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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Beethoven!!
« on: January 05, 2010, 08:41:02 pm »
Oh my gosh!!!  He is SOOOOOO cute. Have fun. :)

Food Discussion & Information / Re: anyone tried this food???
« on: January 05, 2010, 08:34:57 pm »
Thanks for your response!  I appreciate the comments.  As I said before my dogs had been on a mix of Solid Gold Holistiz and Wellness Supermix Chicken.  I decided to stick with Solid Gold, but I put them on Wolf King.  Tucker, my male golden, is THE most picky eater I've every met.  I fed he and Allie half Holistic and half Wolf King this evening and he GOBBLED it up. I've never seen him eat so well.  Yeah!!!  I'm so happy. 
Thanks again!

Food Discussion & Information / anyone tried this food???
« on: January 02, 2010, 07:48:06 pm »
Hi everyone,
    I am currently thinking of switching dog foods.  My dogs are on a solid gold and wellness combo.  (long story) I've been doing research and found the By Nature food at Petsmart.  My 2 year old golden has a super sensative stomach.  Last month he was fed some turkey and spent 2 days in the vet hospital.  $$$ I was thinking of putting him on the salmon, ocean fish, and yogurt flavor.  Anyone use this food? (any of the flavors)   I'd really like to have some input.  I've googled "reviews" on the internet but can't seem to find any opinions on the food. The company has an excellent safety record.   

Golden Retriever Discussions / my golden oldie- need advice
« on: August 07, 2009, 01:57:20 am »
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in ages. I joined the group a while back. We've been busy. I
just moved my crew to Utah and am in the process of looking for a home for us.
Right now we are (all 4 of us) staying with my parents. They are saints.
Anyway, with the move I had to change vets. Fortunately my mom also had a
golden (she just passed a couple of months ago). Mom's vet seems to be pretty
good, although they are a LOT more expensive here. So my other two goldens are
young and healthy, and I wasn't worried about moving them. Chase is a very old
guy. He is going to be 13 in December. About 5 months ago Chase developed
lameness in his two back legs. He would be walking and then suddenly his legs
would just freeze up on him. It was obviously very distressing to him. So we
went to our vet. Chase also has irritable bowel syndrome so the vet has to be
careful of what she prescribed. She concluded that Chase just had normal
arthritis. (although I don't know how it could be "normal" since it came on
soooo suddenly.) She put Chase on more prednisone. He was on pred 1x a day and
she upped his dose to 2x a day. He also takes metrinidozale.
When we moved here I immediately got an appointment for Chase at MOm's vet. I
aksed the vet about the sudden lameness. He said that is was most likely
arthritis and prescribed Cosequin and Rimadyl. This meant that he had to be
taken off of pred and he is now on metronidizale 2x a day for his IBD. I was
okay with Chase being taken off of pred, but I am not a fan of Rimadyl. Chase
has been on this new combination since the end of June and seems to be doing
okay. I don't know if the Cosequin is doing much. I know that there is liquid
glucosamin. I wonder if that would be better. I can really tell a difference if
I forget to give Chase his Rimadyl, but I still don't like the drug. ARe there
any alternatives? He still struggles to get up, and going down these stairs is
really hard for him. Sometimes I think that his feet will go right out from
under him. Unfortunately, my parents house has stairs to get down to the back
yard. I know this was a long email, but I just need to be certain that I am
doing everything I can for Chase. He really is my best friend. I know the
poeple of this group understand this. It is so hard to see your baby get old and
hurt. I just want to make him as comfortable as I can. To those of you who take
the time to read this monster email I ask you this question. If Chase were your
dog would you do anything differently? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks!!!  So giving human glucosamine is okay? 

Goodness... I'm sorry to hear about Jack's conditions.  I think that you are absolutely right about the kibble having everything that they need.  I'm just wondering if I should give a joint supplement?  Tucker sometimes looks like he's favoring one side of his hind end over the other.  I've had 2 dogs with joint issues and am wondering if I can avoid something by supplementing him.  BTW Tucker Jack is his real name.  He knows that something great is coming to him when I say "Tucker Jack".  It's a little hillbilly, but it suits him.

Puck had one--he managed to break it and get it stuck on his lower jaw.. ::)

Holy Cow!!!  You've got one strong dog!  I thought those cubes were chew proof.  How did you get it off of his jaw???

Hello all,
     I had a question about supplemening on EVO or any high end dog food.  Do y'all do it.  I'm specifically wondering about giving supplements for joint support.  I've got a 15 month old golden. He's eating EVO.  Just wondering if anyone out their supplements... .

