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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I've missed you guys!
« on: January 25, 2006, 03:08:45 pm »
I have been having continual internet issues, but I think (I hope) it's back to normal now! I've missed you guys and have been having some BPO withdrawal  :-X  How is everyone and their dogs?

Taz is doing great! We've been going to the dog park a lot, and he made a Great Dane friend there. The Great Dane is 9 months old, and he's huge, and Taz took him down while they were playing, and I was shocked   :D Wish I had my camera that day! Anyway, I'll be posting some pics of him in the Siberian section.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'm happy to be back!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: hi! i'm new!
« on: November 29, 2005, 03:05:31 pm »
Welcome, Lexie! My name is Jackie, and I am 19 years old, from New York. I own a 9 year old Siberian Husky named Taz. Great to have another Husky owner aboard!

Games & Jokes / Re: What kind of animal are you?
« on: November 28, 2005, 06:09:03 pm »
You Are A: Bear Cub!

Bears are strong and independent creatures who roam in the forest in search of food. Bears are usually gentle, but anger one and be prepared for their full fury! You have a bit of a temper -- a classic attribute of bears. Intelligent and resourceful, though lazy at times, you are a fascinating creature of the wild.

Basset Hound
 No bones about it, you're a friendly, easy-going Basset Hound. Laid-back and very low-maintenance, "down time" is your favorite activity you treasure the moments when you don't have anything on your agenda except plopping down on the couch for a night of "Must-See TV." Although you're always gunning for low-key evenings, you're really a pretty social pup and a snap to get along with. Sure, some folks might misinterpret your relaxed attitude and lifestyle as laziness, but those who really know you think your no-frills approach to life is refreshing. No daily planner? No itinerary for the evening? No problem! Woof.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Does Your Dog Talk?
« on: November 28, 2005, 04:39:39 pm »
Oh yes, Huskies are notorious talkers  :D Taz rarely ever barks, he howls and "woos". I love it, it's music to my ears!

Leonberger Pictures / Re: updated picture of Roxy
« on: November 28, 2005, 04:35:41 pm »
She is beautiful!

Oh my gosh, that is horrifying. I'm so glad the pup is ok. People can be so terrible, I hate it  >:( :'(

Anything Non-Dog Related / Sorry for my absences!
« on: November 28, 2005, 04:30:12 pm »
I thought I'd just post this before I started catching up with everything I missed, so you guys don't wonder where the heck I came from  :D I've just been having computer problems that I hope *crosses fingers* are resolved now! Anywho, it looks like there's a lot to catch up on and I have a few pictures to post. I'm glad to be back, I missed it here!

Oh, I didn't know it was illegal. Thanks for informing me, I'll probably put it on her door. I'm going to try and do it when she's not home, that way it can be a little surprise and she won't see me coming. Then I'll see what she has to say next time I pass through  :D

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Rough day today
« on: November 02, 2005, 10:10:28 pm »
How about pet sitting? The holidays are coming up! I do pet sitting, and it's tons of fun and pretty good money :P

I should print that, and put it in her mailbox tommorow. Because I can be a jerk too  :D LOL

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Puggle...
« on: November 02, 2005, 10:05:54 pm »
I still don't get how people can breed a mutt, and somone will buy it for $2000, when you can get any mutt, even these "designer" breeds in a shelter. Also, aren't Hybrid's a cross between two different species, not breeds?

But doesn't "Curb Your Dog" mean pick up after your dog? Because I just got in a big fight with this woman on my block about that, and she's telling me that means to walk my dog in the middle of the street.

I was doing the usual nightly walk with Taz, and of course, a dog's gotta go when a dog's gotta go. So, he went, not even on her property, it was on the grass by the curb, and she pulls up as I'm cleaning it, which I ALWAYS do, I always take responsibility in that. And she's starts going on about how he's going on her property, which technically, it's not considered that, but I won't get started on that, and I said that to her and I asked her what does she think I'm doing squatting toward the ground with a plastic bag right after my dog just went to the bathroom, and she says that I'm supposed to curb my dog, and I asked her what does she think I'm doing squatting for my own health, and she told me I'm supposed to be in the middle of the street with my dog?! No way, not with the way people around here turn down these blocks. And she starts going on about how she's seeing a lot of poop lately or something, and I told her that I'm not the only one who walks their dog on this block, why does she think I'm carrying a plastic bag if I just leave the dogs stuff around the neighborhood. And she's all like next time I see him poop, I'm gonna follow you home and leave it on your doorstep and see how you like that, and I'm sitting there like what is wrong with this lady. I told her how is that possible if I clean up after the dog? You're gonna leave some other dog's business at my doorstep? And some other things were said, as it ended I was calling her profane things, and she finally went in, and on the way back  as I passed by I yelled some more profane things because the adrenaline was pumping LOL.

But I don't know, she pissed me off really bad and I hate people sometimes. I really want to know now, does curb your dog mean walk in the middle of the street? I really don't think so, because in the signs around the neighborhood, its not someone walking in the street, it's a little guy picking up doo doo  ::)

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi I'm new and wanted to say helo
« on: November 02, 2005, 10:16:45 am »
Aww, Winslow is SO cute!! He looks so cuddly  :P

Welcome to BPO, by the way! My name is Jackie, I have a 9 year old Siberian Husky named Taz. I hope you have a wonderful time here!

I also have a similar question, hopefully I can get some help. I'd like to have Taz become a therapy dog, and have no idea how to go about!

Giant Schnauzer Pictures / Re: Finally!!! Pictures of my Dazy girl!
« on: November 02, 2005, 10:08:16 am »
She's adorable!

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