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Dear Readers:

I just joined this forum in hopes that it will be a good place to reach the greatest number of people with this message...

This subject is of importance and concern to us all --  I am providing the link to the online petition site for "Molly's Law", which I hope you will visit and read what we, as a group of search dog handlers from all areas of Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue across the country, are working on to help combat the problem of lost, missing and abducted children and adults.


Your signature will be greatly appreciated -- and please share this link and information freely with EVERYONE you possibly can!  We need the help of all handlers and other concerned citizens to get the word out, as we plan to get the actual 12-point law we have written... passed as a National/Federal Law!  Many thanks for all your support!!
PLEASE... take a couple of minutes to do this, while you are thinking about it.  It costs you absolutely NOTHING, but is supporting a most worthwhile cause!

You have my permission to cut and paste the message contained in the two paragraphs above, to E-mails you send to your family, friends, and co-workers -- to encourage them to also read and sign the online petition... and pass on the message and link to THEIR family, friends, and co-workers!  This is a long process, and it is difficult to get the word out to the general public across the U.S., without the help of other concerned citizens.  We want to get THOUSANDS (better yet... MILLIONS) of signatures, before sending the proposed "Molly's Law" to Congress.  You can help make this grass-roots effort possible, just by signing the petition and passing the message and link on to others!  Please do that for all the missing children and adults... and their families!!  THANK YOU!!! 

P.S.:  To anyone who may question the need for, or the purpose of, the proposed "Molly's Law"... it is expressly intended to ASSIST law enforcement efforts, NOT hamper them!  The overall plan will include a means for LE to better understand how scent-discriminating search dogs/Bloodhounds can help their efforts; and enable them to access this important resource, in the absence of their own department having this type of search dog.

It is further intended as an important "stop-gap" to the Amber Alert system that, while it has been successful in recovering a number of abducted children, does not cover all cases... due to the criteria that must be met in order for a child to be listed in the system.  Additionally, it does not assist in cases of missing adults... for any reason!  For those who wish to become more involved in this project, please let me know and I will get back to you... if this forum allows me to respond individually to you.  Thanks, again!!!



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