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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / SKUNK season is here!
« on: June 22, 2009, 02:45:06 pm »
The skunk population in our area has increased for some reason. I am asking for help...not in getting the horrid smell from my Akita's double coat (we got that already), from my sofa, carpet or chair that he rubbed against in desperation to get it off of his face (uugh...profess ional cleaning needed) but I need to know how to rebuild his confidence to go back out in the yard!!
Like I said, he's a Japanese Akita, 4 years old, altered male.  Afraid of literally nothing at all...until now. This skunk got him in the face/eyes/neck and apparently did the most damage to his ego. In the last 36 hours, Kana nearly refuses to go outside at all. He stayed in until 11:30 am today holding his bladder so that he didn't have to go out. My hubby and I escorted him out in the yard as "support" but he just followed hubby's footsteps and then ran in the garage. He has retreated to the garage and will hardly come out. The only way he will is if we are there and we open the house door to let him back in. He's eaten very little.

Can anyone who has expereinced this please let me know if we need to do something or if it will just go away with time...??? 

Thanks -

Akita Discussions / Re: *Pictures* Of my Akita!
« on: November 11, 2008, 02:41:46 pm »
I love her!  She looks like a statue...very attentive and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Akita Discussions / Re: Here's my Akita boy!
« on: November 09, 2008, 10:47:52 am »
He's never been called SEXY before  ;)
Oh man do they love the snow...too bad you don't have it.  It's simply ey just have so much fun in it!

Akita Discussions / Re: I Think I'm a Bad Owner of an Akita
« on: October 25, 2008, 11:27:16 am »
Shoda is HANDSOME!!  I have to say, though he and Kana have that same sideways adolescent look about's uncanny! They are mischevious aren't they...but the pic of his face on the floor...ohh, I died.  So adorable!  ;D

Akita Discussions / Re: I Think I'm a Bad Owner of an Akita
« on: October 23, 2008, 08:46:41 am »
OK, I do own an akita. He's a boy, he's nutered and he IS TOUGH. I have used this website for much needed advice.  Here is what I have learned... ;)
1)NILIF.  Period. No exceptions. No vacations. No breaks.
2)Specialized training. Find the money because you will regret each day that you don't train this dog. Mark my words.
3)On leash and backyard socialization (with dogs, people, kids, bikes, strangers, squirrels, etc)early and often. We have said "no" to dog parks. The breed is generally unreliable off-leash(and you will notice they have a bad rap at dog parks).
4)Educate yourself. I think I may have read every dog website that has any information on Akitas/large breeds that is out there. It's a lot of information to dig through, but educate yourself.
5)Find a good advisor. A specialized vet, a rescue, a good friend on this website...some thing so that when things come up (welcome to adolescence, things are GOING to come up)you will need some support. 
I am sorry if I seem harsh...but my sweet, sweet Kana-boy has put us through a lot (and we were previous owners of an Akita) and it has taken a lot of time and the above to get him to be a reliable and respectful dog.  We work at it every day and we can tell the days that we slack b/c his behavior suffers.
Take good care, hope all works out for you and the dogs in the house- once again, I am thankful that I found this website and the angels on it...

So adorable! What a cool program! I think I may use it...
Love the pic with all the pups at the door :-*

Holy cow!!!   ;D ;D
Cutest thing I have seen all day!  What a blast they had!!  Nothin' like a nap in the mud..."it's soooo cool!"
Great pics!

Food Discussion & Information / Re: Innova or Eagle
« on: July 08, 2008, 08:55:35 am »
Oh, thank you all for helping out!!!  I will try both with Kana and see what happens! 

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Wood Tick???
« on: July 07, 2008, 09:10:46 pm »
So, my neighbor's English Bulldog (Duke) is on a steady yearlong regimend of Frontline for fleas and ticks.  The problem is that last summer and this summer we have found ticks on him...what looks like a wood tick (larger than a deer tick. 

Isn't Frontline enough???  What do you all suggest? ??? ???

