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Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: morning problems
« on: January 01, 2008, 08:05:50 am »
Spazz went through that same thing.  I get up at 0500 so thats when i let spazz out.  then one day he wanted to get out earlier, it was about 0400 and he started playing with the gate in the crate, and what sounds like him falling against the side of the crate.  (he doesnt whine to much)so i figured he really had to go to the bathroom, so i let him out and took him outside and he took his time going to the bathroom. The next morning he did the same thing so i tried to put up with it and see what happened but he made noises for about an hour. (so i missed out on sleep that morning also.)  Well spazz hates to be sprayed with water.  I mean as soon as he sees me grab the water bottle its run in a coner and cower, like the water is Doggy Acid, and just burns when it touches his coat.  So, that night i had the water bottle by the bed and i turned his crate to face me.  He woke up early and wanted to wake me up so he did his little fall thing.  It's really funny,  he actually stands up and then Plopps down.  (Its the worst when your in deep sleep)  Anyways, when he started his little routine I sprayed him and told him quiet.  He would stop for about 10 minutes and start again.  So for the next two days I was up spraying Spazz and saying quiet.  After the first day all i have to do is reach up towards the bottle and he would stop.  Now he is back to waiting until i get up.  even on the weekends when i sleep till about 0800 he will chill and wait for me.     

Rhodesian Ridgeback Discussions / TO BIG, TO NICE, TO YOUNG??????
« on: December 18, 2007, 04:48:05 am »
Hello, everybody.  Had a question about MY BIG BROWN TEDDYRODY.  Now, he is almost 1 year, he will be a year Jan 6, and he is so nice.  Ive done research on Rody's and it says they are wary of strangers, and dont like other dogs.  So since he was a baby, (after his shots of course) I take him everywhere and let people pet him and let him see other dogs, if there friendly.  Im wondering is he just this friendly because he is a puppy still?  Should i expect him to grow into the traits they say Rody's have?  My vet is German lady and she is so surprised that my boy is so nice, She always ask me if he challeges me and or tries to be dominate.  I told her he better not, im old school, if he ever bites me, he will learn the hard way never try it again.  I dont hit my dog, but...  Anyways I was wondering,  My vet says the last couple of rody's she seen turned aggresive or over dominate with their owners.  Is it just because they way they were raised?  Do I have to worry about my Spazz becoming aggresive towards me, strangers, or other dogs? 

Spazz is kinda crate trained.  He sleeps in his crate at night.  If i tell him go to bed he goes straight to his crate.  Most of the time he will go without a fuss.  Every so often he will just Plop down on his side and i have to pick him up, but then he figures that just wont work so he will go to the crate.  He is at home when im at work, the neighbors come over at lunch and walk him.  (they love him also).  So I guess my next question is, if i put him in a room with nothing in it, is that like crate training???  He is an awsome kid, and i make it up to him by spending all my time with him after work and on the weekends.  I know some people dont agree with the having a dog while single and a full time job.  But my spazz is well loved and taken care of. I take him everywhere with me and he still loves strangers and other dogs.  (its kind of scary because he will just run up to a strange dog to play, and a lot of dogs his size just dont like other dogs, or so it seems), id hate for him to get bitten.

Within the last month, Spazz has been tearing up everything.  He doesnt do it when im around but when he is by himself he tears up any and everything around.  Is this normal.  He never used to tear up stuff.  I leave toys out for him and rawhide bones and he still will tear up, the Dirty clothes hamper, My toothbrush, the liner in my leather coat (yes i wanted to kill him), Ive tried to let him in different parts of the house and he found things to tear up that i didnt even think about.  I was wondering is this just a phase? 

Hello everybody. ;D

Spazz is almost 9 mo now.  He is a rhodesian Ridgeback.  Im not even sure if this is a problem.  hehe I guess i should get to the point.  I see you guys reading, and waiting in anticipation/ irritation wondering when in the world do i plan on saying what it is I want to say. 8)  hehe Sorry im in one of my moods, well as i was saying. 

Spazz doesnt seem to eat enough.  He has grown a lot and it seems like his appetite isnt as big as he is.  He used to gorge one cup of food 3 times a day.  And would eat it all in one sitting.  Now he barely eats 1 1/2 cup two times a day.  Most of the time in the morning he wont finish his meal.  I feed him at 530am, he will eat a little bit and thats it.  I feed him again at 0830pm.  Sometime he will eat a full cup in a half but then sometimes he will only take a few bites.  Is this normal?  He doesnt look under wait.  He seems healthy.  He still hyper and energetic?  So im not really worried, but then again im really worried.  ( i know that made no since) :-\

He loves treats, and anything that isnt his food.  Im feeding him Real Nature. (it might a europian dog food) with Blank Angus(duck i think), fish and is supposedly 100% natural ingredients cold-pressed.  the pet store said it was there best food, it was between that science diet (being the 2nd best) and Eukenuba. These were the top 3 choises the pet store recomended.  The vet recommended Science diet...anyways im getting off the subject. 