Food Discussion & Information / Re: going grain free... need help
« on: March 28, 2009, 08:00:34 am »
I did like Innova. It was GREAT.  Tuck's coat was sooooo shiney and beautiful on Innova.  When I first got Tucker, it was clear right away that I had a sensative little guy on my hands.  At 10 weeks old he had already started to lick and chew on himself.  Not to mention the HORRIBLE gas and tummy gurggling.  His "breeder", I use the term lightly, had him on Purina One Puppy Food.  I kept him on that for a few days before settling on Solid Gold Wolf Cub.  Wouildn't you know that MY little picky guy wouldn't touch the stuff.  I discussed this with the dog food guru's at my local Pet Supplies Plus.  They carry many super, super premium, holistic, and raw foods.  They told me that a good food for a picky puppy was Merrick dog food because it was so tastey.  I looked at the ingredients and was pleased.  The food also formed a gravy when a small amount of water is added to it.  Tucker LOVED the food, but it did not love him.  His gas got REALLY bad.  His stomach constantly gurggled and he had really loose stools.  So I went back to the store.  The suggested that I go with something very simple for a few months.  We settled on California Natural, which is made by natura, the same company that makes Innova.  Tucker did GREAT!  His gas dissappeared, and he actually ate the food.  I did add a little wet food (same brand) to it to intice him.  When he turned about 6 months I put him on Innova puppy food.  I had read that puppies need to have mulitple protien sources to grown strong muscles.  Since they were made by the same company the switch was fairly easy.  Tucker was on Innove puppy until he was about 12-13 months old.  Since he's such an engergetic and highly athletic dog, I decided to go grain free with him.  I chose EVO because it is made by natura.  So... to answer your question... Tucker did like Innova.  In fact, I think he liked it better than his EVO.  But I've chosen this grain free course and I'm going to stick to it.


Food Discussion & Information / Re: going grain free... need help
« on: March 28, 2009, 05:24:56 am »
Thanks for all the compliments. Why did you switch to Wellness Core?  Here are more pics of Tucker with his kitty.

Food Discussion & Information / Re: going grain free... need help
« on: March 23, 2009, 01:22:42 pm »
Thanks for all the help guys!!!  I have tried mixing his food with wet food but he's a "military man" he likes he good compartmentali zed.  Go figure.  The Evo says to feed a dog his weight about 2 3/4 cups of food a day.  He's about 70lbs and is VERY active.  I think this might be a generous portion for him.  The bags sometimes are just a guide right?  He seems to do well on just 2 cups a day.  Sometimes he only eats 1 3/4 cups.  But like y'all said he won't starve himself. Thanks for all the encouragement. 

Food Discussion & Information / Re: going grain free... need help
« on: March 22, 2009, 05:20:42 am »
Oh my goodness!  He looks like my Tucker!!!!  They even have identical "smart bumps" on the top of their heads.  I do see what you mean about Champ getting more broad and his skull widening.  He is simply goregeous.  So... did you ever try EVO?  I've heard that Wellness core is one of the tastiest grain free foods.  Tucker ate pretty well this morning.  He definitely likes the red meat formula over the turkey and chicken.  Can't say that I blame him.  Ain't dogs grand???  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my dogs and my cat to mother.  Thanks so much for all of your help!

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: miss my pyrs
« on: March 22, 2009, 05:15:48 am »
I'm sure you are right...  I've just had several experiences with pyrs who I wanted to have as housedogs that didn't really like to be in the house.  just my own experience...  I have known many people with pyrs who are housedogs.  I just want the dog that I get to be happy... that's my only aspiration in life.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: miss my pyrs
« on: March 22, 2009, 04:31:35 am »
I was cruising petfinder for pyr pups and pyr mix pups, and I found this little guy.  Check him out!  He's adorable.

Anybody have experience with pyr/assuie mixes?  My brother has an aussie and he's very reserved and very protective. That may just be my bro's dog. I don't know.  I don't have much experience with aussies.

Food Discussion & Information / going grain free... need help
« on: March 21, 2009, 01:00:50 pm »
Hello all!
     I have posted on Great Pyr board and newfie board but have not yet posted on this board.  I have 2 goldens.  One is a senior with IBD. His condition was being controlled with Solid Gold Holistic.  Now I've had to switch him to Proplan Sensative Skin and Stomach. This seems to be working for the moment.  The other dog is a young whippersnapper who is 15 months old.  I just switched my young one onto EVO red meat, large bites.  He has always been a very picky eater.  I was told not to put him on high protien until he was 1 year old.  Previously he was on California Natural and then Innova.  Now I've switched him to EVO because I want to build up his muscles. He is very lean and very athletic.  He likes the red meat EVO better than the turkey and chicken.  However he is still not eating it like I would like him to.  He is 70 lbs.  On the Innova he was eating about 3 1/2 cups of food a day.  Now he's eating 2 cups a day if I stand over him.  I was sure that he'd click his heels and thank his lucky stars that I'd given him basically steak on a plate.  But he hasn't been that way.  Is this common?  I really want to keep him on grain free/high protien to build him up.  I've even mixed wet food into his food and he looks at me with disdain.  I does NOT like his dry kibble to be mixed with wet.  Any advice? As you can see from the photo below he is very lanky.  His build is soooo very different from my 12 year old.  Incidentally, my 12 year old will eat ANYTHING.  This is the first golden that I've had that is picky.   

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