Your are right, it is hard to keep them off the bed & furniture when you are fostering. I keep telling myself that i'd hate to let him do it, only to adopt him out to someone who would not let him on furniture. but fostering is so fun, don't ya think? ;D

Renee & Lucy & Lite

It's been 3 weeks now. he walks around like he owns the place.... it must be a male thing!! LOL He is such a great boy. He loves his walks, his food and his toys! LOL He is starting to be my little protecter. Lets me know when he believes people are too close to the house, and if we are outside at night, he points out everyone to me. What a guy!!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hello Dog People........
« on: August 27, 2005, 05:38:46 am »
Welcome! Your going to LOVE this site!!!!  My name's Renee, I have one greyhound, Lucy Sue, & one foster greyhound Lite. We live in Windsor, ON Canada.

Well it's been almost two weeks I've had this beautiful, well tempered boy! He have adjusted well to my schedule and is a greyt houseguest! I don't understand why people haven't been ringing my phone off the hook to see him! I've helped with his profile, I believe he is ready for his new home! He has no issues that I am aware of! Lucy (my dog) was timid, shy and had seperation anxiety when I got her, Lite has None of these issues. What a well behaved puppy!Should I be calling the adoption agency more to say why is he still here? (There is a waiting list for cat safe dogs they tell me) I just want this boy to have a great home, and his own mommy and/or daddy of his own!! Poor guy!!

Hey I'm in Windsor, On till August 31, then I move over across the river to Detroit, MI. I unsure still if he is small dog safe. The reaction from Lite so far has ranged from no reaction to I don't know if this is a cat or a dog, to hmmm I think I'm interested in this thing... (The small dog in question is my parents shitz-tzu) LOL Poor Kiko, thinks she's a big dog, but she looks like a hairy cat!
Renee, Lucy & Lite

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Neo in Toronto up for Adoption
« on: August 14, 2005, 09:24:50 pm »
Well Good Luck Nicole!! I live in Windsor, ON across the river from Detroit. If you are making an 8 hour trip to TO and want to rest and hang out for a while, just let me know. I'm 5 mins from the detroit/windsor tunnel.

Renee, Lucy & Lite

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
« on: August 14, 2005, 12:54:36 pm »
With Lucy, the whole adoption process took about 6 weeks. From filling out the online application, to actually bringing her home. I let the adoption group, (I used Michigan REGAP), know I needed a cat safe dog, and one that is good with childern. (I don't have any yet, but in her lifetime I will) I currently live in a small apartment and I have no problems with Lucy, and her foster brother Lite. This group does home visits and has great follow up after the adoption. I would suggest that she find a local group, let them know her needs, and then start meeting the dogs till she finds the one! I leash walk both dogs, (no fenced in yard here) and we go for a "real walk" for about an hour daily! No problems at all! Good Luck!!
Renee, Lucy & Lite!

Hello all! I've been a busy girl lately! I almost forgot to introduce Lucy's first foster brother, 'Lite" He is such a laid-back guy! Very easy going! I know that he is an easy foster, I've had him for a week now, and it feels like he's been around forever! He's adjusted well to my schedule, 6AM - 2PM, and had learnt how to go up & down my evil, steep, wooden steps!! What a quick learner he is! (two days flat!, Lucy took 3!) I'm half in love already! (who am I kidding, eh?) I keep telling myself that I'm just a stop in his journey to find a forever home! I really do not want to fail at fostering!! He is potty trained, and hates going into his crate, but I tell him it's just until he gets to his new home. I firmly feel he would be just fine not in the crate, but it would not be fair to him to uncrate him, then his new family crates him. Same with Furniture priveliges. He does not have them here, but I keep telling him hopefully his forever family will let him!! Those sad brown eyes are always asking me!! Please? LOL What a gentleman he is. He is cat safe, unsure if he is small child safe yet but hopefully he will find his forever family soon!! Will keep every one updated!!
Renee, Lucy & Lite! ;D

Well my boyfriend and I have to decided to wait a few months before getting a new dog. Lucy and I are moving in with him. I would like her to adjust to the new home first. In the last 6 weeks we have babysat my parents dogs, (Golden Retriever and a Shitz-tzu) Lucy had a temper with the female Shitz-tzu, but was fine with the male Golden. Also in the last week I took in an emergency foster Greyhound, a male, named Lite. I've noticed that she is SO summisive (sp) to him, I barely reconize her! So we move in three weeks. I'm hoping Lite will be adopted out by then, if not he will move with us too. Then DH will get an American Bulldog Puppy in a few months. Thanks all for your suggestions.
Renee, Lucy & Lite ;D
Here are a few pics of the Foster, Lite. He is Lucy's twin, I swear!!

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