I was wondering am i the only one with this problem?  Is it normal behavior because he growing? 

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pictures / Re: REMINICING
« on: September 09, 2007, 08:10:24 am »
My ferrets and Spazz do great together until Spazz gets excited.  Then he wants to Pounce....Yes, I said Pounce, like a cat on them and he is just to big for that.  He will lay down and play with them for awhile.  That doesnt last long though.  Its a little scary to see a whole ferret in your dogs mouth  ;D, but they do fine.  Usually he will get jumped by both of them.  Then they run off.  They tease him when I make him lay down.  They will run right in front of him makin noises and driving him crazy.  He wants to chase after them so bad.  I thought he would calm down after knowing them so long.  But he gets just as excited when they come out as he did the first day I brought them home. 

Is it good to give your dog left over bones.  Say you have a BBQ and you have ribs and steaks, are they able to eat those bones.  I hear bones are not good for your dog but ive seen bones for sell at the pet store.  I mean they even sell a HUUUUUGE bone i mean its monsterous, like a mammoth bone.  Well i was just wondering.  I had some Ribs last night.  (hehe and they were off the chain  ;D )  and spazz was being good yesterday.  I wanted to give him one of my bones.  I know he would love it.  What are some of your views on Bones?

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pictures / REMINICING
« on: September 06, 2007, 12:57:56 pm »
It seems like only yesterday I brought home a little bundle of teeth and Paws, cradled in one arm, curled up against my bosom...(do men have bosom???) LOL just kidding, but you guys get the picture.  He would run under my lil TV tables and not knock them over.  His little tail didnt feel like a whip gone wrong.  if he did jump on you or run into your legs you really didnt feel anything at all.  He couldnt jump up and give you a free kiss on your mouth unexpectedly.  (lol good times).

 I was looking at these pictures wondering when did my lil Spazz-Malik grow up to be so big.  He still cute and clumsy, and of course still has the puppy attitude.  Got to love a dog that doesnt know his own strength.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: New Photos of my DDB :)
« on: August 22, 2007, 12:19:25 pm »
WOW look at those eyes.  He's a beautiful puppy.

Yeah, The give or bring back, I am having the hardest time getting spazz to understand that one.  He understands drop, but if there is something in his mouth there is no way he is comming close enough to me to grab it unless he is in the mood for some good ol tug a war.  And that is usually when we are in the house.  Outside its time to make daddy run and look stupid trying to catch me.  I mean he knows exactly when im going to move before i do.  Or so it seems. 

i just ordered one of those chase it toys.  that will take 5 to 90 days to get here.

Yeah he loves to tear up boxes and papertowels.  He will lay right by one of his toys, and or chew bones, and tear up Something, Anything that he shouldnt be tearing up.  8) 

Sometimes he will run if i take him to a field and stand there.  but other times he will just sit by me and chill.  Like he is waiting for me to run around the field and let out my energy.

Great Dane Discussions / Re: SOO PI**ED....VENT!!
« on: July 13, 2007, 10:24:51 pm »
(crazy,insane,evil,laugh)  Military life.  I to am Active Duty Air Force, out here in Germany.  Im lucky enough to live off base.  In germany you are not allowd to leave your dog outside, and or Tied up.  they have strict rules for leaving your dog outside.  As for on-base housing, you live by military rules and the number one rule is you have no rights and no privacy.  ;D  Gots to love the good ol military. (sarcastic grin)

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Re: Koby got stung....
« on: July 13, 2007, 06:06:09 pm »
Im feel so sorry for Koby.  Hope everything heals up quick.  Im waiting for Spazz to get stung.  Out here in Germany they have these huge Bees.  You can hear them flying from a good 2 feet away.  Spazz hears them and chases them.  I pray he doesnt catch one...

Now this maybe a stupid question....Ac tually im pretty sure its a stupid question but im going to ask it anyways.   :-[ is there a benadryl for dogs???  :-[ arr human medications are fine for dogs??? 

How many of your puppies/dogs play fetch?

Is this a game that is taught or is it in their genes?

Spazz is really bad at this game.  He loves to play Tug of War and Keep Away.  I would like to be able to make Spazz run without having to chase him or run so he will chase me.  Fetch would be perfect.  I will throw a stick and he will chase it, then want to play keep away.  Or he will just take it and lay down and chew on it. (see pics).

What kind of games do you guys play with your puppies/dogs to get them to run out all of that energy. 

How many of you guys pupper's actually play fetch?

there a lab next door and if you even think of throwing a ball he is there sitting and waiting.  He is a ball fanatic.  it's really crazy how he gets when they throw that ball.

LOL happiday, thx for the link to my link.  hehe.  Its all good.  I still love my fellow Big Pawwer.   8)

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