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Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: Why not adopt out of area
« on: October 13, 2006, 12:35:40 pm »
Knowing that rescues operate on very limited rescources, it probably makes sense to focus on a more localized area. Before I got Gabe, I tried to adopt from a rescue. The whole reason it didn't work was distance. A home visit was required for the process and they were having trouble connecting with someone close enough to do the visit. The thing I didn't understand was finding out that if I was approved, they may decide which dog they felt best suited me rather than letting me make that decision.
They say everthing works for the best. I found Gabe on Petfinder during the wait for home visit. Owner moved to "no pets allowed". When I went to visit Gabe at the owners parents, it didn't take long to know it was meant for me to bring this pup home.

Food Discussion & Information / peanuts/ any danger?
« on: October 10, 2006, 01:37:07 pm »
It's the time of year we keep out salted-in-shell peanuts for all to eat in our office. I know excess salt is not good for a dog. Other than that allergies shouldn't be an issue. Is there any reason or danger to a dog getting a beggars share of peanuts, and peanut shells, every day for a few weeks?

It depends on what you say to them and if you believe they can talk back to you!

Is the inconvenience that big a price to pay for knowing that if a pet your area were truly being mistreated, the complaint would be looked into?
  In our area, animal control is not a highly sought after job. Think about it. Every time he gets a complaint, someone is pi##ed at him; either the person with the complaint or the owner or both.
Just a thought...No win job...takes the job because he wants to help animals and ends up haivng to deal with us damn humans instead.

Since the latest Blog is about the benefits of dogs in the workplace; maybe a new "post if you see one" thread would be cool to start. If you go in a business or other work setting post the type of place and kind of dog you saw.

I take Gabe, Bernese Mtn Dog, to a grain elevator everyday.
A guy on the maintenance crew for the railroad in my area has what appears to be an Autrailian cattle dog ride with him in his service truck. An ofiice supply route driver carries some sort of Tiny Paw with him on his route that stops by every few weeks. A couple of farmer customers always have their lab in the truck.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: You love dogs too much!
« on: September 07, 2006, 11:38:46 am »
Who loves dogs too much?

Someone knocked on my door the other night. It was my sister. She said the people she worked with wanted to meet Gabe because she had talked about him so much. I go outside and there are five people she works with in my yard.

Last weekend a friend called to see if I could bring Gabe to the park so his mom could meet his mom.
It is so much fun seeing your dog get that type of reaction from people.

I would have to beleive that yes, more healthy "adoptable" pets could be saved if rescues focused more on placing healthy pets to good families. The one flaw in my opinion is that I don't volunteer my time to a rescue. It wasn't until I attempted to adopt from a rescue that I learned how many people I know have gotten a pet through rescues or shelters. I guess after being around a shelter or rescue a person soon realizes that the number of animals they can truly help is very limited. Considering that, I can see where the reward of helping a "problem" animal would give a person the boost needed to get past the ones that couldn't be saved.

My family runs a grain elevator/feed mill. That makes most customers animal owners. Makes feeding him a little more affordable too. It is nice mostly, having him at work (If you work for ARAMARK, I swear the rug was like that when you left it!) I am a little concerned about the coming busy season when we I'm 12-16 hours a day. Staying in the office that much may be a lot for him to handle but can't really leave a pup home alone that long either.

Working on turning Gabe to an office mascot. It's been going pretty good. Each day he gets more used to new people and sounds. The ONE thing I can't keep him from getting excited over is another dog. The other day a customer came in and left his lab in the truck outside. After a minute the lab barked. Gabe barked, lab, Gabe, lab Gabe until Gabe was standing on the door going nuts. The lab jumped out of the truck and was standing on the outside of the door. The customer went out, put his lab back in the truck came back in and After a minute the lab barked. Gabe barked, lab, Gabe, lab, Gabe until Gabe was standing on the door going nuts. The lab jumped out of the truck and was standing on the outside of the door. The customer went out, put his lab back in the truck came back in and once again the lab is back at the door. This time we bring him in the office have a short BIG PAW throw down.
The customer at first felt bad because I couldn't get Gabe settled but I had to laugh. Once inside the dogs wrestled a little but got along great. It was fun. Have to teach Gabe not to get worked up over other dogs coming in. Too hard when its so amusing.

Breeding Questions & Information / Re: Backyard Breeders
« on: August 04, 2006, 11:50:18 am »
I had an Alaskan Malamute that lived to 14 1/2 years with no health issues until old age related things came in the last year. The one problem, she was VERY timid for several weeks about anyone or anything new because of no socialization. I realize now I was lucky to have missed out on big problems.

I bought her from what I would descibe today as a backyard breeder. I did get AKC papers but I didn't really get a lot of info on parents temperment or health history. I knew I wanted an Alaskan Malamute. I had $250. That was what they cost. End of story. I didn't know at the time any of the right questions to ask and the breeders only question was "do you have the money?"

My latest search for a pup was more in depth on my part. The breeders I spoke to seemed more concerned about the home their pups were going to than the cost. The breeders I spoke to this time hepled make me ask the right questions and provided solid answers. I don't know that all "backyard breeders" are bad. I do believe you miss out on alot of history on the pups bloodline. I believe that a lot of risk in both health and temperment can be minimized by avoiding breeders that can't provide solid background in both those areas.

Bernese Mountain Dog Discussions / He's finding his voice.
« on: August 02, 2006, 02:12:12 pm »
Gabe found his voice over the weekend, after 3 weeks of being in his new home. Saturday at work, he decided to bark very time I went outside and every time I left the room when inside. He was in his crate and hasn't done that when out of the crate. He has to learn barking at work could be a deal breaker that would force him to stay home. Later in the weekend, a dog was barking on tv so he started to bark and ran to look out the window. He stopped after I said it was ok. I took him to the vet and When he heard a dog inside barking, he started to bark.

How do you teach the difference between ok to bark and not ok to bark- because he's mad he's in the crate and can't follow me or simply anytime anywhere a dog barks?

I have to admit that the combination of barking at the tv AND looking out the window was cool. He knows his home now.


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: picture help
« on: July 29, 2006, 09:15:42 am »
I resized. If this works meet gabe. I brought him home fourth of july. He's almost 7 months.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / picture help
« on: July 29, 2006, 08:47:21 am »
I was trying to post a couple of pictures. I got one posted to show on the profile. When I try to post with a picture as a file attachment I sit waiting for it to load and after 3 days (3 minutes) my screen switches to the CANNOT FIND SERVER page. What should I check before I try again?

Bernese Mountain Dog Discussions / Re: Berner Pics?
« on: July 29, 2006, 07:04:20 am »
I was going to post a new pic of Gabe. I had just finished sweeping the floor and accidentally took a picture of the hair pile ;D, thinking it was the dog! How can they shed so much and not be bald in a week?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: making an office dog
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:57:27 am »
Thanks for the ideas. I think alot of the anxiousness when I leave will pass. I've just had him since fourth of july.
He'd moved around a couple of times before that.
In the near term I'm going to quit greeting him at the door myself when I've been out. I'll work more on stay and leave it. He does ok on these at times but can forget when he's distracted. If no one else is in the office, I can tell him to lay down and he will. With others in the office he may need some coaxing or lay down for a few seconds then get right back up.
I'm still keeping him in the crate so much to get him used to people coming and going and all the sounds. He does spend a couple of hours a day out in the office or longer when he doesn't get too excited.
Most customers that come in like seeing Gabe. A couple have come back with thier kids or someone else just to meet him.

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