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Ang, I will send Chris to the autopart store and get Power out for sure, sometimes you come across good stuff by chance  :P

Cuttles, I know what you mean about the scented cat litter, THAT is a joke, if you stick your nose down in it, it might smell when you pour it, once one cat has had a visit to the box gone gone gone, never to return lol.

Tina, youre right hehe, you know the poo locator look you get when you stick your nose out and sniff and you can tell youre getting closer and haha guess hyperventilate . I soooo wish a candle would do it here. When I have all new air freshener and come in, I breathe in soooo deep I get lightheaded and still have a hard time smelling the rain forest, darn it I want rain forest in my house  ;D :P


I will absolutely try the Fruits and Passion thing, at this point I am fed up with spending a ton of money on the refills and still not have a fresh smell in my house. Thanks for the tips  :D Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that Atticus is having as powerful poos as Galahad lol


Great Dane Discussions / Re: Nee and I need your help
« on: January 08, 2006, 11:38:14 pm »
Okay so for someone who didnt even know that paypal is getting a cut. How big is it? Is it like the credit cards?


So I have for years trying out all kinds of air freshener, of course I have at least four differnt kinds of the stuff you spray at home at all times. Plus oust and lysol, and the foam you spray into the carpet. I steam clean my carpets at least twice in three months, hubby says its because I want to rip them out, okay that might be a reason.... ::)  I totally hope they will fall apart and I can tear them out of my house even though they are not more than a couple of years old. I am 100% certain, that had I loved them, they would all be shredded into little bits and pieces by now, but nope, they are holding up just fine.

Sooooo back to the air fresheners. I started out with a couple of the huff and puff ones with a fan you plug into the outlet. Well open floor plan and only a couple of them didnt do it, so every time I went shopping I added a few more, which now means I have approx. one million air freshener. Have tried the air wick, the glade the oust and I am sure every brand there is out there. After having bought all new refils for them, I usually ask my family when we come home from somewhere "can you smell the huffy puffy things" They now look at eachother and say yeeeees mmmmmm. I ask so what scent is it, they say vanilla and I know that nope they didnt smell it because I loaded with rain forest haaaaaa. I have tried the things you stick onto the filter for your central air and heat unit but where ever it goes, it sure aint anywhere I can smell it. I have absolutely no idea where it goes. The bedrooms are okay because the doors are closed at least during night, but the open areas nope.

Soooo the other day, I came home and smellt it........ The whole house had a strong, extremely noticable odor. It was NOT my air fresheners, Galahad had had an upset stomach, he had made one pile in Jennifers bedroom. ONE PILE.......... . And not very big either. ONE PILE some 70 feet away from the front door, and the smell hits me so bad as soon as I open the door, I am gasping for air.

How come the one million air freshener I have plugged in, dont manage to make my house smell like rain forest, when ONE pile of doggy doo does the work throughout the house, even in the bedrooms where the doors had been close? Can anyone explain that to me? Please ohhhh please why ohhhh why isnt anyone making an air freshener with the same power as Galahads poo?


Great Dane Discussions / Re: Nee and I need your help
« on: January 05, 2006, 08:00:35 pm »
Ang, I am so sorry to hear all the sorrows you have to go through. I agree with everyone, your grandpa is hurting, most of us have lost someone extremely close and yes it hurts and yes you get angry and bitter, BUT you dont lash out and hurt the ones you love, they become even more important to you.

I dont know when your grandpa is going to Florida, but if it is not too long until then, I would arrange for Nee to be somewhere, maybe stay with Moni (Moni you are a real sweetheart) until he is gone, then stay in that house for awhile WITH Nee. And that should give you time to get somewhere to live. I am ALL FOR the idea with an Ang./Nee fund raising.

And dont say Katrina destroyed for lots of people and this is only you. Everyone in Katrina was an individual catastrophy. So your catastrophy isnt one bit less heart breaking. You love dogs, would you only help the ones who came in a bunch or would you rescue even the single one dog? yup thought so lol..... So there goes your "one one" theory  ;)

And grumpy, I want to adopt too, AND not that I know how old you are Ang. but I am sure I didnt even have to be very young when I had you hahahahaha.

Grumpy.... you cant have all the fun, maybe we can split her?  ;D or do one week each lol.

Hang in there hun, and I think the fund for nee's mom is a wonderful idea, and will totally contribute to that one.



Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Combatting passive resistance
« on: January 04, 2006, 04:42:11 pm »
hahaha poor Bava wants to play and mean old you dont  ;D

I have had similar situations, and like you said, you just dont tote away a giant dog lol. What I have found works is if you get as goofy as he, or better yet goofier  ::) :P

Take a step back, jump, clap your hands have a silly voice and tell him how much fun its going to be when he gets to you. Most likely he is up and thinking you are the funniest thing ever by now, and you treat and tell him what a good boy he is.

