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I am  just keeping

I am the one who posted the plee for Charlie!
I have another idea.
I have an amazing 1 yr. old (F) purebred Neo.
Her coat is a silky grey!
Beautiful face well put together K9!
 She honestly is the best looking Neo. I have ever seen!
She is in PERFECT health. Owner surrendered. Due to aggression towards other dogs!
She has to be THE ONLY DOG!!
preferably a one on one relationship.
Her and her owner, would be ideal.
However she is also fine with kids, cats, men & women.
Experience in Neo. Mastiff highly recomended!

Neapolitan Mastiff Discussions & Pictures / Re: Charlie the Neo. In need!
« on: September 13, 2005, 08:03:01 am »
Here is a couple of ph.#'s to call for Charlie inquires!

Darlene -623-362-2613 Az.

Rachel -916-267-3466  Sacremento, Ca.

Wendy - 619-445-8741 San Diego, Ca

Sorry I forgot to mention, Charlie is in Az. right now. He will be on his way to San Diego, Ca. on Friday 09-16-05
I am in San Diego.
I wanted to take him in but am unable to. I am not certain why he's doomed I just know he's going to be without a home Sat.

Where are you?  did you see his pic.? He's the trendy Neo!
I know there are so many people who would love him.
I just have to find them!
The rescue member is going through many cities and a couple of states.
Possibly, you or a prospective home is on the way????
She will drive him there!
I wont give up trying!

Good Morning!
Charlie doesn't have to be euthed. He has to find a home.!!!!
He needs to find  a foster home.
No one in our rescue can take him in.
I have been posting all night. All over the web. Trying to get him in a home/foster home.
I was going to foster him, but I have 9 dogs in foster. I am only suppose to have 6 total here. I have two of my foster dogs in foster care as it is.
I really can't take him now. It would be against so many variables!
Do you want to help us find a place for him?
If so please reply!!


Neapolitan Mastiff Discussions & Pictures / Charlie the Neo. In need!
« on: September 13, 2005, 04:16:00 am »
The previous post about Charlie.
The 1 yr. (M) Neo. Mastiff
Is in Arizona till Friday. 9-16-05
He will be in San Diego, Ca. for one day.
Please there is a long stretch between AZ. & Ca. We will deliver Charlie to you!
 PLEASE EVEN a home as a foster for a few weeks will spare his life!!!!
PLEASE consider!!!
Darlene : 623-362-2613
Rachel   :916-267-3466
Wendy  : 619-445-8741
He's AMAZING!!!!

CHARLIE!!! Neo Mstiff IS running out of time!
He is a Beautiful PUREBRED Neo. Mastiff
1 year old Male
great with all dogs!!!!
Loves kids
Silky smokey grey coat.
Small for a Neo. approx.  80 lbs.
However, Charlie is PERFECT for the Person who wants a Mastiff....But hasn't a Mastiff size home!
House trained a great dog with a small special need.
Charlie has a hind leg that turns in.This hinders him in no way.
And it never will!
His $350.00 adoption fee HAS BEEN PAID!!!!!
No cost to you ,,,,but love !!!

I am posting a plee to all who love the AMAZING Neopolitan Mastiff.
This about Charlie.
He is all Neo. in appearence
He is smaller than some Neo's  80 lbs.

Perfect for the Mastiff person, who can't accomidate the Mastiff size.
Perfect for the Neo. person!!!!
Without the Neo. issues!
He loves Kids
               all dogs
               Most of all He loves living!
he will have to be euthed. :'(    this Friday Sept. 16, 2005
Please consider adopting Charlie. He will be the best dog of your life!
He needs YOU to save him.
He is with Canine Rescue Coalition

Adoption fee HAS BEEN PAID!!!!
$350.00 PAID!!
Shopts all updated
House trained
Loves to play
contact: Darlene Spencer: Ph. #  623-362-2613 

              Wendy Humphrey:619-445-8741



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