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A waterblower blows the water from the coat after washing and after rain,it also blows away lots of dirt and loose hair. The waterblower blows cold air (a little heat from the engine) so your dog does not get hot spots from the heut of the blower.
But the rough coat, if you have a real roughcoat is a lot of work, so I have two roughcoat's and nine smooth.
Good luck with all the hair :D

I really feel for you ,you must be heartbroken but a puppy would not be a bad thing.
Give it some time but think about it.

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Sampson
« on: March 30, 2005, 01:42:01 pm »
Far far away we live in Holland but hope to move to Sweden in a view years :)

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Sampson
« on: March 10, 2005, 03:00:51 am »
Trying to upload a photo of our Saint, Sampson.   :)

Lovely boy and greetings from my boy Snoopy  he is 120 kilo's at the age of 18 month's  :)

As you can see his hair is nearly gone and I also use a Dyson, the purple one, and for the dog I use a waterblower that really works wonders,it blows cold air but with a lot more power then a hairdryer.
Good luck with the hair  ;)

Feel free to join!
I am happy to be here and greetings from holland  :D

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