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Okay I see where I was incorrect it was a Banter Buldogge. Pretty dogs look more like boxers though. Here is the lonk if you guys want to check it out.

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: New pictures of MYA!!!!!! :D
« on: November 19, 2008, 03:23:23 pm »
Mya is actually an American Bully not an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. :D

I am curious when you say American Bully what breed are you referring to? The "new" breed of APBT that people are trying to create or American Pit Bull Terrier. Also APBT and AmStaffs are actually reallythe same and that would also make the "new" breed the same. I was just curios because I have never heard of an American Bully except I think thats what they were calling the "new" wider lower APBTs. Thanks.  ;D

I am just curious, You say a bandog is the same as an American Bulldog but when I just recently ran across the Bandog breed it was actually a new seperate breed crossed with several breeds mainly the boxer and also some Pit Bull. Anyway your pit is Sooo cute! ;D

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: The movie "Off the Chain"
« on: November 11, 2008, 07:32:40 pm »
Want to watch a better one order American Pit Bull Terrier off of Amazon, loved it!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: RIP Roxxi 2006-2007
« on: November 11, 2008, 07:31:51 pm »
Hey just curious how you taught your dog Bruce how not to be food aggressive. Also I am sorry for your loss of your friend Roxxi!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: New pictures of MYA!!!!!! :D
« on: November 11, 2008, 07:25:50 pm »
Absolutly BEAutiful

True, but it seems there are breeds 'prone' to certain tendencies and take a firmer type of training than others. I don't know the person walking the pitbull or one that is running loose has been raised properly, do I? I've known only 1 personally in my life and she was a sweetheart indeed but she belonged to a friend of mine and I knew her history etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to run up and love on any stray dog, regardless of the breed but I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not more cautious around some. There are some breeds you don't hear all the horror stories about and I do believe theres a reason behind it. It's not the dogs fault of course, but the irresponsible people who raise them for inappropriate things. Some dogs are more prone to go after someone and some are prone to handle it differently, that's all. A lot of people pick certain breeds for certain reasons, I know I did, and what I soley based my decision on.

I'm not against all pitbulls, but I don't think their reputation will ever be a good one to be honest. It's against the law to even own them some places. But I do realize any dog can be bred wrong and raised wrong,  I'm not being ignorant. Hubby was attacked by a lab mix when he was a kid and never liked dogs after that. Thankfully he loves ours.

I just wanted to give you guys a link to show research done to show that just because you hear more about them doesn't mean there is a reason to be afraid, unfortunatly the media is not fair when reporting just click on this link and read for yourself...

you may have to copy and paste...

also here is the site of the researchers who published this information.


Please check them out these sites because they provide unbiased true researched info from trainers, doctors,animal behavior institutes and the temperment test society instead of media reports, uneducated prejudice people, or people who just no no better than what they hear.

I hope this site helps!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: Pitbull bites the boss...
« on: April 11, 2008, 09:52:18 am »
Definitly have him neutered. I have never heard of this training you are talking about but definitly obediance training. Also make sure he is being excercised alot and make sure he is always shown that this behavior is completely unacceptable. He is young and impressionable and needs lots of guidance. Pit bulls can be very protective but their personality should be a lover of all people. These dogs are very strong and if this behavior isn't corrected it could ,god forbid, become a huge problem. These are wonderful dogs, i am not sure how much experience you have with them but if not much I would do alot of research and get with some knowledgable trainers and owners of APBTs. I have faith your dog will still be a wonderful pet but I wouldn'e wait obedience training and definitly neutering him ASAP will make a great difference. Good luck and don't give up!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: This is horrible and sad.
« on: March 18, 2008, 11:22:48 am »
This happened here in L.A. about a month ago.

A friend of a friend's Pit Bulls got out of his yard and was barking at the neighbor next door from on top of the garage.

The neighbor was scared and called the police. The Pits ran back into their OWN yard and weren't bothering anyone. The police got there and went INTO the guy's back yard. The dogs, of course, began to bark at the police. The police then pepper sprayed, and tazered the dogs. When this didn't calm one of the dogs down they shot him twice. He died soon after that.

The guy was called home to find his dog dead on his porch in a pool of blood. The police seem to feel they were justified for what they did. They kept the guy out of his own house for a couple of hours, when the cops left they left the dog there and blood everywhere.

The guy doesn't know if he will sue the city. The city wants to treat this as a personal property thing. Ironically if you harm a police dog it counts as harming an officer. Something I agree with, but there should be some fairness.

I don't really understand how they can just go INTO someone's yard and assault your dog. I know the dogs MIGHT have been a danger if they got out. But I knew for a fact they weren't since I met the dogs and they didn't show agression.

I don't know...its just sad.

