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Oh, very nice...I'm so glad it worked out.It's a hard choice to make to bring an animal to a shelter. I did that once, and it ended happy, too. A dog had jumped out of a truck on the Hwy. and was lost and then found at the shelter. We live in such a spread out are that it might not have been found had it not been at the shelter. And it's also good you did, because then the chip was found and could be updated! Everything happens for a reason! And, your kitties are still alive and safe!!! :)

Buster used to do the same thing...I like the idea of baiting him! I sort-of did that, but I hid and watched him from behind the door. He put his nose up there and I scared the poo out of him and said noooooo in that deep "I mean it and I'm the boss" voice. He knew just what he had done. The poor guy felt SO bad. But, that's what happens when favorite wooden spatulas get chewed on! I only had to do say the nooo a few times before he quit trying.  ;)

Hey! We miss doing active things with Buster all day! And he is deffinately bored!!! I thought teaching him some new "tricks" would be some thing fun...and a challenge for his bored mind! He cannot get it would have to be something he could do lieing down. He is doing great except pooping in the house...ick! Giant dogs have giant poops!!! :o
Thanks! ~Holly

Oh man...absolute ly!!! You have to have boundaries with these people!!! And...Have they had a history of situations like this? Or is this just a recent issue in their lives? Because some people make choices over and over an over through their lives that are real questionable.. .And a lot of people just don't have that real sense of responsability with pets.
 They should be WAY greatful for your totally awesome hospitallity!!! Man...I'd be cleanin' your house and showing you some serious gratitude!!! And, ya, if you don't have work--don't get more pets and expect some one else to feed them!!! Duh!!! That's just not good principles! Hmmm...I too hate to confront people, but, you just have to!!! For their own good, too! Just be the pack leader!!!
Good luck!!! ;) ~Holly

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: therapy visits: advice?
« on: May 07, 2009, 09:50:37 am »
I Love it that you're doing this! I think the idea of practicing with treats at home is a great idea. Also talking to the other people who are going to be in the room about what you're trying to do. I visited a farm(different than a hospital) where she was trying to train the dogs to be more interested in the sheep than the people. She very kindly asked us not to do the baby talk to her girls...we did pet them a bit, but it was good not to "go all out" on the praise/attention. Training can take some time, and the more every one is sensitive to this very special situation the better!

I bet there are a lot of therapy training ideas and techniques out there! I always wanted to do this with Buster, but for the many elderly in our town. I took him to an after-school program once. It's neat how faces just light up at the sight of these big dogs!! There is definately something special about animals...

Buster is doing well...he is not liking to be so confined. But, is getting lots of love and treats when he takes his meds...he hardly eats, so I'm feeling good about his weight. He has pushed through his "chair fence" several times. I wish we had a big, old play pen we could take the bottom out of and put aruond him! But, we'll just have to give him more sedatives, I guess...

We are getting the hang of this...the potty thing is I mentioned, he HATES "going" by the house or on a leash. So, he will wine a lot, we'll take him out...he'll lay down. This will happen twice over an hour in the evening. Then he really starts to wine. And we are thinking, "MAn, has he been out too many times? Is he going to do his thing if we bring him out?" Then, just as we're dicussing it---GIANT poo in the house!!!! p.u.!!!! Did I mention GIANT???  :o :o :o This happened twice now...The second time was much bigger than the first. So, tonight we'll wait to take him out until he is REALLY whining and ready to push over the chairs to get out. I should mention, when he was a pup, he didn't poo in the house even once!!! And only peed a few times(lucky us!!!)

 So, Lin, you must have used the same surgery specialists?! They are great aren't they? I feel very confident in the care they give. And, good to hear your story. It makes us feel better that some one else had two ACL's out at the same time and are doing great now! We are glad it's happening this time of year so we don't have to go out in the mucky weather! Well, Thanks again! ~Holly

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Pictures of Buster
« on: May 07, 2009, 06:25:39 am »
Hey! Thanks for the compliments! It's fun to share pics with people who love thier dogs as much as we love ours!! Buster is doing well...he is not liking to be so confined. But, is getting lots of love and treats when he takes his meds...he hardly eats, so I'm feeling good about his weight. He has pushed through his "chair fence" several times. I wish we had a big, old play pen we could take the bottom out of! But, we'll just have to give him more sedatives, I guess...
Well, enjoy your dogs!!! ~Holly

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Pictures of Buster
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:55:25 pm »
Hi, there! I just thought I would share some pictures of Buster and his family...He is oh so loved! We got him because we live on a lot of land with a lot of wild land around us...we started seeing cougar and coyotes(in person!) and many signs of them, often. I have a friend who has Skylines Farm (in Harvard, ID) who raises Pyrs. We got him from her, and since then have not seen ANY signs of cougar, and he keeps the coyotes off of our land, too. We have a six yr old(who was 4 when we got him) and, so he was really for her. To protect her and keep her company out-doors. She was afraid to go out until we got him. We are so happy with this big guy. He is a good guard dog and a great companion...We have really had to learn the "pack mentallity" with this guy. He challenged all of us a lot when he was a pup. But, now we have a very peaceful relationship with him. You will see in the pictures just how much our daughter, India, loves him and how much he loves her. Enjoy!!!