Okay, anyone who is with you and not a dog, might pretend not to know you, but hey.... lol thats the beauty of having dogs lol  ;D

Hope this helps and Good luck and let us know if Mr. Bava decides to be a mule again lol


Remembering those no longer with us. / Re: Oasis is not coming home
« on: January 04, 2006, 04:18:53 pm »
Ohhh I am so so sorry to hear about Oasis  :'( I was hoping he would be home safe and sound. It was a wonderful letter you wrote to him and he sure know he was loved. He will have a lot of big pawed friends at the rainbow bridge to play with.

He will be very much missed by all his aunties and uncles on here. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Newfoundland Pictures / Re: New Buddy for Yogi
« on: January 03, 2006, 02:47:48 pm »
omg he is soooo cute, I am a sucker for mastiffs  ;D the pics are adorable, all the christmas ones and the I guess new year ones with bottle and wine glass. He has that typical lazy mastiff look in his eyes. Ohhhh I wanna eat him. I think Galahad and Hera need a little fwend. I have this little one put on the napping list for sure  :P


Medical Conditions & Diseases / Re: Daisy's in her first heat!
« on: January 03, 2006, 12:39:00 am »
Yes if she in fact is pregnant, it is not a good thing that they are litter mates, thats inbreeding and can do all kinds of wacko things to the puppies.

Since you are going to spay her anyway, I would take her to the vet. and if there is any risk she is pregnant, they might be able to spay her and even if pregnant, I know that some vets really dont want to do that with giant breeds because they have a tendancy to bleed worse when they are in heat or pregnant, but early in the pregnancy it shouldnt be a problem I think. You may think it sounds really cold and heartless, but to me it would probably be better to not have puppies from two siblings. But that is something you have to feel ethically okay with if you decide that is what you want to do.

But if they didnt tie, hopefully she is not pregnant.

Good Luck and let us know what is happening and lol. tell that boy he has to stay off her  ;D


Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: The Holidays Destroyed Me!!!
« on: January 02, 2006, 05:20:48 pm »
Ryan, ohhhh Ryan, now I am tired, wore out and sweatting, you said the word I HATE spinning...... ...... nope there is not other form of exersise I hate more. hmmmm might be because im short and always have to adjust the darn thing down to as low as it goes haha.

I am not too much for all the fatty food on christmas, but have done enough eating of well everything really lol.... No drinking though, except wine, so I still have approx. as many brain cells after christams as I did before  ;D

Me too got really nervous when you said monday, I sent my kids to school today and I got worried they were the only ones there lol.


I have heard of a dog, I believe it was a mal. who had one pupil dilated while the other was constricted. What that dog had is called anisocoria. It can be cause by some disorder to the nervous system or ocular issues can cause it.

I am sure there are other reasons one pupil is constricted while the other is dilated too.

Keep a close eye on her, and please let us know how Maggie is doing  :D


Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: NEW BPO SKIN KID!
« on: January 02, 2006, 04:44:50 pm »
ohhhh my, he is just adorable. It almost, but just almost make me want another one lol.

I am so glad you both are home and feeling well. He would have been a biggie had he been in there for another 5 weeks lol.

Malin was almost 10 lbs when she was born, yup c-sec isnt such a bad thing after all  :D

Big congrats and kiss your baby boy from me


OMG, how horrible for you, I could feel myself getting goose bumps reading your post. It is soooo bad, you think you can trust your vets decisions, and what else do you have, when you are in an emergency situation.

I hope you find a really good vet. it sounds like you have already tough. Good Luck and I am thinking of you and your family.


Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hello i am noob
« on: January 01, 2006, 09:41:22 pm »
Hi Cubes and welcome to BPO, I know youll love it here, or better yet, get addicted like so many of us lol. I love the way you say flat mate, I lived in London for two years and hearing little things like that makes me miss those days terribly.

Louis is a very handsome boy. I have a mastiff, a bullmastiff and a rescue Siberian Husky and loads of cats and kids and ohhhh just a zoo hereĀ  ;D

Hope to see lots of posts and pics


Great Dane Pictures / Re: Long overdue
« on: January 01, 2006, 09:12:33 pm »
poor babies, my dane girl Hanna, had a piece of hers amputated too, because no matter how we wrapped it, she would open the wound up again, so the vet said, nope time to amputate, and that was the best we ever didĀ  :D That short piece of tail she got amputated made a world of difference, no more bloody tails and blood slung all around the house. Man can that make a mess or what..... :o


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