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Wow, all that from a non-active member who actually left the site? Geez.

And so no notification could have been given to any of the members, especially mods before this topic? Not even a pm to even just 1 mod? Nothing? There was nothing the owners could have said to prepare or warn anyone about this? I'm not saying should; I'm saying could. No one could be notified to expect a change of ownership? No one until the ownership had actually changed hands?!
Example; when our cell phone service provider company was bought out by another company, every customer receiving service was sent a letter notifying them of this change of ownership. So the same couldn't have been done here, at least for the mods?  ???

EVERYONE here is welcome to come join friends old and new at "The Funny Farm" forum. We love our dogs, our families, and our internet friends. There's a picture section, dog chat, chit chat, rants, hug room, birthday postings, movie chat area, and pretty much anything you like. We have one rule. Be nice.

Many old BPO members can be found there, and we want to extend the offer to anyone who wants to maintain friendships and make new ones that you are more than WELCOME to come over to the forum. Here's the link.

I know some of you are very upset but please feel free to check the forum out if you like. I know how important the friendships are on here to all of us.

Sorry was not trying to start a "rumor", while originally donations were sought in 2006 I did not think it had been years since the donation link was on the site.

I can verify this as I remember specifically mailing a cash donation to Jaime and Michael of $3 to help with the site; it was all I could do and represented a dollar from me and my 2 girls. And Babs questioned then where the money was going.

Weren't at one time recently BPO members donating money to keep this site running? So members pay to keep a site running and then its owner sells it for profit?

This exactly what I was thinking about and remembered what Barbara (Babs) said in the past (RIP).

I have nothing to add except, good point Oleysa.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Checking in!
« on: June 01, 2009, 08:32:00 am »
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting too much, but I read what's going on here everyday.

Thought I'd just briefly update on life here in my corner of Kansas, lol!

Zoey and Dolly doing well, both just celebrated their 4th birthdays in March and May. Zoey has been in training lately to earn a backpacking title. We're making progress, so far, she's been carrying about 20 pounds or so for about 3 miles. Still as naught as ever!
Dolly is sporting her summer haircut and has been lounging in her baby pool as often as possible. She's on a diet right now and I am pleased to say that today she was weighed and has lost 7 pounds!  ;D She's doing well except for one incident the other night; I was walking the dogs and a loose pit bull attacked Dolly. No major wounds, but he got her ear pretty good and a good size puncture on her shoulder. She's healing fine, doesn't even remember it happened.  ::) :D

And for my biggest news, we've had Clarence the foster Basset Hound with us for 2 weeks now. The first week was rocky with him and my dogs, now everyone is getting along just fine. He's very laid back, sleeps a lot, but loves to play with Zoey occasionally, and is quite determined to get on our new furniture as well!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Mixed Breed Discussion / Re: What Newf mixes would you like to see?
« on: April 02, 2009, 02:53:58 pm »
I have no problem with people who want to start a new breed (like the American Mastiff)...

Would like to point out that the American Mastiff never has been and never will be a breed. It is a mutt, just like all the rest. They have mixed an Anatolian Shepherd (which is a serious LGD) with an English Mastiff to make what I consider to be what looks as gentle and sweet and laid back as Mastiff, but with the ability to turn instant serious protector in a matter of seconds... a very deceiving looking combo. But felt the need to point out, this is NOT a new breed of any sort. It is a mutt just as much as the doodles are.

I dont understand where people get the idea that purebreds cost tens of thousands of dollars, BYB who bought theirs from pet shops are the ones who charge the huge amounts.   know many breeders of several breeds who sell their pet pups, from fully tested, trialed and shown stock for under 500 canadian, so like 400 usd?  But then I would never look for a breeder in a newspaper either.

I have YET to see a reputable breeder who sells health tested, pet quality, registered pedigreed pups, from champion lines for less than around $800 and even THAT is a bargain. You MAY get an adult retired show/breeding dog from a reputable breeder for a decent price to perhaps even free, but you won't be finding a pup for $400, so don't count on it.

Take it from someone who knows (but isn't proud of it); BYB pups are much cheaper up front. It's the long term health costs that can surprise you later on.

Can't wait to see Tink's new hair cut and I bet Harley is just growing like a weed!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Bella Update
« on: March 31, 2009, 06:50:20 am »
Paige, so sorry to hear about Bella.  :-[ But she is a young girl and of course she's got that strong, stubborn Pyr blood in her, so I am sending good thoughts hoping she will successfully fight this! Thinking of you as well and hoping you get some rest so you can be strong for her too.

Discussions & Information on Grooming / Re: Summer Hair Cuts
« on: March 26, 2009, 07:04:09 am »
I give my Saint a summer trim; mostly on the back of her legs, her tummy, and a little off the sides and top. Much cleaner when she gets in and out of her baby pool in the summer, but the others are right; just leave enough fur to prevent sun burn and I think Tink will be fine and look good too!

Group Discussions & Photos / Re: Ellie picts and the new name begins
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:27:21 am »
She's so cute! I think her weight is right on track like the others said, I wouldn't worry about it too much; male Saints can be substantially heavier than females. And the snorting definitely sounds like a Saint too! lol!

I kind of like Shy, but could you lengthen it maybe and add something; like Shyla, or Shyanne, or Shylee, Shya? Just some ideas!

Congrats on the new addition! So glad Tink likes her so well too!

That's awesome! Choosing a new addition is so exciting!

I would definitely agree with the others and choose a male; especially with the Komondor breed that are so strong-willed, independent, and can be quite protective, they are the intenser version of Pyrs to an extent. I would definitely recommend a male. My girls get along okay but Zoey adores the boys; she flirts with them like crazy! lol! Good luck on finding the right one! You must be so excited!

Poor dog, yes, I agree, he could indeed hurt himself sometime from these "dreams." What if he were near stairs sometime sleeping, lept up, and fell down them?  :(

On a side note, Dolly dreams too and barks lightly in her sleep; so cute and funny to watch!  :D

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Rescue Video I made
« on: January 28, 2009, 03:15:13 pm »
Thank you guys.  :-*

I know it's hard to watch stuff like that, I always end up crying too, but I felt compelled to make it and then share it. Your comments mean a lot to me.

The song is "I Saw What I Saw" by Sara Groves. First time I heard that song, I knew exactly what I would use it for.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Rescue Video I made
« on: January 27, 2009, 12:08:09 pm »
Hi everyone,

I just finished this video today. I hope it will raise awareness about shelter dogs and how they need homes. I'm quite proud of the video.

Beware; tissues nearby might be a good idea. If you watch it, thank you for taking time to do so. If I can help even 1 person understand the need to adopt dogs, I'll be happy.

I don't have littermate pups, but here's another thought for you. I have two that are exactly 2 months apart in age. Still double the chewing, double the digging, double the housetraining, but not all at the same time.

Sounds like you are a great candidate to have 2 pups right now! THe main things to consider are, are you financially able to support 2? It's a lot more money, a lot more vet care, and a LOT harder to find someone over vacations to take care of 2 big dogs instead of just 1. And training is a lot tougher, like was mentioned. Could you consider waiting a few months til Gilligan is grown, get some good puppy training classes under his belt, and then consider adding a puppy playmate for him?

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