Food Discussion & Information / Re: Canidae: Change in Formula
« on: July 06, 2008, 01:10:58 pm »
Well, since your original post I have tried to wean Kana off of Canidae.  He has done SO well on it since a pup and I hate to change~
We introduced EVO no grain beef for 2 consecutive months about 3 months ago. He did really well and actually stayed satisfied so much longer (obviously b/c of all of the protein).  Now I went to get a big bag of that to replace the Canidae but...THE PRICE WENT UP TO $65 for 20# bag!!!! Oh my gosh...
Then I looked in the high protein/no grain area and found Taste of the Wild (?) has a bear and a wild dog on the light blue bag.  Since we introduced that I have seen Kana itching a lot. It's been about 4 days (mixed with the old Canidae) since we started him on that. 
My question is...should I try to wait out the itching or just switch foods right away?  He has experienced seasonal allergies the last 2 summers, so this comes at a confusing time. 
Kristen ???

Akita Discussions / Re: Information/AdviceRequired
« on: June 22, 2008, 08:41:45 am »
Well, you have come to a great place for advice...espec ially about tough issues like this one.  I am mom to Kana a 3 year old Japanese Akita and he is (and always has been) all BOY!  He has been quite the challenge to raise properly.  We got him at 4 months from Midwest Akita Rescue Society. He had been bought from a breeder in Canada and homed in Ohio by some idiot who did not do his research.  He gave him up 3 weeks after purchasing him.  We, luckily, found him. 
As many have stated, food aggression is 1)breed typical of Akitas 2)a behavior that is not that difficult to re-train and 3)something that has to be estabilshed early and often.  I love the NILIF policy (nothing in life is free) for my Akita. It's worked out very well! 
My biggest concern about your story is that your baby has been taken away from his family too early (therefore wrecking the natural teaching that goes on in the pack) and that your boyfriend may want you rehome him. NOT that I disagree with him, but I don't know how easy it will be to rehome him at this young age & with his special Akita "attitude". 
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consult a rescue before rehoming him!!!!  Akitas too often get placed in inexperienced homes... homes that have very wonderful intentions, but just do not know the intensity of the breed!
Even though we had expereince with Akitas, when we got Kana it was like nothing we have ever experienced before. He was DIFFICULT!  Had we not known about the breed, we probably would have not known what to do, he was that hard of a case.
I commend you for looking for advice...your heart is definately in the right place so I have no doubt that your pup will do well with the right rules and remember NILIF!
Best of luck, I look forward to checking in soon to hear about his progress!

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Norman goes to swimming lessons!
« on: June 22, 2008, 08:21:25 am »
OMG!!!!  I laughed out loud when I watched the video.  What a big bundle of love!  He clearly did not expect the deep water!  What a priceless video! 
Kana won't swim...he really doesn't get it. I am sure if we ever tried, he'd go right for the side like Norman did!

What a cool video!  ;D

Kana's "lipstick" comes out in full at the most random moments!  Thankfully his "red rocket" goes back in quickly and without lube...EEEWWWW WW~~~~~~~~~~~~ ;D

OK hun,
First of all, I am calling you hun because I have been there and done that!!!!  I feel like we are sista's in the doggie adolescence stage!!!
Do what these people tell you...I did and they know what they're talking about.  I by no means am an expert, but you have made your best first move by consulting real dog owners for their opinion.  Great job.
Kana went through this "stage" for a long time. He harrassed me for awhile and honestly, not until recently do I feel like I finally have good control of him. I am always scared that "KRAZY KANA" will come back when John's not home.  He has surprised me lately (could it really be maturity??)and been the model dog at home!
Unfortunatly, you have your worst puppy time in front of you, but like I said, listen to these people, they have the best advice!!!! 
Good luck, and if all else fails...messag e me and I am sure that I have been through a similar hellish experience!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Our New Puppy!
« on: April 18, 2008, 09:50:41 am »
How frickin' cute!!!!! REALLY adorable...nic e video  ;D

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