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Alaskan Malamute Discussions / Re: hi how to help a dog with a bad belly
« on: January 14, 2008, 05:07:57 pm »
My apologies for not posting sooner, took him to the vets, and found out he had a little stomach bug, it was nothing major although by the bill, it should have been life threatening lol.  He is much better now, and apart from his occasional want to eat something odd, the last being a Sky+ remote???, he  only seems to have a little diarroah when he travels.

We have figured out that giving him rice with biscuit and some  meat/gravy mix, has kept him very well, although i would like to hear from any of you that is not a wise decision to have made.

Thank you everyone for all your help, Prince has become such a friendly dog and no longer is afraid of new people be around, he is still having an issue with pushchairs although we have tried introducing one to him many times.  He  does however scare the life out of himself by bumping into things, also he seems to have no idea on how to walk arounnd things, he just refuses to move???

Other than that we are very grateful for all advice received,

Thank you all

Alaskan Malamute Discussions / Re: hi how to help a dog with a bad belly
« on: November 14, 2007, 11:24:52 am »
hi thank you all 

he is still eating ok, no sickness we was quite lucky as he did not eat any of the ball or laces just left them, he is still drinking lots of water, and he still wants to play. but will pop out tomorow and grab the bits and hope thay work. will all so give the vet a call and see what thay think, should we feed him in the morning or just wait and give him the hamburger meat and rice, we do take him for 2 one hour walks a day should we cut that down till he is a bit better thank you again for all your help

Alaskan Malamute Discussions / hi how to help a dog with a bad belly
« on: November 14, 2007, 09:06:24 am »
hi i was just woundering if there was any one that could help with the severe diarrohia he has got over the last 2 days. He has been making loads of noises and howling alot more, also becoming very lathargic.

Does anyone have any rememdies or ideas as to what it could be

Well apart from last night when he sneakily got to about 6 pieces of carrot cake, leaving what i can only describe as chocolate mousse on the floor, and ripping apart a tennis ball and 2 pairs of trainers (he was told off for it) he is behaving 100 times better, there are times and situations which i understand with him still settling. We are taking him to the vets for a once over check up today so we will see how he is at the dreaded place lol

Thank you all very much for all your advice and tips, I have just been out up the shops and when I came home, he was so happy to see me, knocked me for six?? Jumped up at me, so i just let him... :)

Lurvmymal, i will pm you with any other queries, would like to know where i can get the food you have recommended??

All the dogs you have posted on this thread are lovely and I am happy to have been accepted on here so quickly

Thank you for replying so quickly. The people who had him seemed very nice and they told us certain things that he likes and dislikes. Unfortunatly none of it seems to ring true to his behaviour. We are giving him a 600g tin of Tesco Premier chunks in gravy and a large cup of Premier dog meal, as instructed by the previous owner, twice a day. Is that enough??

As for abuse, my partner seems to think he was hence the scared behaviour around me and all male friends and relatives. I am worried that he is not getting what he needs and although he will wolf down his food in 5 seconds, to underfeed him scares me...

Hi there, I am getting pretty desperate at the moment. I bought a 9 month old Malamute called Prince. He is a lovely dog, but although I am novice with dogs, i am finding alot of his behaviour worying.

First of all he gets scared at pretty much anything, he cowers and hides from moving pushchairs, any kind of banging noise and he hides under the bed, He is very affectionate around my partner yet, ignores me most of the time. He gets bored easily while playing and although we bought him some new toys, he will not touch any of them.

As a newbie owning a dog, i admit I was probably stupid in allowing my love for a Huskie in sledding films caused my rash move into buying him without researching, hence my doing it now. I have no idea what I should be feeding him and how much, or even how many times a day, the same with walks.....

Please help :(

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