Rottweiler Pictures / Re: That big ole sleepy face
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:21:52 pm »
Sleeping kids and sleeping very sweet!!!! It's so sweet she's nappin' with her toy!  ;)

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: I lost my Camera
« on: May 05, 2009, 06:24:40 am »
Naja is so well groomed! Her hair is a lot shorter than my Pyr, Buster. She is beautiful!

He finally peed...won't expect poo for a long time...he isn't as snarky today. Last night he was crying big time and we had already taken him out several times so didn't want to push his leg any more. We weren't sure if it was cuz he was in pain, or so uncomfortable from having to pee. He was drinking TONS of water. So, we gave him codiene(that's what they gave us) and he kept whining...we decided to let him try to pee again. He did...A LOT!!!! He is so used to going far when he has to pee...we have a lot of property for him to run, so peeing by the house was a bit out of the ordinary for him...but he's gonna have to get used to it!!!
 So, we made him a nice space outdoors today. He seems to really like it. And, there is a wild turkey outside that he keeps barking at. He doesn't get excited and get up, but just barks. I'm glad he can do his job a little! I'm sure he is going to be a bit different when this is all done...
  One of the sadest things is he and our daughter don't get to tromp around. But, she drew him a picture and tied a pretty bow on his pen today. And we have these itty bitty biscuits that are joint vitamins for him that she can give him regularly. He looks a bit sad. But, hopefully with some lovin' and time he'll get used to this and not get depressed. We are upbeat when we talk to him, so he can feel that. and we do get to be around all day for him. I know Pyrs don't much like to be caged up or alone, so we will do our best. I know there are alternative medicines that dogs and humans can have to help with depression. If he starts getting bumbed out, I'll look into that!
  We got rymidil at first, and still have some. But, the vet said it was an anti-inflammatory so it wouldn't haelp much with the post-op pain. So, codiene is what they gave us. And she said that we should only give it to him as needed so he doesn't feel so good he wants to get up and cruise around. So, we give him 2 of those and 2 Acepromazine to knock him out before bed. Night time is the hardest because that is his time to patrol and bark...But, we are gettin' through it!
  We'll all be glad when he is able to go for walks with us!!! ~Holly

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: New BPO "to be" members :) New Pics!
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:57:16 am »
So sweet! My daughter and I want to hold them!!! It's amazing how big these little pups will be!  :D

Oh, man...he is "snarky" when we try to get him up to go outside. I think he thinks we will put him in the truck, plus with both legs out...I'm sure pain is an issue(ofcourse). He put my arm in his mouth last night, but didn't bite hard...I wasn't mad, but really felt bad for him. He is happy, though. He's getting lots of lovin'. I think we'll just let him be until he has to get up, or gets over the idea that he might have to get in the truck. We parked it up out of sight from the front door. Hmmmm...I hope he doesn't get too agressive.

We picked Buster up today...he was SOOOO happy to see us, but DID NOT want to get back in the truck!!! He had the TPLO surgery. The closest vet that can do this is in Spokane, WA...3 hrs away. This was our first time there. They are surgery specialists, and we were very satisfied. They will be doing his post op check ups because they don't have to knock him out to do x-rays and they don't charge for the visit, just the x-rays. He also could tell that the ACL was torn just by touching his, we feel really good about this guy.
Buster is now layin' on the floor not wanting to get up. Good dog! He's drinking and eating...wich is pretty cool cuz he never drinks out of containers(we have a streamm by our house that he prefers) and doesn't like to eat indoors either...Our vet advised us to cut down his food a little since he won't be exercising at all, so we will watch this closely...I am worried about the poop and pee thing! He NEVER poops or pees near the house or on his leash. I'm hoping he will just decide it's fine! Well, if ya gotta go, you gotta go---right!!?? I think we will make him a space all blocked off with our kitchen chairs tonight so he doesn't move around too much...
Well, thanks!!! ~Holly & Buster

 ;)Hey, thanks for the reply...he went in today for operation on knee #1 and the vet just called to say it went well.He tore both ACL's (left and right rear). He is such a good dog, excited to see the vet...even after a 2 1/2 hr drive(and he hates the truck!) He is a very big boy...but not fat, just big! So, we are going to block off part of our porch for him. That way he doesn't get depressed and hot being inside all the time. He loves his job, so out there he can bark a bit. We get to stay home every day, so he won't be lacking in the love department!!! His girl---my 6 yr old---will probably be spending a lot of time sitting with him.  ;D He is such a sweetie. It will be wierd taking walks without him! He'll be on "house arrest" all summer. :-\ These big dogs sure have a way of becoming a HUGE part of your life :) SO MUCH LOVE!!!! He's so sweet...

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