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Tickets are now booked!  Anyone who wants to get together from the area can get a hold of me through Yahoo Groups or Facebook!  ;) ;D

Kristi, what is the name that you signed up for FB under.  We can search you if we've got your name, or any other identifying details about you.  ;)  This way you can pick and choose who you want on your friend list from the people that send you requests.  ;)

Naja swims in a small lake close to my house on really hot days.  Being that she cannot EVER be trusted off leash I've made her a 50' floating leash.  Just used 50' of the floating nylon rope, and attached it to a leash clippy thinger and a carabeener...(sp? ::) lol)  She has fairly decent recall, but she is a Pyr, and you never know when she might need to chase off a coyote or something...lo ::) ;) :D

I wrote the first reply on here last night, but I deleted it after some thought.  This is gonna be a long one, so skip ahead if your not interested in reading a small novel.  ;)

Michael and Jaimie, I too wish you guys the best in regards to your future, and sincerely hope that Bear gets to know the feeling of sleeping in his own yard someday.

Now, I haven't been around as long as some others on here.  I've only been a member for about 2 years now, but that's still long enough IMO to become a part of the tight community that we have here.  We all don't always see eye to eye, and sometimes we might downright disagree.  But I firmly believe that we'll always work around our differences and are always respectful.  That is one of the things I love most about this place, the fact that we have SO MANY people, all with different backgrounds, and we are all friends because of one thing, the love of our giant breed dogs, and the love for BPO.  I truly cherish the friends I've made here, people I come to on a regular basis for advice, or just to chat.  Some of you I've met in person, some are the greatest friends I've never met, some of you I probably never will meet, but am no less grateful to know you.  I am thankful to Micheal and Jaimie for bringing us all together in the first place, and I hope that we can all still stay such a close knit community, whether it's through BPO or elsewhere.

Now that being said, I too am saddened by all of this.  I would also like to know how this all came about?  What is it that attracted you to BPO Nipa?  Why did you think that buying BPO would be a good idea?  Being that you do not have any dogs, let alone dogs that require the extra care and love that our giant breeds do, what is your background? What sense does it make to you to purchase this site?  I know that none of this is my business, and I really have no rights as a member, let alone one who hasn't been here from the beginning; but how can you expect a good relationship without complete honesty from the very start?  But what about the Mods, if anyone has the right to know of impending change this big, it's certainly the people you employ to keep things running here.

I am willing to have an open mind and an open heart here, as are others I'm sure, but we need to know what your intentions really are.

And Micheal and Jaimie, sorry to make this so long, but I felt I had to say this as well.  If you were seriously considering selling BPO, I know that there are people here, who know and love this site who would've made it work.  I know you didn't have to, but shame on you for not asking your friends first.  :-\ :'(

Modified because I have so many questions...

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Allergy shots
« on: June 07, 2009, 07:23:53 am »
No I'm sorry, I just wanted to say I hope whoever had the blowout (one or both of them) feels better soon!  You guys need a break!  Poor Bubs.

Rottweiler Pictures / Re: I found it and Mom says I can keep it.
« on: June 07, 2009, 07:09:03 am »
Grace!  You always make me giggle!  Have fun with your find!  I love how happy she looks in that last picture, she's got a really great smile!  :D

Thanks Liz!  I just called her, I'm going to call her again later this week when I go to Stoney Creek,  If she's still got it, then I'll go get it.  :) 

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / I love my pet food store guy!
« on: June 04, 2009, 12:44:31 pm »
I go to Global Pet Foods, and I don't know if this guy is the owner of this particular store, or whatever, but I <3 him!  I took both monsters in to buy dog food with me, just dreading how bad they were both going to be.  As soon as we walked in he was down on the ground with Moo, and exclaiming what a beautiful Pyrenees Naja was (she didn't even growl at him!  ;D)  I had both hands full with the dogs, so he asked me what type of food I needed, and when I said Origen, he told me that they were changing their formula.  When I asked him how, he said he had some of the new bags in the store, and took down both new and old and compared them with me!  He told me the next time I come in for food, the new formula will be in of the fish, so come in a little sooner so I can mix the new stuff with the old stuff to see how it goes! 

He's helped me lots of times in the past, but this time I thought he needed some special accolades on BPO!  No reason, just saying.  ;) :D ;D

I personally would call my vet asap.  But I'm a huge worrier, and the worst possible scenarios are always the first to run through my head.  But the vet would be able to give you an honest opinion (hopefully) and some good advice (also hopefully).

Naja gets diarrhea on occasion, and it ALWAYS has to do with her getting into stuff she's not supposed to have (calf poop, hay, Rhubarb pie, etc...).  So in all likliness Sam just needs a day or two to clean his belly out.  What I do with Naja is fast her for 24 hours from the first sign of liquid poop, then boil some chicken and white rice for her, just giving a little bit at a time.  Then slowly introduce her normal food over a 72 hour period.  We go through this routine about once every month or two, and that is what works for us. :)

But just in case, call your vet.  ;)

Good luck!  Hope his tummy is feelin' better soon!  :-* :-*

Rottweiler Pictures / Re: Is this called swimming?
« on: June 04, 2009, 03:11:24 am »
I wouldn't worry too much Lin, the "L" word makes me puke a little bit too.  ;) ;)

It's a great deal, and I'm going to go get one anyways, but I've decided it's not fair to Naja to bring her along.  Most of my time will be spent at the hospital for the first week, and then helping Crystal get used to being a new mommy for the next 2 weeks.  Crystal isn't overly comfortable with having my very large sometimes child aggressive dog there, and although I'm going to miss her terribly, the thought of flying her in the cargo hold of a plane terrifies me.  So my dad has offered to come out to my place and pick Naja up every few days and spend the day with her, and maybe even keep her for the occasional "sleep over" at Grampas place.  My mom loves her and I know she'll be in good hands while I'm gone.  Besides this is good practice in case I get accepted into the RCMP, I'll be gone for 6 months then before I can come home.  Also it means I can't just stay in BC (not that I'd be considering that anyways... ::) ;))

This is really interesting!  I hope they do well, and can make it up to Canada soon!  :)

We do, but it's not nearly as good as it is in the States.  We've got Kijiji.   ;)  I've been looking on there too, I'm gonna go call Petcetera right now though.  :)

Modified: Liz, you were right, Petcetera has a 42" that would be perfect for $148 including taxes!  Now I need to scrounge up the money!  lol

Hmmmm... There is (maybe was) a Petcetera here.  I'll have to see if they're still open.  I didn't know they were going under.  Thanks for the tip Liz.  :)  I'll check it out in the am.

Pretty sure her wire crate is a 48 incher.  That is a lovely crate, it has everything you'd need, and it looks and says that it meets all the airline regulations.  It's just a bit (like a whole lot) outta my price range though.  Maybe I'll check Kijiji...Do you still have the one you used for Atti?  If you do, maybe I could buy it from you.  ??? :)

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