 :'( :'( :'( :'( this should be a highly penalized crime to do this on someones property!!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: GOT my New Baby Amstaff :) PICS!
« on: March 18, 2008, 11:15:37 am »
Hello Everyone!

I am sooo excited about the purchase of my American Staffordshire Terrier puppy that I just have to share!

So, I've been wanting a pure bred Amstaff forever and FINALLY I will be getting one this month   ;D I've been waiting on this puppy since November and he should be shipped here around the 18th. He got his ears done last week (don't hate me, please!)so when they are standing, he will be sent off! I feel bad about the shipping... however, there are simply no quality Amstaff breeders here in Arizona. He is about 12 wks old now (cant remember exact date  :-\ )

I am going to show him (just for fun as his color -my favorite color- is frowned on by some judges) and maybe do weight pull (double register him with the UKC as APBT? What would you guys suggest?) I also would LOVE to have him be a therapy dog. I know I am getting ahead of myself...but, what groups would you reccomend me looking into for this? There's so much negativity surrounding pitbull type dogs that I would really like my boy to prove everyone wrong.

Oh, also his Registered name has to start with 'p'. His breeder is Fairlawn so it would have to be....
Fairlawn's P_________? Hopefully you guys will be able to come up with a better name than I can!

Attached are some photos of him and his family so you can get a look at my baby  ;D The first is of his father Ch Woodforests EZ Dragon Raider,the 2nd is of his mom Ch Fairlawns Arabella, all the rest are of him at 9 wks.

UPDATE: So, I have the little booger! He got shipped in a little over a week ago (last Friday) and is EVERYTHING I ever wanted!! His registration name is now 'Fairlawn's Point Blank' which doesn't leave much for a call name. Sooo, I've gotta think up one! Maybe a gun make or model to go along with 'point blank'?? If anyone has any ideas for a good Amstaff/Pitbull name PLEASE tell me! I've never had such trouble with names before! The photos are of him at 14 wks. The last is of him and Mack, my boyfriend's 17 wk old pup...they are being watchdogs! Thanks for reading!

What a beuatiful pup, how happy it makes me to see fellow responsible Pit Bull/ AmStaff owners!!!!  ;D

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: Home needed for Pitbull
« on: March 18, 2008, 11:08:36 am »

I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could take this little pup as I am an avid Pit Bull lover but unfortunatly I can't. I would love to hear maybe aftering having her for a while that you would want to keep her but if not I hope you find a loving home for her/him!! Good luck!!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: This is Chopper
« on: March 18, 2008, 10:54:26 am »
Ok I just want to show off my pup.

What a beauty I love Pitties!!!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: This is Preciosa
« on: March 18, 2008, 10:48:23 am »
Hello! This is Preciosa, my neighbor's (mostly) pit mix. My chain link fence is missing the top bar on most of her side of the yard (previous owner did a bang up job of fencing-no top bar on that side, three fences along the back, and a double fence along the other side...). Anyway, she jumps over it all the time and plays with my dogs.

Several times over the first year and a half I lived here, I tried to convince her to come inside on cold nights (thankfully, not too many in Texas). She refused, even when we had an ice storm (I couldn't get her over the fence that time). She showed up on my front porch during a thunderstorm and came inside then, but that was it.

On New Year's Eve of this year, her people were shooting fireworks, and that was enough to scare her in my house. Now she loves coming in and sleeps here on freezing nights. Her people don't usually let her in the house, and although she has a dog house now-didn't have it when we had the ice storm last year-it's a bad little house. The door is almost as big as the end of the house that it's on, so all the cold gets in! I crate her when we're sleeping. She hasn't had an accident on the evenings when I've let her run around, but just in case... Plus, she tends to stare at the cats. Turbo will hit her, but Bevo usually figures she's just going to chase him and doesn't put up much of a fight and just runs. I don't want her to get any ideas!

So here are Preciosa, Sadie, and Riley. These were taken a couple of weeks ago in my yard while we were all playing outside. My nerds usually don't want their pictures taken, and Riley was determined that his 'knocking' on the door would bring someone else to the door... haha

All your animals are absolutly beautiful, Just wondering though how you know she has part Pit Bull in her. She doesn't look a bit like Pit. Maybe its only a fourth or something though. But she definitly is a beaut!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: I need Help!!
« on: March 18, 2008, 10:43:16 am »
Yea we already tried about her being a mix. He doesn't care. I would have told him a boxer lab mix if I was asked, but unforunatly my husband didn't think when they asked him and just came out with the truth. Also about the vet records and letters he doesn't care you know all the hype with this breed and how peopel in this country are sue crazy, that is what he is worried about. I did finally find a couple places with insurance and I just faxed it to him today. he is going to let a lawyer look at it and he said if the lawyer says ok then I can keep her. My only fear now is that the lawyer will say about how its only 100,000 coverage. So we will see. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

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