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Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't been able to reply- work has been crazy. Rescue (the BC) is better then a mop- he licks all the Newf drool off their faces, I don't think they like it but they tolerate it. Funny, he hasn't tried it with our Rottie!
Donna and Crew

Gee Bear I mean Jenna,
Who knows! If you have a litter of 9 puppies how do you judge what color is smarter? I am still chuckling over the color thing! My Newfs give it 8 paws up for blacks... the Rott is abstaining from voting and the Foster baby gives it 4 more paws! My son saw the pic of Bear (in sunglasses) and thought it was of our female. I will have to dig our pic up! Peoples ignorance continues to amaze me!
Donna and Crew

Oh sheesh.....
Dying laughing here.... Landseers work harder then Blacks? Don't tell my pups that! Some Newf owners ignorance continues to amaze me. My black Newfs have taught our foster baby how to be a Newf in 12 hours.  And he is Border Collie! Jenna good for you for spreading the truth!
Donna and Crew... plus one foster (PLEASE read my post about the Border Collie)

Hi all,
Jenn and Bear have helped me out before with a Sarplaniac dog in Montana. Now this time I went and did it!I am actually fostering this guy! He is a pure blood Border Collie a little under 2 yrs. GWD,GWK,GWC he is WAY too submissive! My heart melts for this guy. My female Newf Queen has taken him under her wing. He cowed down to our Rott and our male Newf plays with him. He obviously has had a hard life but he is VERY obedient. He knows all basic commands. I really cannot have 4 dogs at my place, so if you know of anyone PLEASE Help! I will add his pic in the next day or 2. He is a Tri color and an absolute doll. As I type this my Newfs are teaching him BAD habits of barking at dogs that walk by. E mail me at He is in the Whitefish area, NW Montana!

Hi Marit,
Even though we are new here my 4 legged family has 12 paws folded in prayer for you! Our deepest sympathies.
4 legged hugs and 2,
Donna and Crew

 ;D Jaime is that you or Bear bumping?,
THANK YOU! Sorry all, my computer went down Mon morning and I am just back online this afternoon. I will check out those links- thank you so much!
4 legged hugs and 2,
Donna and Crew

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: dog fight
« on: July 10, 2005, 08:10:30 pm »
All of our paws are up for Chances recovery emotionally and physically. Just a thought, I would immediately acclimate him to friendly dogs (as in a controlled dog park on a leash) as he is still a pup and a NEGATIVE experience will imprint on his brain. We have a Rottie who we rescued as her FIFTH and FINAL home and do alot of large breed rescue. She was dog aggressive but with our Newfs and being exposed to other dogs it calmed her down. She was 3 and we managed to barely nip the problem in the bud with alot of slow, limited exposure.Chanc e being a Pit, he NEEDS to have a CHANCE to show he can be around other dogs and not become too defensive or overly aggressive, or overly defensive with your kids! Poor Chance, my Newfs said they would come smack that GSD down to the ground for him! They paw things down they are so huge. We won't say what the Rottie said she'd do.....She is not aggressive anymore!
Take care Chance
4 legged hugs and 2,
Donna and Crew   

I don't mind at all. I did however get in touch with one of the only UKC people who do Sarplaninac rescue. They have only ever seen like 3 come into rescue. She is going to call the Shelter tomorrow. I would hope the more the merrier to get this guy a loving home, he is a rare gem. Thank you for your help!
4 legged hugs and 2,

Oops, that was Tank (the 189 lb Newf who my ex has now) and Bitty. Let me find Dozer and Rachel and of course I have to show Bit in her "Montana" snowflakes. I got so carried away, I never introduced myself. My name is Donna and we are owned by the 2 Newfs and Rottie. I still have "visitation rights to my Great Pyr- Beethoven and Tank (I cry every night over not having them :'(. We live in NW Montana and our pups are fortunate enough to take a dip in the lake whenever boat traffic is not to high. This site is incredible and I look forward to visiting it often!

Ok, I am new here, but I hope this works! It should be "Bitty" and Dozer. We'll see if this works. For you Rottie lovers, I will have to find one of my son and his baby girl.
Donna, Daniel, Bitty,Dozer and Rachel

Hello to all of you owned by Big Dogs,
My 13 yo son and I are the proud owners of 2 Newfs and HIS loyal Rottie. I am hoping that someone in here can steer me to the correct path as I have never encountered this breed and they are very rare. There is a PB Male/N 3 yo Sarplaninac in Dillon, Mt's (excuse) for an Animal Shelter. I rescued my big Newf boy out of there 2 years ago ....and that is another story for another day. I just looked up the breed and they are gorgeous yet only introduced to the U.S in the 1970's. Ashes is good with all pets but cannot seem to bond with men. He adores women and bonds quickly.If anyone thinks they can help this guy out of a dismal situation please email me and I will send you the link to his information. Or, if anyone knows how to send the link to the chat board. The dogs in Dillon are tied or chained with virtually no shelter, a dog house here, tin placed over a corner there. ANY assistance would be great. Sarplaninacs are considered a guard/predator working dog and are HIGHLY intelligent 77-100 lbs although they appear much larger due to their coat (kinda like my 132 and 157 lb Newfs, hehe.) Any help would be appreciated!
4 legged hugs and 2,

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