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 ;DThat would be great..Send them to grneyedgagyrl7 thats my email... thanks so much

Janice ;)

Howdy, I live in TN and we see SO MANY danes come through rescue here... what are you looking for? Male or female? Pup or adult? If you have any trouble at all finding one in GA let me know and I bet I can help you find what you are looking for. I think I live in the give-up-your-dane capital of the world. Young danes are surrendered to the pound WEEKLY here in middle Tennessee.
Exciting times, planning for a new pooch!!!

(ps. I have family in GA so I could help with transport if we found one here)

I just sah your post.. Oh that would be so great. I would rather rescue or adopt then to go to a breeder since there are so many that need homes.I am looking for a young dane..Since I would love for the kids to grow up with their dog.Have to be dog friendly since I have Van.And like cats..I know its a long shot but my roomie...made it clear she only wants dog in the house that likes cat..feel free to email me...thanks janice

Ill check it out.. Thanks for the link!

I have done alot of reading and homework and discussed it with my family..So we are looking for a dane and thought he would be a good place to start.The only thing we as is...kid friendly as well as dog and a cat...We are so excited and hopefull we will find a new family member soon...


Van is a choclate lab mix and a shepard mix they say... hes my heart and soul.. thanks for all your warm welcomes... :)

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« on: October 16, 2005, 11:07:11 pm »
Im looking but Im in Georgia  :(

as soon as i can fiqure out all the details on this site.... I will post pics ;D :D ;) :)

:)I adopted my Van hes about 14 weeks old now and we found this site thru another site..We wanted to say hello...We are looking to adopt another big dog...We just love our giants.... :-*

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