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That is Kris...the most titled Saint in the history of the breed.  He has something like 34 titles in 7 different venues, including his CH. title.  He is truly amazing!

I appologize if I am not supposed to post this here?!?!?!  Still getting the hang of this place...<GRIN>
Just wanted to introduce Isis (Rhine's Isis V HillSide).  She is 7.5 weeks old now and will be joining this HillSide crew this weekend. 
She is an incredible girl with personality plus and we are very excited for this girls future.  Isis is out of Mosby (CH. Nerthus Rebel Without A Cause, CD, CGC) and Sydney (Vinehill Sydney).  This was a tight linebreeding which produced some outstanding, exceptionally typey puppies and we are thrilled and honored to be blessed with her.
I know the DIVA will be thrilled to have someone more her own size to play with...LOL. 
Thanks for letting me they are...Isis and Diva....

Thank you all for the welcome and the nice words about the beasties.  I am pretty proud of them....still a work in progress, but heading in the direction I want at least..LOL. 
Yes, Heather...I appologize.... I didn't put the names together...LOL ...I see you and have chatted with ya on the other lists....I am sorry I didn't make the connection.... my "old age is kicking in"...either that or sleep deprivation... LOL.
Thanks again guys....

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Introducing Chase
« on: November 29, 2005, 08:17:14 pm »
What a handsome puppy!  Welcome!  I don't get on here too very work schedule and the brat pack keep me pretty busy....but I really enjoy seeing all the pics and info!
Best of luck to you and Chase!

I currently have an 8 wk old pup that weighs 20 lbs.  My 7 month old babies (Deacon and miracle) weigh over 100 lbs (Deacon weighs 120 lbs)
In looking back at my records of my last 13 smallest puppy weighed just under 40 lbs....
That does not mean that your puppy should weigh that will depend on several things.  There are alot of variables that come into pedigree, birth weight, health problems...etc .
As long as she is healthy and is eating well, then I would guess that she is right on target for "her".   
Best of luck with your new puppy!!!

Adding my .02 here.....
Yes, the pups are cute..but what pup isn't, right????  BUT....
Those poor babies can't even pass for poorly bred "purebred" Saints....
How ridiculous and irresponsible of those even advertise them as such. 
Don't mean for that to sound elitist...but I take alot of pride in my breed and what is in my kennel.  Years of prep. and forethought  should go into  breeding (sometimes even before the dogs are actually on the ground..LOL)  This just irks me to no end.....
Maybe it is ME...but I cannot even begin to see HOW someone could possibly mistake those pups for purebreds???????????  Am I missing something?

Aww.  Thanks guys!  I really appreciate the warm welcome.
I have updated my paw prints with recent pics of the babies...Moo and Angel are on hold for now....they are soooooo out of coat...LOL.
Looking forward to the cooler weather...mayb e it will help grow some hair on these beasts.  LOL

Hi all....
I don't get to come here too often and wanted to re introduce myself...My name is Trish White.  We have a small show kennel located near the foothills of the Smokey Mtns.   
I am in the process of updating my paw prints for my "kids" as well as creating a couple new paw prints for the 2 new additions (one is still not yet weaned so it will be a few weeks before she arrives).
The 2 "babies" from our first litter are now 7 months old and getting absolutely HUGE.  Deacon is approx 110 lbs now and Miracle is right at 100lbs.   They are huge, gangly, houndish babies right I have to just put my blinders on when evaluating them...LOL.
Mulan or Moo as I lovingly call her is just 4 singles away from finishing her Championship.  Angel should be coming back out this winter/early spring to try to get her finished as well. 
Diva (Twin Branch's Shes All That) is one of the new additions....S he is out of a Mosby son, Albert, and Hottie and we have very high hopes for this striking little girl.  She is living up to her name and is a true Diva around here....LOL.   
Isis is the other baby girl that will be coming in a few weeks.   She is out of Mosby (CH. Nerthus Rebel Without A Cause, CD, CGC) and Sydney (Vinehill Sidney)
I am going to attempt to get pics updated here...but just in case I have trouble...plea se feel free to check out my website...
Thanks for letting me share and I look forward to coming here more often and talking "saints" with all of you.
Trish and the HillSide Gang

Hello.  We are new here.  First I would like to say how wonderful it is being in the company of such beautiful dogs!!!  They are all wonderfu!!
Here are a couple of our "kids" to add to this beautiful list!
 Rhine's Lady N D'Skies(major pointed) and

Rhine's Just A Kiss(pointed).  We also have two new additions to HillSide out of our most recent litter....Mira cle (HillSides Heaven Sent V Rhine) and Deacon (HillSides HolyRollr V Rhine)
Thank you for allowing us to join and share our babies with you.
HillSide Saint Bernards

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